Sunday, March 28, 2010


i always have a very very homely feel to osaka~

cause the osaka residents are really friendly and outgoing. plus, the shopping was great!!

though this time round, we find tokyo's shopping better (in terms of price.. yea..we are cheapos)
i think it's probably because spring sale happens faster in tokyo since it warms up earlier.

anyway, OSAKA is really freaking cold.
i think tokyo is cold during that time too but we were really frozen in osaka!


we booked our hotel through rakuten and it's marvellous!

the room is super big! (it's super rare in japan)

the bathroom is seriously bigger than the room we had in tokyo (__ __)

and our room in osaka has a big big big bed, walking alley, balcony, dinning table, refrigerator, television and microwave! hahaha. touched till tears because we are tooooooo deprived in TOKYO! hahaha. our tokyo hotel is homely but... 

it's also super near to shopping paradise shinsaibashi! less than 5 minutes walk!
and it's in American Mura inself!
so we get to see a lot of fashionable people walking around, ranging from lolitas to mori-gals~!

and most importantly! it's cheap! only 10,000yen for two nights!! twins room somemore!!

i need to give them

however, it's pretty hard to locate the hotel. 
cause it doesn't look like a hotel

flexistay hotel! please stay in this hotel while you're in osaka! trust me, you won't regret!

anyway, because we arrived too early, we can't checked into our hotel yet.

>.< god! i haven't wash my hair! my sis too!

went for breakfast at sukiya~!

my sis ordered NO.1! negi tappuri~~!

mine! cheese tappuri~!


the waiter helped my sis with the egg that she doesn't know what to do with

and it's really oishiii~~!

my cheese gyuudon is a little too salty for me..

it was a satisfying meal ^^

after that we began our journey to locate SHINSAIBASHI.. (even though our hotel is very near shinsaibashi, we had totally no idea how to walk there at first..)

we were detouring the whole place in the cold cold morning!!

mite! dare demo inai~! *ahem* my sis is wearing that beanie is definitely not because she wanted to cover her oily hair. definitely not! hahaha

after hours of loitering, sights of SHOPPING..*touched*

cute street light!

actually our hotel is really near shinsaibashi, it's just behind OPA.(something like tokyo's 109) hahah

i must shout again, I LOVE FLEXISTAY
but there's a short scary(?) episode during my stay..
maybe, i will reveal it later after all my osaka's trip is done!

anyway, for the johnnys' fans out there.
this place is damn near the johnnys' store in osaka. hahah.
if i didn't remember wrongly, it's just round the corner. haha
it had been years since i've last visited johnnys' shop ^^;

haha okay enough of crapping and let the shopping begins~~!!

to me, shinsaibashi is a straight long stretch of shops.. (i think it's as long as the distance between wheelock and orchard central(?) )

not exactly straight as it has many alleys and lanes..

normally the products are cheaper at the end.

but at the furthest end, it's the GRANNY paradise.. so please do not venture into that if you're looking for gyaru fashion. but there has got good affordable food! and of course a large variety of granny's clothes!

in conclusion, it's a shopping paradise for three generations!

and the place is full of hosts! and comedians (real comedians) ! hahaha.

so if any of them approaches you, don't be surprised!
it's really common! haha

if the comedian approaches you, you can just say in english, " i don't understand japanese"

but if a handsome handsome host approaches you, you can say, " eigo hanasemasuka? " (can you speak english? ) hahaha! just kidding!

okay! again! enough of crapping, let the shopping begins!

happy happy as we found our familiar shopping place!

in amemura, it's common to see this!

daimaru~ right opposite OPA

but if you're in for affordable clothes, you can skip daimaru ( like us) haha and walk straight to shinsaibashi
see the whole street is so PARIS-fuuuu~

middle of shinsaibashi~ and a monk! he's there everyday!

the middle junction that connects one street to another.. there are (i think) at least 6?

one street is about this long and a lot of fashion shops! never ending~

shopping shopping here i go!

enter enter shop shop!

bought nothing but don't mind don't mind~ next shop!

we took puri also!

there's this special puri machine that is only available in osaka! the backgrounds are all famous attractions! my scanner spoil when i was about to scan this ( hey! don't say it's because my photos too ugly, my scanner can't take it hor! )

but, i managed to scan this!

this machine is special too!

this machine not only prints your puri photos, they also give you....

free tsukema (fake eyelashes)!

and the colours of the puri are really nice~ dreamy~


and it prints collage as well!

so pretty (yea thick skinned, i am)

super cold and yet this loud-voice shopkeeper is rubbing her hands in the water to produce foam!

and a tourist-must-take-photo!

a little hungry after window-shopping around.

so we headed off to a gyoza shop!


this is super famous in osaka
the NO.1 gyoza in japan can be found here!

we had the normal gyoza. it's super juicy and very crispy! no wonder it's NUMBER ONE ah~~!


poses with the gyoza.... but the smell was too alluring..... too tooo alluring...


gobbled it up!! oishikatta yo!!

and the lady boss recommended us to try their cheese gyoza.


all cheese!


after that we headed back to our hotel...
rested for a while and went back to shopping~~!!

next post will be about the famous CRAB FEAST in osaka!


  1. that has got to be the COOLEST puri machine EVER! hehe not only are the puri pics of you and Pearly SUPER cute and pretty--you sisters look like cutie dolls--but it looks almost professional quality and you also get a pair of falsies! hehe if and whenever I go Osaka, InMUST hunt down that machine and try it! haha :P wow shopping looks so fun!

  2. ★Caroline:
    yep! it's really cool! we didn't see that kind of puri machine in singapore! (^^) and it's really worth.. cause it's 400yen and you get puri stickers and also free eyelashes! weeeheee~!!

    shopping is fun! ^^ all girls love to shop!!

  3. I wanna take puri with yoou :3 wow free lashes too :D

  4. Haaaaaaaaa~~~~
    OMG, this post made me miss Osaka soooooooo much!!!!!!! (T=T) I lived there for 1 year! Really want to go back... (*_*)


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