Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hitomi & Nozomi ♪!! Sankyuu☆!!

We rushed back to leave the big heavy bag of cosmetics and other stuff at our hotel before heading to meet our friends! arrgh! we're late again! haha.. i realised we have never been on time or early in the entire trip.. em.. except our flight! HAHA!

going to meet Hitomi and Nozomi today!! Nozomi was working that day so we met up with Hitomi first! with no plan in mind, we headed to KARAOKE!! hohoho actually we're quite scared of it since we can't really sing! hahaha.. we love to sing but haha.. we suck at it!

First time going KARAOKE in Japan! hoho.. so how's it different from Singapore? 


Actually nothing much! the main thing gotta be this!!

all of us were given one each! so cool right! which means we no longer need to fight for the ONE and ONLY remote control and flip manually through those "songs books"!! yay yay yay!

JUMP JUMP JUMP!! I really like the HIGH tension during karaoke and really can't stand those "sit down and sing" quiet kind of style! hahaha jumped till most of our pics are faceless! o_O

after singing for an hour, we were a lil hungry so we headed to FIRST KITCHEN!! this is the first time that we've been to FIRST KITCHEN!!!!!!!! n we love it so muccccccccccch tt hahaha.. we would love to franchise to sg if we ahem have the money.. hahaha.. slowly dream~~

this was what we ordered! hahaha.. don't dare to order alot since we're be going for dinner soon!
we had matcha float, royal milk tea float, peach float and fries! 

not normal fries but CORN POTAGE SHAKER FRIES!! 

we chose tt because it was ninki no. 1 (most popular) there!! it's sooooooooooo nice!! anyway we realised tt the popularity ranking of the different flavored fries differs in different places! for Osaka, it was Butter shaker fries tt's ranked no.1!

so while eating, we were chatting about random stuff n hitomi showed us her graduation photos! anyway hitomi is so chio!!

and hitomi asked us what's our ideal type of guys and kelly replied MEGANE (spectacles) guy. haha. and i guess she totally regretted mentioning that to hitomi now as hitomi was pointing at every spects-guy she saw on the streets shouting out to kelly, " taipu desho~? (isn't that your type?) " hahaha. even old salarymen! hahaha. hitomi is so cute! ^^

and while we were chatting, Nozomi appeared!! Otsukare~~~~~~~~ so nice of her to join us after work even if she's damn tired!! *HUGSS!!*

so we headed for dinner!! hoho.. IZAKAYA!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmy!!
the small bowl of white brownish pieces is chopped squid seasoned with wasabi. next to it is tomato cheese!

next is our fav!! crunch crunch crunch! ahhaha..

the karaage and long long sausage pizza are lovely tooooooo!!!

hahaha.. we continued to chat about ideal type of guys. Nozomi prefers hoso-macho (slim but with muscles).. haha.. then we divided ourselves to 2 groups.
hitomi n kelly who like guys there will 撒娇
while nozomi n i like hoho.. manly guys!

we later chatted about going other countries together n us introducing fredrik n other foreign guys tt we got to know at our hotel to them!

haha.. n we created english n chinese names for them n they did for us too! so since our names: pearly kelly end with "ly", we suggested "Haley" for Hitomi and "Nashley" for Nozomi! they came up with "konomi" for my sis n "yuumi" for me! since their names end with "mi" haha.. so we're 1 big family now! hahaha

and last of all photos of nozomi n me!
and hitomi n my sis!

after the dinner, we decided to call it a day! hehe it's so fun meeting them again (met them during their sg trip in Jan)!! aaaaaaaa can't wait to meet them again soon!!


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