Monday, March 8, 2010

.... POPTEEN!!!


basically that day is a very memorable and special day for us!

it's the main reason behind my trip to japan this time round and also the reason that makes us determined to get our hair done even though we skipped our dinner!


the reason is....


brief introduction of popteen:

popteen is a gyaru (gals) style magazine with many charisma models eg KUMIKKI YUI MARIMO JUN. the famous Tsubasa graduated from POPTEEN too! and she's now in POPSISTER!!

to browse popteen magazine, click on this LINK

it's really a dream come true for us to visit POPTEEN editorial room!
All thanks to Shishido-san!

we are supposed to go there at 4pm. However we are lost again and walked the whole streets of magazine firms (eg. Non-no Cutie Zipper Blenda....)

a postman helping us find the building.

And when looking for POPTEEN firm, we bumped into BLENDA~

the office is full full full of clothes!

the whole alley is packed with clothes!
we didn't enter blenda's office though.. just snapping from the outside. wahaha.

Popteen was supposed to be at the current blenda's location, however due to the expansion of the popteen ( new division of POPSISTER ) they moved to a new building.

we got the old address from the website therefore we got to the wrong place. hahaha.

then we called shishido-san to clarify and she directed us to the new office.

so after much efforts, we finally reached POPTEEN! woohooooot~~



and because we are quite late so Shishido-san is a little busy. However, this kind lady volunteered to show us around =D

once you entered the office, you would be surrounded by walls of POPTEEN~ weeheee~!




even their vending machine is popteen-ish

presents from fans!
wow! i mean, it's really delivered over to the models! how great! i want to send some over next time =D

these are the latest clothes from various shops! they will send latest clothes over when popteen requested for it.

their workspace! can you imagine it? the popteen that we read is from here!! there is about 20 permanent staff in the office and some were part timers. on average, they would need one and a half months to create one issue! so imagine the LATEST TREND on this month issue is actually spotted by them from 2 months ago >.< how cool!! by the way, the left side is POPTEEN group and the right side is POPSISTER! they worked together to create the POP-MAGAZINES~

and remember those questionaire at the back of the magazine~ they would consolidate the data and paste it on the wall so that they would have a clear view on what's preferred and whether they are doing it right. so, minna~ please vote and answer the questionaire~



found models!! fake ones though.. hahaa

and we started fan-girling a little~


and just when we are gee-gee and gaa-gaa about those "models".......

something unexpected happened!!

the real model appeared!!!

guess who.....!!

it's KANNO YUI!!!

omg omg omg!

we are totaly elated and were like shouting and jumping around with excitement!

omg so cool!

she's really tall slim and beautiful in person!

she's without makeup that day and yet she looks really gorgeous!

omg omg omg!

shishido-san introduced the crazy little fans to her and she was shocked that we are from Singapore!

we chatted a little and she was really nice!

we asked if she could take a photo with her. she said that normally she seldom takes photographs without putting make up but she is willing to take with us today!

>.< touched x 10000! and this is what we got! Photobucket


her face is so small in real! >.< gosh. imagine how small kumikki's face would be! she's sooooo pretty even without make-up! then she was called by her manager (?) and she went outside for a while. so trying to keep our excitement even though we are screaming inside, we wrote down our memories and experiences on a book *as requested by shishido-san* hahah


we also posted our puris (taken on that day by puri machines endorsed by POPTEEN models~)



while my sister is writing on the book.. i went to explore the shelves and i found this!!

one of the first few issues of POPTEEN!! cool huh~! totally not gyaru~ hahah


NO PICTURES!! just words.

hahah. even shishido-san was shocked by my discovery and she was like, " nani kore? " - what's this?

hahaha so we chatted with shishido-san who is free at the moment for a while...

 and when YUI returned, she gave us two popteen and offered to sign for us! she's so so nice!! *touched*

then yui still sat beside us and chatted with us for quite some while.

she is so sweet. she wanted to give us her new Melliesh product but her manager doesn't have it with her. ( _ _)
she said that she is really glad that we are here today as she hardly comes to the office.
wahahaha. please la~ WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES!!

 and guys, she said that she is really interested in coming to Singapore! hahaha. she also showed us her schedules.

omg, packed packed packed. (= =) totally no time for singapore trip until next year ba.. hahahahahah

all of the time, she is without sunglasses so we can really see her long long long eyelashes! and really seeing her up CLOSE is an unbelievable experience for us!

omg omg. it's a fan girl dream come true~

 i don't care if people is going to call me a SHOW OFF but....
 i need to show this to someone!! hahahaha

autographed page by YUI

my sis's one. (.> <.) longer message..

then after that she went to discuss the shooting with the editor... so we continued to chat with shishido-san!

and she was like, " ii yo ne.. yui-chan ni atta! " -> how great.. to be able to see yui~

finally a photo with our shishido-san!

we stayed there for hours.. hahaha..


