Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kinugawa with Aiko ♪

As soon as we got off the bus, we went to search for restaurant! again so COLD!! even colder in the night!

sometimes, ppl are so jian, the colder it gets, then the more u crave for cold stuff like ice cream!!!
Ichigo (strawberry) and vanilla mixed ice-cream! Tochigi is famous for strawberry!
 hoho.. n it's really nice!!!!!!!!! can taste real strawberry! the mini seeds too! 
hahahaha shiok eating in the cold! 

Then we walked into a souvenir store! we bought some souvenirs, mostly food!!

oh this is also quite famous and featured in many tv shows! Aiko hates it thou.. 
we tried it.... ok.... it tasted like SOAP! haha!

because we're too hungry, so we just settle our dinner at the restaurant in the store! we all had the famous "yuba udon/soba"! (yuba are layers of rolled bean curd skin.): 
NICE!!!!!!!! yuba is very smooth and soft!! n abit QQ when u bite at it! 

anyway, can u spot the granny carrying a child in the above pic? hahaha.. the toddler is so cute! 

she came to our table n i gave a high five to her. n she gave me a high five too n while doing it, she said:"TOUCHI" (touch)! haha.. so cuteeeee!!

 i'm not sure, but think japanese don't call it high five but call it TOUCHI! 

haha.. then when we left the restaurant, we met her again! 

n i asked for a high five again! this time she smiled n said "IYADA!" (don't want).

my sis asked for a high 5, then she gave a TOUCHI!! >.< unfair! 

so i asked again n she "IYADA" again with laughters. haha.. asked again n she finally gave me TOUCHI! haha.. 

YAY!! sorry for being so childish but i'll be persistent till she gave me TOUCHI! haha.. luckily she gave it quite fast! 

we started walking along the streets and we got attracted by icecream again! this time round, STRANGE ICE CREAM!
could you spot the flavors? 
From the left to the right: sakura, zunda (edamame which is grean soybean), corn potage, common vanilla&chocolate, almond, yuzu(pomelo) peel. There are also other weird ones including sweet potato that we tried!

How "yummy" is it? haha check my sis's face!
 btw the 3 flavors that we've tried are yuzu peel, sakura & sweet potato! 

actually we wanted to try zunda flavor but it's oos! 
the oddest taste definitely goes to SWEET POTATO!!!!!! omg!! bimyooooooooooo dao bao! hahaha.. damn weird! maybe coz it tasted ultra like sweet potato! 
my mom will like it! haha.. but a BIG NAH NAH for us!

in the end, we surrendered! we just wanted the cone! ROFL

as instructed by aiko, this is what we did! 
HAHA! scooped out the ice cream and threw it in the drain!
sweet potato and sakura! I'm not sure whether this is the correct "Japanese" way of disposing ice cream! haha!

then we headed back to the train station! 

the place is quite ulu so train arrives in intervals of about 30 mins or so.
And because it's so cold, everyone waited in the warm waiting room! haha.. Chinese-style! looks like Chinese New Year Deco!

Finally train arrived! we started snacking again! Gyoza potato bar (snack) that we bought from Utsunomiya station! Utsunomiya is also known as "Gyoza town"!
and strawberry mochi!

and lastly take more photos before we parted!
haha HENGAO again!
ROFL at our hengao pic!

on our way back to hotel, we got onigiri as supper!
tuna mayo and new flavor-kimchi beef!

oyachumi!! and あい子が大好き!!また会おうね!!>3<

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  1. I love your blog! It's fun learning about you two and they places you visit! I will try "yuba udon" when I have a chance.


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