Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm going to cut my fringe soon!

i'm thinking of cutting my fringe.

i don't really like my current fringe because it's covering one my my eyes.

but cutting fringe is like a DARE to girl.

if it's ugly...

you would have to stay at home for about a week!!

and if it's really ugly..

you won't want to go out for two weeks!!


but still.. i really don't like it covering my eyes... *will make my eyes look smaller*

then if i put my fringe to a side...

will look like I'M BALDING!! and it's still covering my eyes!

sorry for being paranoid. hahaha.

i want rikachuu's old fringe

it's still long but it doesn't cover up the eyes!
i think it's because she curled her fringe la..
but still.. i feel like cutting my fringe. hahaha

*omg. rikachu is so cute!*

wish me luck for my haircut. ^^



  1. oei! u're not balding!
    I'm the one balding!! (ノ_-。)

    I want a fringe haircut too! let's go together!(b^-゜)

  2. good luck!
    u can always pin up your fringe if it turns out ugly. :) but i hope your fringe would be nice!

  3. I wan to cut my fringe too its growing so long that it hurts my eyes & i have to pin it up like auntie =x

  4. ★Pearly:
    hahaha! i cutting tomorrow, don't want to cut with you! hahah

    Thank you! *hugs*
    i've got short forehead.. so it's not very nice i pin them up. hahaha.. But thank for the kind recommendation!

    ★Daidai bel:
    yo dai dai!
    ya!! why fringe always grow so fast one?!
    i hope you have a great fringe-cut! ^^

  5. aawww! your hair looks so cute :3
    have fun in japan<3

  6. Hi Kelly :) Thanks for commenting ^^ you're so cute !

  7. ★shou-chan:
    hello shou-chan! ^^
    thanks! but i had my haircut already! luckily it turned out not-as-bad. hahah ^^

    ★熊貓girl aka Ani:
    thanks for following my blog!

    oh *shy* rikachu cuter!

  8. are you both twins?
    cho kawaii~

  9. ★jiayi:
    hi jiayi! no, we are not twins but sisters! hahah.
    thank you thank you! *shy*

  10. how old are you both? hahah!

  11. Post your new haircut pictures!! yayaya! You girls are soo lucky you can pull off the straight across fringe look! I tried it once and I think the hair stylist did a horrible wasn't how I wanted it AND it made my face look so FAT!! AHHH~!! @___@ So I've been scared to try it since then...but I really want to try having fringe like you! I just stick with my side fringe because it looks best on me and it's safe hehe ^_^ really want to try straight across fringe eventually...maybe i'll try a fringe wig! hehe

  12. ★Jiayi:
    himitsu~ hahaha. forever 18~

    yep! posted ^^
    oh!! i once had a bad fringe cut too! my sis cut it! looks like nerd and makes my face looked really BIG! i normally ask my hairstylist to cut straight only between the distance of the iris, and the side to be layered. then it will make the face looks smaller.
    illustration to explain hahaha. i drew it! sorry that it's so ugly!

    we want to get a fringe wig too! it's so cute


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