Saturday, November 26, 2016

[Review] Canmake Lip Tint Jam

Today I'm going to review on the new lip tint by Canmake!

Lip Tint Jam

Isn't the name super kawaii? 

I just can't help imagining that it would probably taste like JAM! (✧∀✧)

When I was young (and very vain), my mum didn't allow me to put on lipsticks so I would just sneakily apply a thin layer of strawberry jam on my lips to add colours to my lips! hahaha.

And honestly, jam on lips look really pretty cause it's so dewy and it looks super yummy kissable! 

⊙▂⊙but it is freaking sticky! hahahaᭆ

okay , back to the review...

First of all, the packaging really nice!

It is also quite small. You can put it into your pocket and whenever you go to toilet (or wherever there's a mirror), you can take it out and apply it!

Secondly, it has a soft and flexible applicator that can bend really well.

Application with the applicator is an ease!

However, I find that it can take up quite a lot of lip tint which would make the colours really intense when you apply.

I prefer to swipe the excess off the brim.

↑ Colour wise ↑

I prefer [01] Cherry Jam as it more towards the cool tone and it suits me better.(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Even though the packaging of [02] Mango Jam is red, I'm really surprised that the colour is actually ORANGE! (⇀‸↼‶)
Orange lippy is never my kinda thing~~~~
it just looks like I've snacked on too many Cheetos.. haha

My bare lips looks very rather dry and wrinkly.

Canmake Lip tint jam did help to make it look more moisturized and dewy.

However, as it only provides a natural sheen, it didn't cover up my wrinkles (luckily it didn't accentuate them either hahah)

With [01] Cherry Jam

After a heavy meal, the colour remains but the glossy is gone~

Definitely have to reapply as my lips look sooo dry without the gloss.


In conclusion, I'll give it a ★★★½ .

Pros :

- affordable (650yen)

- nice packaging

- easy to apply with soft applicator

- love the natural rosy colour of [01] Cherry Jam

- moisturise the lips without making it toooo greasy

- NOT STICKY AT ALL ; no more hairs sticking to lips~ (´ε` )♡

Cons :

- light coverage

- smells like glue

yes, glue not jam (╥﹏╥)

well, i guess the reason why this is so popular in Japan is because it makes your lips look a very naturally rosy and dewy which goes super well with the natural makeup trend in Japan!

So, if you're into natural makeup look, you can get your hands on one of these!

However, if you've really dry and chapped lips like mine, do remember to moisturize thoroughly with lip balm before apply this!


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Taiwan Gourmet Trip (part 1)

Hi everyone!

Not long ago,  Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Commerce of Taiwan organized an event for media personnel from Singapore and Malaysia to fly to Taiwan to experience their food and culture...

With a stroke of luck (glutton's luck), I was invited to this awesome weight-gaining trip! ^u^/

So, I just came back from a gourmet trip to Taiwan and I'm excited to post up all the photos I took during that trip! All the food looks sooooooo yummy!!

But due to the huge amount of photos, I've decided to split the post into 3 parts! hehehe
so that we won't get too hungry while looking at all those photos...

Okay, so let's start with part 1!
After the Singapore media team met up with the Malaysia media team (they arrived later than us), we took the 2hr long bullet train ride down to Kaohsiung which is our gourmet destination this trip.

Exhausted and hungry when we arrived at Kaohsiung, the media team headed straight away to our first gourmet destination : Chateau de chine.

Chateau de Chine is a famous hotel in Kaohsiung which is frequented by many celebrities in Taiwan.

Sadly, we didn't get to chance upon any of them...
but i did took some photos of their autographs! hahaha

And there's something unique about Chateau de Chine...

It is one of two restaurants in Kaohsiung serving Muslim Friendly meals. All ingredients are halal and specially sourced from suppliers. They even have a separate kitchen that is only used when preparing food for Muslims. 

So if you're wondering where can you find muslim friendly restaurants in Kaohsiung?
Try Chateau de Chine!

(PS: you will need to reserve beforehand as they need to source muslim certified ingredients from different areas)

Without further ado, let me spam you with the photos...
Seasonal Vegetables with Red and Green peppers in Mustard Sauce.

Definitely my favorite dish this meal!
The vegetables are fresh and the mustard sauce (actually tastes more like sweet vinaigrette to me) brings out the natural sweetness of the veges! Great for starters!
Even a non vege lover like me finished the whole plate! haha

 Pan Fried Sea Bass fillet

Fillet not dry and the sauce (again) is very nice!

Stir Fried Diced Beef with Sliced Garlic

*ahem* I'm a meat lover.........
So... i absolutely love this dish!
The diced beef is very soft and juicy! Love the fries as well!
Oh oh oh! and I absolutely absolutely love those sliced garlic! Reminds me of my No.1 favorite burger that I had in Japan! Beef + Sliced garlic = superb match!

Roasted Vegetable rice with Broth

Actually the rice tasted more like glutinous rice to me, a little sticky...
maybe cause it soaked up all the broth?

Sauteed Fresh Prawns with Mayonnaise & Fruit

I'm sorry but this dish contains 2 ingredients that I can't eat...
Prawn and Fruits....
I don't even know whether to feel relieved that I'm allergic to prawns so I don't have to eat this dish or that it contains fruits so I easily triumphed over the temptation to eat those succulent looking prawns..

Sweet Taro and Sago Soup for dessert.

For more information, visit


On the second day, we visited Yonshin Tea & Cake Selection Bar.

Yonshin is very popular among younger generation in Kaohsiung.


