Sunday, March 28, 2010

Night Bus to OSAKA~!

after the ski trip, we actually had a day in tokyo and we ventured shinjuku harajuku and shibuya.

but very little photographs were taken as we were busy shopping (hey! can't blame us k~ ).. so we decided to compile those shopping paradise into one post which will be posted *ahem* soon. hahaha.

after that shopping day, we took night bus to osaka and spent 3 days there! woohoot~

Naniyanen~! sukiyanen~! Okonomiyaki~! Osaka~! Namba~! Shinsaibashi~! zenbun yanen~! 

anyway, it's our first time taking night bus in japan.

it's way cheaper than shinkansen. most importantly, we can still save on one night in the hotel. ^^

and! it's very comfortable!

we booked our tickets at the keio bus station.

8400 two way from osaka to tokyo.

this is where you purchase the tickets

anyway, the night that we travelled was realllly chilllllly...

and we have to wait and walk around shinjuku till our bus arrived.

by the way, shinjuku shops normally closes at 8pm. thus, we have really nothing to shop and no where to go..

we can't eat in restaurant as our big luggages will definitely be a bothersome.

thus... pathetically... (_ _)

we had yoshinoya while waiting

it's really delicious~! a lot of beef~!


it's really very cold at night!!


our bus~!

by the way, the bus seat is really wide and it can be adjusted to a big angle..
the aircon/heater was just right~!
and there wasn't really a lot of commuters in the bus that day so you can occupied many seats (though not supposed to)
nobody talks in the bus! (except us and the bus driver)
btw, the bus driver is like an announcer. will announce upon reaching every big station.

in conclusion, it's a smooth ride and we slept the whole trip!

so in early early morning (6am) we arrived at OSAKA - NAMBA station

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