Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Photoshoot] Picnic with teddy bear at Saddle Club

Hi everyone!!

Going to spam my blog with photos we took in Saddle Club a few weeks ago!

Meet Brownie~~
My 160cm teddy bear that keith got for me!

He's so cute and fluffy! I love him a lot! hehe

so much that i insisted to have a whole photoshoot for him/with him.

Fortunately, boon eng from kyudotsg kindly agreed with my childish request and there you go~

My picnic with brownie!

It's freaking hot that day !!
I was perspiring crazily! 
(which i'm pretty sure you can notice from some the photos)

My makeup was ruined by the end of the shoot but... it's all worth it since there's photos that i love!
plus kyudotsg helped me with his awesome editing skills~


Recently, a few girls emailed me regarding the photoshoot with kyudotsg..
You can email kyudotsg directly for a shoot!
no need to go through me!
I'm not the mama-san hahaha

However, if you want to be dolled up by me for the photoshoot, please mention it to either me or kyudotsg k! I will try to work out something!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Hair : Going red

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late updates!!

Recently, I went back to Headlines to change my colour and also to pamper them with hair treatment hehe..

yes, my hair is officially red!

So it started off with my hair looking very dry on the ends and yellow...

 eeek! those ends!

i was pretty sure i wanted to go dark colours but i'm not sure if i would want a reddish tone or ashy tone..

after much thoughts, i've decided to go with red.
since red can tone down my super yellow skin hahha

luckily, headlines has got new red series~

if you tried red before, you would know that it fades really fast!!

Ultra-HD5 technology helps to lock the color in vividly and has a longer lasting impact!
longer lasting = less i need to touch up = healthier hair~! 

chose to go in between this two colours.

to be honest, i hardly do red toned hair..
so i was a little apprehensive...

seeing how red my hair dye was freaked me out a little...

will i end up looking like a carrot?

fortunately, it turned out really nice!!
i guess i'm in love with red!

 hair above had been pampered with MUCOTA hair treatment~
seeeeee my smooth and manageable ends!

love how smooth my hair gets whenever i had mucota treatment.
for super super super dry and damaged hair like mine, its effect is able to last for 2 weeks!
sometimes 3 weeks or more, if i didn't dye my hair that month!

*sorry i didn't take a lot of photos on that day as i didn't put foundation and many other makeup.. hahaha*

here's two washes after the treatment day:

 still looking super super smooth!
it's so smooth, i just left them to dry on their own!
and they still look very smooth!

the 3 days after:

red still very red even though i washed my hair daily hehe

and even when i curled my ends, they didn't look as dry as before!

it has been two weeks now and my hair is still red!
like what the ultra hd5 said, the red is more long lasting!

18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central.
Telephone: +65 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays - 1030am to 830pm
Saturdays - 1030am to 7pm
Sundays & Public Holiday - 1030am to 5pm

PS: Jerry is off every tuesday!

pardon my duck and awkward face, i'm still trying to find back my smile ='(

Sunday, July 6, 2014

[Travelog-bali] Last day in Bali

 Hello everyone!!

Today i'm going to blog about my last day in Bali~
Omg so sad!
Can't help thinking why we didn't extend the day!

So instead of staying the in hotel to enjoy the super delicious yet cheap hotel room service, we decided to venture out to try ROLLING FORK!!

Super super glad we did!!
cause it's OMG-ish so delicious!!

Spotted WIFI password!

 Immediately accessing wifi haha

(sorry for no makeup face)
 the utensil looks so cute!!
next time i wanna have golden/bronze/brass utensils as well!!

 donut keith ordered...


 Fluffy and airy!!!
best of it, it's warm!!
Have you tried donuts that are freshly done?

Rolling fork is famous for their pasta~
so we order pasta~~

 again, best bolognese keith have ever eaten

my gnocchi was okay~

but but..
because i really want to order something nice from rolling fork! (you know the feeling when your dining partner has ordered two awesome cuisine and yet you had a normal one... =.=)

so i ordered the chocolate bomb!

forgot the actual name but it was something along chocolate bomba~




 filled with chocolate!
overflow when you bite onto it
super super nice!!

and the chocolate is warm and gooey!
super super chocolatey!