WE LOVE POPTEEN~! hahahahaha

and a pleasant surprise from yui-chan when we checked our computer that night.

she uploaded our photos onto her official blog and also the one on galspop.

Her galspop blog : LINK


Her official blog : LINK

her post:
i'm now on my way back~

this photo was taken in the editorial room!

and it's two readers from Singapore who came down here to play!!

To be seen by people from such countries...
it's really touched!!

i'm glad that we met coincidentally

Kelly and Pearly, please enjoy your stay in japan~


and of this POP is , really a global magazine wa... *laugh*

and, today after i reached home i would have to think of the coordinates of my clothes

this month shooting is full of personal clothes coordinations~

omg omg! O_O can you imagine that?


anyway, on our way back we were really thrilled!

the excitement just can't subside.
so much so that we forgot to go for dinner! wahaha.

and we bought back instant noodles, mister donut and mcdonalds.


really oishii~ if you're in japan, please try this!


it's so nice that we go CRAZY about it..

my not so nice shio ramen instant noodles.

really nice instant udon noodles!

bouncy bouncy~

memorable day! thank you POPTEEN~!


  1. OMG! that's so cool!!

    I really envied you guys!
    The three of you are really very cute!
    and yui is really very pretty!

    I love popteen!! ^^

  2. zomg!!! u gals are so lucky!!=D *envious*
    i suppose u gals are very fluent in japanese? im still learning! =((

  3. ★tezu :
    hehex. thanks! it's like a miracle for us to be able to meet her.
    we love popteen too!

    yep yep! we were very very lucky! >.< touched till can cry ar~ i think i did a lot of charity in my past life! hahahah
    well.. we can carry out normal conversation but informal japanese. we are currently taking jlpt1.
    ganbatte x3 !!

  4. hehe...... That's very great!!!!

    How lucky are you!! to meet top model ne....^^
    Ah....Are they three popteen model? right?....hehe
    Sound so fun trip!!! next time don't forget to ask me out!! haha.....

  5. ★Nutch:
    Nutch nutch!! thanks for reading our blog! looking forward to yr new blog! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

    un!!!!!! too lucky!! can't believe even now! haha.. *shy*( ´艸`)
    Nutchもかわゆす!!:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:
    un! do update me on KAT-TUN thai con ne!

  6. Wow! I love this post. I can't imagine being so fortunate to get an opportunity like that. Looks like you gals had the best time there, the Popteen office looks like a place of wonder in my eyes (>ω<) To actually meet a model, that must have been SO exciting!

  7. OMG your so lucky :) she was soo nice ^^

  8. Waa~~ I just realised you met YUI-chan!!!! sugoi ne~~

    How did you manage to get into their office?

    I'm so envious!!

  9. ★Charlotte:
    we couldn't believe our ears when shishido-chan said that we could go there. hahaha.

    yep yep! it's a dream come true!

    hi dearie! thanks for commenting on so many of our posts!
    yep, she is really nice! love it!


    hey cheryl!

    yep! we met her and took photo with her!
    she is really sugoii~

    oh.. we know the staff working there.

  10. WOW~!! I can't believe I just barely read this exciting post now! hehe that's so cool that you got to meet Yui! she is very very pretty indeed~~GORGEOUS! What amazes me most is how modest and down-to-earth and sweet she is!! but you & pearly were JUST as kawaii next to her! hehe I totally would have thought that you two were models, too!<3 And I'm not lying or just saying that to be sweet--it's the truth! You & your sis are two very good looking pretty girlies! ^_^ One day I think you two will be on the cover of magazines too! xD Don't forget me when you become famous~! lol >:P That's pretty neat that you know a staff member there! How did you get acquainted with Shishido-san? pure awesomeness~! :3

    Super happy for you girls! That was indeed a rare & probably once in a lifetime encounter! Lucky Lucky! hehe ;)

    <3 caroline

    That's soooo coool!
    How did you do that? I mean, how did you get to go there? Appointment? letter? Called? OO
    My friend and me are trying sooooomehow to get in contact with egg models! Difficult T__T
    Ugh ugh! Maybe help? XD

    Very cool!!
    I envy you♥

  12. hi girls!! <3
    you 2 are so so cute!!! thank you for your comment <3
    it makes me happy ^^
    and now my comment to THIS post!!! *0*
    omg omg omg!!!! i envy you girls so so much!!!
    how did you manage to go to popteen office????
    Popteen is my most favourite magazine since 3 years now and Yui-chan my fav. model, and you ad the chance to met both!!! *0*/
    it must be like a dream! <3
    i hope someday i will also get the chance to visit popteen office and a famous model <3
    take care girls!! <3
    *kisses and hugs*

  13. wow you're lucky girls!! ^-^ that's so cool!! *o*


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