Thursday, April 8, 2010

A87 Maid cafe DAY 1

hello everyone!!

it's kelly here!!

back to dominate this blog! yeah~! hahahah.

sorry for the delay. i wanted to blog about my experience in maid cafe yesterday but... i was too tired...


working there is really very tiring!

it's like doing 10 years worth of housechores! * real MAID * hahaha

surprisingly, i find serving much much easier than doing the preparation.

In A87, they prepared everything themselves! the boss and some of the maids will cook. there's no chef nor cleaners! it's all MAID MAID MAID! really had to applaud them.

and i think i probably have lost 3 kg of weight yesterday! 
wahhaha *how i wish it's true >.< *
okay. i just measured. i gained 1kg of weight instead! what happened!?

anyway, went there to report in the morning.

i did my makeup before reaching there. 
but after the morning chores, my makeup is all ruined!

gosh! so sad so sad..

with ruined makeup! my blusher and eyelashes.. *ZOMG*

i'm supposed to look extra extra cute that day! (_ _)

but.. nevermind. at least the uniform is cute


ready to work~

my first customers for the day were a two office workers from the nearby offices.
i stumbled on my greetings. wahaha.
was like, " OKAERI NANASAI MASE " instead of " OKAERI NASAIMASE" wahaha.

but they were very kind and order omu-rice which i had to draw on it.
first time drawing! but fortunately, it didn't turn out bad. wahaha~!

then three male customers came in.
and i took Polaroid with them!
so if you're the three gentlemen who visited and took polariod with me, please scan me the POLARIOD! i want! hahahah

basically all the customers were fine. 
except two male customers.

not so sure if i'm supposed to discuss about them here but i HECK CARE la. hahahaha

they very noisy and kept complaining about the food. 

they were very RUDE and they don't even seem to be respecting the otaku culture!
they kept asking for the maids' numbers and they kept disturbing us even though we tried our best to keep the smiles and reply to their questions.

because during this bootcamp, there's an evaluation form to be filled up by the customers.
since it's not allowed to give customers our numbers (please.... even if i'm not a maid in the cafe, i DIE ALSO won't give them my numbers. super RUDE fat uncles) 
and because of that, they actually wrote very bad ratings on my evaluation sheet! >.<

but nevermind~ hahaha. ^^

more photographs.
this was during my break



hahah. yeah~ MAID SKIVING~

continue serving customers after my meal (instant noodles - _- )


after six, mikan-chan (senior maid) has to leave..

so a quick photo with her before she ran away!

she was perspiring so much because she did the cooking. OTSUKARE~!

when it's night...

my friends XH and WZ came over!! ^^ happy!

hahahaha. so happy that i totally said that wrong greeting.. hahaha.. my boss was like, " hey. it's okaerinasaimase.. not some okaerianasaimase or whatever.. " (= - =)

then after a while...

my sis and Ri-chan came over! hahaha

tada~! their hengao group photo! thanks for coming down!


xh came down after work and wz came down after sch.. *touched MAX*
and it's me in the background~


just when i thought they were admiring my professionalism.....

i found a lot of photographs like this!
they were just playing among themselves! ( - -lll) i suppose being there in the cafe is already a form of support.......

but wahahah. XH is epic there!
was laughing so hard on the train while looking through their funny photographs!

after that, we took polariod. still waiting for WZ and XH's polariod.. i want to scan them =)

but here's the polariod i took with my sis and ri-chan

i personally decorated this! ^^ but my sis commented that it's not cute at all..


she decorated this herself! hahaha. i don't think it's much better!

well, i think we have the same ARTISTIC genes~! hahaha

*the above photo, my face looks damn distorted as my sis insisted that she wants a photo with us sticking out tongues... (= =) what can i do? i'm just a maid, must follow her orders.. tsk tsk*

and i worked till 11.30pm that day!

before we leave, i took a photo with miyo-chan

we looked so tired! hahaha

and I AM REALLY super tired!! >.<

i think i aged three years. hahaha

fatigue! *about kelly ranger, please refer to akibahara post*

and i'm so super thristy! >.<

i was really counting down on the number of train stops so that i could rush to buy water!

and finally... WISH COME TRUE~! bought icy icy water~!

HAPPY - shiawase MAX~! so satisfied! *that's my new spectacles, with degrees*

before i reached home, i finished the whole bottle!


it's really a tiring day for me...

but i still have got one more day left!

which is tomorrow! butler-spongebob~! hahahah

thanks for reading! ^^ and please wait for my butler post...
i will try to take better photographs...
my maid-look yesterday was really haggard.