Please try ROLLING FORK when you're in BALI~
highly recommended!!

so after a satisfying meal, we went back to our villa

cause we're going to another spa area to enjoy!

they provide free transportation!
they fetched us from our villa and after that straight to the airport!
*save money!!*

 doesn't look very big nor appealing from the outside...


 WHO CAN IMAGINE it looks like this inside!!

they have multiple gazebos for you to enjoy your massage in~

yes yet another super super comfortable massage from bali~!

we both had 1.5hours massage and the total adds up to SGD$60++!!

really cheap as compared to the massage in SG!
plus free transportation!
ended with ginger tea!

after that we headed back to airport...
 which would be a perfect ending to our stay in bali...

but it wasn't!!

the airport was the worst part...

we spent all our money and we didn't know we need to pay airport tax in CASH!!

keith didn't bring his credit cards for safety reasons!
 so we are stranded in airport!
can you imagine how kanjiong we were??

the airasia staffs weren't helpful at all.
they were sort of cynical and told us that everyone should know there's airport taxes..

ya, we all know got airport taxes..
both of us travel frequently k~~
but we didn't know we need to pay airport tax in CASH!
wasn't it supposed to be included in air tickets fee???

we asked around for help from fellow singaporeans but... =.= you know what, we found another family who didn't know about the airport tax and they have to go change money for their fees as well...

but... i also don't think it's airasia's fault since it's the indonesian airport that requested for the airport taxes to be paid in cash.

but they can definitely be more polite and helpful when both of us were freaking out.

Anyway, the gooooood news is...
a Singaporean couple (malay young couple) offered us money to pay!
i don't think they read my blog but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
and i asked for their bank account so i can do a bank transfer as soon as i reached sg but they said no need and walked off really suavely~

omg so so much thanks to the two malay couple!
  so kind so kind so generous!!
thank you so much!!

even though, we didn't have a great ending for our bali trip, we decided to go back to bali soon.

i swear i will help anybody who need cash to pay the airport tax.

Villa :
serenity and beautiful villa, but far from all the restaurants and beach.
however, they provide free shuttles to Seminyak at two timings 10am and 3pm.
But we've never took those shuttle cause we were always late for that.
nevertheless, they can call taxi for you or you can take their hotel transportation to anyway in bali.
around SGD$3-SGD$5 each time!

The in-house massage we had in the villa on the first day!
If you wanna book a massage session with Casa, please email them at least 24hours advance!
They replied really fast!

The spa i had in this post!
Please remember to tell them you booked through online for 50% discount!!
yes, 50% discount!!

where i find all the highly recommended restaurant!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Sponsored Ad] Sweet dreams with ADORE Dreamy Nights

Hello everyone!!

yes, it's the time of the month again...
for ADORE review!

Today I'm going to review on ADORE'S Dreamy Nights!

ADORE Dreamy Nights is 33cm and has a breathable leak proof layer which prevents backflow and side leakage!

Leakage has always been A NIGHTMARE for me.

I always had so much pain during periods and I really dreaded waking up in the morning to see stained sheet....

Have to clean up the pants and bedsheets even with the menstruation pain!

All i wanted is a good night sleep and no worries about what i might see tomorrow's morning!

Before trying out ADORE, I used two methods to prevent leakage.

First : Using super super thick and long pads that i brought from japan!
It's so thick that it looks like diapers!
I definitely can't wear them out on stayovers, else i would look like i'm wearing adult diapers

Second method : Using night pad and use 2-3 panty liners to "lengthen" them.
But it's not very cost effective!

As for Adore Dreamy Nights, it is super absorbent and has a leak proof base which allows you to sleep through the night with no worries at all!

It is also ultra slim as compared to other brands' night wear sanitary pads!
Definitely the type of sanitary pads i would choose!

Like all sanitary pads from Adore, Dreamy Nights also has the signature green compound strip that inhibit bacteria growth, promotes freshness and improve feminine hygiene.

What i love most about Adore's sanitary pads is their non-bleached cotton which is so soft to the skin! No more itchiness! More breathless pad! 

Love it!

Sweet and comfortable nights with Adore~

Prices: ACTIVE DAYS ($5.85), DREAMY  NIGHTS ($4.65), DAILY FRESHNESS ($5.30) & COMFORT ALL DAYS ($4.90)
Where to buy: WATSONS, GIANT, SHENG SIONG & Selected Minimarts Islandwide


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