Basically, similar to that in Singapore, popular cafes normally have a few key factors that attract people.

1. Beautiful interiors!!
A place so pretty you wanna spend your whole day there!

2. Great camwhore spots!
As there's plenty of windows in Yonshin, their lighting for photos is superb~ hahaha

*ps : english translation : actually there's nothing much to see from the window, but we just love to pretend that we are in deep thoughts hahaha

3. Specialty 

And the specialty for Yonshin is their hand brewed tea!
With tea leaves specially selected and shipped over from different locations in Taiwan, they serve really awesome and fragrant tea!
Another specialty is that... they serve cold brew tea!
Their cold brew tea is very popular among younger generation. This is especially prevalent in Kaohsiung as it is super super warm! >.<

At first, I'm quite surprised that there are serving cold tea as there's a saying in Chinese 冷茶伤胃 which literally means cold tea harms the stomach! However, the server explained that cold brew tea means they brewed the tea with cold water and kept chilled throughout. Thus, it releases less tea enzymes (less harmful) which also results to it being less bitter than normal cold tea.

I love their cold brew tea! Not only because it's very nice to drink, but also for a very bimbo reason
it is served in wine glass!
so classsssy~ hahahaha

 looks drunk here hahaha

4. Their FOOD!

 Fried Wanton with squid
This is yummy!! Crispy crispy wanton skin with succulent squid inside~
and the sauce that goes with it is very appetizing!

 Pan fried sea bass fillet

 Rice noodle with squid
This is their most popular dish!

Pork balls in brown sauce.
I like this too!

In conclusion, Yonshin is a place you can visit when you're in Kaohsiung!
Have a glass of tea , take some emo-looking photos and have a great meal!

For more information:

Well, enough of foodpornography in one post i guess
next post will be on our super cute hotel stay!

Thank you Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Commerce of Taiwan!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

[travel] Eating in Taipei


Hello everyone!

I just came back from Taipei and am seriously missing the food there!

especially after looking through all the photos in this blog post haha

We stayed in Taipei for almost 2 weeks and....
we're proud to say.....

we ate a lot!

We didn't go to their tourist attractions (already been there on my first trip) , therefore we had more time to look around for good food.

Most of the times, we hopped onto a taxi and asked the taxi where he would recommend..
taxi drivers always know where the good food are.


Here's some of our favourites:


This lu-wei store at the entrance of Shida Night market

 we love their flavors sooo much, we went back multiple times hahaha

 It's something like our YONG TAU FOO.
you will have to choose what you want in your bowl and pass to the guy, they will cook it for you.

however, they've got more variety of ingredients for you too choose and also the sauce they use is sooo yummy!

 sprinkled with spring onions and a lot of prickled vege~!

super super love!

They've got duck blood curd (not sure if that's the name for it)

I love duck blood curd for it's springy and jelly like texture hehehe


君悦排骨 Jun Yue Pai Gu

This store is pretty near where we stay so we decided to try it!

omg.. it tasted sooooo yummy!!

best best best pork ribs we've ever tasted!

 the pork ribs are well seasoned, crispy on the outside and juicy inside~~
i wanna go back now 

tender and yummy!

it came in a rice set like this!

a lot of vege!

 there's prickled vege (yes, i love prickled vege), tofu, minced meat, cabbages and other greens...
lol.. it's so packed with flavors you don't really need to eat with the pork ribs..
the pork ribs is heavenly and just bring the meal to a whole new level

the first time we tried JUNYE was because it was late when we arrived at our place so keith went down to pack dinner.

even though by the time we had dinner, the rice and pork ribs were already cold...
it's still sooo yummy!
the flavors were still there and the pork ribs were so tender .. (even though the rice is hard to bite)

we went down again to eat it the next day.
yes, piping hot~
and it's sooooooooo yummy~~~


Formosa Chang
the famous HU XU ZHANG

Ah keith's fav.
he actually bought 9 packets of packet RU LUO sauce home. hahah

it's tad oily for me but it's still yummy!
the only sin here... is not eating it..

and yes, i gained a couple of kilograms from this trip hahaha


LIN DONG FANG beef noodles

it was raining that day when we tried Lin Dong Fang and this was recommended by one of the taxi drivers
one of his fav spot for beef noodles~

tiny tiny shop in the alley~

lol i think normally gems are hidden in small alley lo

the taxi driver said that they boiled down the beef essence/bone etc for the whole day...
so the soup is packed with intense flavor!

 beef and tendon noodle bowl

 honestly, i don't like their noodles~~~
it's tooo springy in my opinion.

i like noodles that are cooked until very very soft hahaha

 but their beef and tendons were really soft and flavorful!

their clear broth that has a slight herbal taste but it's soooooo delicious!


Nola Kitchen

 their signature chicken and waffles~

i love love love their chicken~~

 crispy yet juicy~

their waffles are soft and they are pretty generous with their maple syrup hahaha

hmm... i don't remember what...
but not as nice as the chicken hehehe~

order their chicken when you're there~


Ya Rou Bian

another restaurant recommended by the taxi drivers hehe

even though it's YA ROU bian, they don't sell duck but instead they sell goose

photo speaks a thousand words

yet again, i don't like their springy noodles~~~

but their goose meat is nice~ <3 p="">

and some interesting food we tried...

 grilled mochi at Ximending

 chocolate and condensed milk...

prince skinless fried potato~

a more traditional breakfast i guess?

 Rice dumpling




i miss taipei's food~
i wanna go back again~

but first i will need to exercise a lose some pockets of fats before filling them up in taipei again 


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