  1. Wah jia yo Looks like a very cute cafe i would love to go down & take photos =) is the food nice?

  2. ★Daidai bel:
    hi daidai!
    you're so fast!! >.< i just edited and popped! your comment is already uP! super fast!

    well. come come! ^^
    the food is special. they've got special names. but i have yet personally tried the dishes..(_ _)

  3. Ah, it's so exciting reading about your work day! And boo to nasty customers =(

    I'd so come and visit you if I was in Singapore.

    And wow, they give no mercy!! They work you guys so hard, such a long shift during training/testing?

    Can't wait for your next update and all the best, GOOD LUCK (and hopefully no more poopy customers)!

    P.S. I think I have an extra destination added to my trip!! I think I may be visiting Singapore for a week to visit relatives (not yet confirmed). You've got to tell me all the shopping points!!

  4. Orh ic okok maybe i come by on weekend =p will i see u there ?

  5. ★Gloria:

    ^^ gloria!
    yea.. BOOO to those nasty customers..
    like you've said.. "A job at a maid cafe seems like getting paid for cosplaying, awesome! (Then there's the work part...)"

    how i wish i can be paid for just cosplaying.. ^^

    yep yep. it's a full day thing. from morning till night... >.<

    thanks! but it would be fine tmr since i will be in butler uniform. hahah. don't really need to entertain those poopy customers.. ^^ i will be serving girls~

    really!? that's so cool!! okay okay, tell me if you're coming. i'll give you my personal email so you can ask me question thru that^^

    ★Daidai Bel:
    wooo.. weekend, i won't be there. will be there tomorrow as a butler though. but no worries, weekend, there will be two cute little girls to serve you AKEMI and AYAKA ^^

  6. hahaa.... but really good !!! MAIDS are supposed to be doing all these *oopspss*!!! you should have given some random numbers to stop them pestering ma... Uncles are just Uncles. hen no ojisan!

    LOL @ the hengao photo hahaha.....
    Kelly ranger muz survive for tml's butler!!! hahaha =D Spongebob!!!!

  7. Woow you got to be a maid :3 bet it was busy. Cute

  8. ★jellytelly:

    hahahahaha. but we weren't even supposed to give them any numbers. hentai jiji!

    will blog about it after i survived the ordeal. hahah

  9. ★clairey:

    yep! it's crazily busy... >.<
    my hands still ache from overworking (hahha. it's because i haven't been exercising for a long time)
    thank you!

  10. "Fat uncles" XD Hahaha, I was laughing so much when I read that. Although I completely agree, the type of otaku custom you probably get there will never be attractive :P

    What a long day you had! Still, it seems as though you're having fun. I wish we had maid cafes in the UK as well, I would love a career in dressing cute everyday ^^

  11. ★Charlotte:
    hey charlotte =D
    i just visited your blog today

    >.< hehehe
    yep yep. haven't really seen TRUE otaku at the cafe yet...

    you do? hahah. great!! i can't to see you with two ponytails!

  12. ^__^ you look very kawaii in your maid outfit!!~
    LOL stupid fat uncles! but netherless it seems like a fun job and i would love to visit your cafe ^.^

  13. HAHA. *thumbs up for xh*
    why nv chase the 2 uncles out? hahaha, tear their evaluation forms when they leave, since they violated the rules. hahaha

  14. ★Joanna:
    hi joanna! thank you!
    yeah!! stupid fat uncles!
    come come~

    hahaha. epic right! hahaha
    still got alot. haha. later i send you! hahaha.

    no la.. as a employee, must keep smiling de ma.. haha. how i wish i can work in those DO-M cafe.. hahah. throw the menu at them right.. hahahaha ^^

  15. haha.....although your make up is ruined, you still kawaii ne ^^ i wanna take a photo with you!!! >0< kawaii maid ne hehe....

    It's nice that you can lose weigh in one day haha....i'm trying to lose my weigh but it doesn't change anymore....T_T

    I love that cute place haha....nice! nice! nice! working in a sweet room woooowwww.....feel like little angle haha (but the work seems so tried haha)

    GANBATTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! KellY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha rude are the 2 men....kick them out!! kick them out!! haha....

    i'm looking forward to see spongebob ne....haha
    must be very kawaii.....i guess!! i guess!!

  16. HAHAHA, release the monster you ba kelly!
    but i guessed they are badly bashed up in your mind at that moment yea? haha

    ur bootcamp 2 days only isit?

  17. I love your photo~ you so CUTE XD ~~~~~

  18. Really cute in your Maid Outfit! envy (:
    I hate people who are rude ¬_¬
    GoodLuck to you (:

  19. Ohh, good luck with the job! Don't let those rude people get you down and keep smiling (-.^)/~*

    You look totally cute in the maid outfit too, so that's always a plus!

  20. I don't blame the guys for wanting your number cuz you look really cute. Honto Kawaii desu ne.

    Keep working hard girlie.

  21. awh super cute

    i was a maid for a charity event it wasn't much work and it was very fun ^^

    I love ur blog!!

