Monday, March 8, 2010

JAPAN TRIP 22/02 ~ 07/03

hey guys!

we are now at airport blogging!

drinking cold and hot milk tea....

and as you speculate.... WE ARE BORED! hahaha..

still, both pearly and kelly have no feeling of excitement!! *WHY???*

both... very very sleepy...

anyway, delta has a delayed flight yesterday so we think that our flight would be really packed today. damn sian.

and, my sis (pearly) is falling asleep.. hahaha..
we are without makeup by the way!
duper looked like ah-tiong!

Photos edited for protection (?) hahahah
will update more later!

please drop by again for updates of OUR NEW HAIRSTYLE by japanese salon!

*pearly: that's if our hair is nice... if it's not, i don't think i will update again. probably posting photographs without us.. hahaha

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  1. wao... you guys are all over in Japan!!!!! i want to go back to Japan again.. :(


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