  22. Thats awesome. I'll studying over in Japan next spring, and the first thing I'm gonna do is visit a maid cafe lol.

  23. I realised that ur blog fonts don't look ok on my sch laptop but ok at home laz...

  24. Kelly!!<33

    You poor thing!! Wow, that is brutal--such a long work shift! I can't believe you had to work a whole day! I hope you rested up well and are feeling more energized now!! ^_^

    I think your makeup looks fine--everything looks intact! It doesn't look at all ruined to me because you still look SUPER kawaii, like living doll! hehe I think you may be hallucinating because of how tired you are! :P

    I'm sorry you had to deal with dirty, old fat perverted men! That's stupid that they give you low points on your evaluation just because they're old ugly farts that want to hit on young pretty girls! I can't believe they have the nerve to keep trying to make you girls give them your numbers! Good for you for trying to still try to be polite, though I wish you could've high kicked them in the face! haha >:D

    That's sweet that your sister and friends stopped by to visit! I love the polaroids you took with your sister and Ri-chan!! The three of you look really pretty in it!<3 LOL Pearly is so funny~~I think that the photo you decorated looks cute (I love pink+green)! Is Pearly taller than you? How tall are you girls? (^.^)(V)

    I hope your day working as a butler went better today! *hugs*

    <3 caroline

  25. Eeto..... How am i suppose to send you the photo Konomi chan.... can't figure it out as i nv use blogs before.XD

  26. ★nutch:
    Thank you nutch-chan! your comments are always very sweet!

    ^^ hehehe. come come come find me!
    maybe one day we will go thailand to find you! ^^

    hahaha. actually i gained 1 kg of weight! (>.<)

    yep! it's sweet pink!
    like a fantasy world!

    yes!! ganbarimasu~!

    yep! rude rude!! >.<

    hahaha. will be blogging about my spongebob life tomorrow~
    too tired to blog today! hahaha. sorry sorry!

    hahaha.. GRRRRGGGG~
    seriously i released the monster in me, i probably will be fired on spot.
    but at least, i will very SHUANG~~

    yep. 2 days.

    hi sylvia, thank you!
    you're very cute too!

    Hello fionaa~~
    thank you! yep love the uniform that's why i started working there. hahaha

    yea~! BOOO to those rude people!
    thanks!! ^^

    hi Cale, thank you!! ^^


    hi lexii!!

    thank you!

    yep! ignore those rude people!! ^^

    oh! thank you!! (^^)

    ★Mr Al :
    hello Mr. Al.
    hahaha! you are one of the guys?! O_O
    hahah. just kidding

    thank you!

    hi naka!!

    thank you!
    oh cool~! let me check your blog to see if i can find any photos >.<

    thank you! i love your blog too!

    yea!! go visit a maid cafe!
    it's really an interesting experience!

    that means a lot of people can't view our blog fonts?

    helloooo caroline!!

    yep yep! it's very long work shift! ><
    i'm totally drained after work!

    but at least, i had some workout.. hahaha ^^

    hahahah. really? hahaha. i personally feel that my makeup was really bad that day. probably because i'm too paranoid over my makeup! >.<
    cause make-up is where my confidence stemmed from! *not encouraged though*

    yep yep! i really want to kick them high in the face!! GRRRRRR...
    irritating buggers...

    yep yep! really touched hahaha.
    really! hahaha. my decorating skill is better than my sis? hahahahaha

    nope, we are of the same height.


    yep! will blog about my day as a spongebob tomorrow ! ^^

    update you then!! ^^

    hello!! thanks!
    you're fast.
    umm. you can upload to
    and send me the link if it's not too troublesome!
    thanks a million!
    really appreciated it!

  27. i dunno whether it's correct or not... here is the link When did those sukebe came in on wed?

  28. ★Saunders:
    wow. sweet!
    thanks!! ^^ you're fast.

    umm. quite some time after you guys left..

  29. haha, if only we were there later..
    Is it just me or is the second last photo for this post taken at bukit batok? Anyway.. Might be going again next week to show support.XD
    Do u wan the 1 taken yesterday too?

  30. ★Saunders:
    that will be great!
    i will be down tomorrow as well..^^ there's a lolita tea party! normal customers can come in as well ^^

  31. haha, tmr will not be able to go as i have to go shao mu in the morning and japanese lessons in the afternoon.
    -Normal customers..... Sorry for being a not normal customer back then...

  32. ★Saunders:
    oh i see.. ^^ it's alright.. thought you might want to see lolitas. hahaha
    hahaha. normal as in non-lolita-customers can come in as well ^^

  33. hmm... i don't seem to have fate with lolitas(as always).. the photos link are below.. The other one is the drawing that friend of mine drew on the evaluation sheet.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Kawaii <3 the maid cafe thing is more girly then i thought ~


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