Monday, April 5, 2010

HELP! i need HELP! A87 training day

My duties will be on wed (maid) and fri ( butler)
And please vote for me at
you will have to scroll down and at the right hand side corner, this poll will appear

*the following post will be flooded with photographs. please beware*

hello everyone!

today is A87 training day.

yep! maid cafe maid cafe~

today's makeup:
i really love the eyelashes in today's make!

it's really cute! i sticked three layers together and yet it doesn't look too thick at all! ^^

 but then again, i have to admit.. today's make is a little thick.

but i love my new cheek colours!

*ps: that's my natural lip colour*

i rushed down to A87 at tahjong pagar~!

and we had a test~
menu and some otaku terms ^^;

i was never good with TEST. hahaha

nevertheless, we had great fun together with the boss and miyo~!

we rehearsed/role-played~


and i've made a lot of new friends~!

this is AKEMI and AYAKA~!
* don't mind my wrinkles, i'm old as compared to these two young young girls >.< *

i actually intended to have dinner with all of them and take puri and such~~ (_ _)

but when i went to change into my butler outfit!

Most of them are gone!! >.<



AYAKO and LEIGH waited for me!


here is ayako playing with my wig..

she told me not to put on my blog because she WORRIED THAT SHE WILL HAVE TOO MANY FEMALE FANS! ^^ wahahahaha!

and.. ayako helped me to fix my wig... "helped"



her art! hahaha

and she took my camera and took a few photographs of me~

yeah~~ i'm the model~!

shampoo advertisement (while i'm arranging my hair)


but not all photographs that ayako took is ugly.. (_ _)

i find this quite cute! thanks ayako!

and then agaiN!

another group photograph!

with ayako (that lump of hair) and leigh!

then after we left! ^^

i had a marvellous dinner with leigh at thai express~ mmmmm yummy~~!

chatted for so long!

and i know her weakness! >.< hahaha

then after that, i went home.. with a mission to accomplish...

from this...



yep it's my uniform for butler~!


but they still looked a little... girly?!

so.. i changed my makeup..

i removed my blusher and fake eyelashes (__ __)

concealed my lips.

drew thick and long eyeliner.

highlight my face.. ( hehex. cause i like guys with nice nose and cheeks)

i wanna be a shota butler!!

and it turns out like....

*just open your eyes and bear thru with me.. the handsome butler.. wahahaha*


ermm.. i hope there's a handsome one.. at least one photograph that is handsome..

i'm going crazy taking all these photographs!

help me choose one nice one! ^^

my sis said i looked like corpse.. i have to agree.

i need fake eyelashes and blusher to LIVE hahaha

lolx. i removed a lot of photographs from this post because i couldn't stand my look.. (_ _) *sad*

signing off,


  1. Hello!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! your wig looks like fun, but I think your brown hair suits you best! very cute! & your eyemake is lovely! i hope your training goes well~

  2. kelly-sama!! kakkoi ne...

    and you also cute haha...look nice with wig ne..sound so fun and exciting

    although i'm not the person in team, while i'm reading your blog i also excited!!! wahaha...

    i just voted konomi ne...! and i'll vote again haha kelly-sama ganbatte ne!!..yaahoo!!^^

  3. omg ur so cute. hahhaaa
    and the wig looks good on u

  4. So kawaii!! So do you have to be both maid and butler or is it either one?

    A job at a maid cafe seems like getting paid for cosplaying, awesome! (Then there's the work part...)

    I always wondered how I'd look with blonde hair haha.. probably not very pleasing to the eye.

    All the best to you!!

    P.S. I swear I have a life >.< It seems I am always reading your blog and others.

  5. LOL.... u totally just look like a cutie butler hahhaa....

    and ur last photo.... *faints*

  6. aww Kelly~! I love your eye makeup today! It looks really cute, dreamy, and dolly on you--very innocent, and I can't even tell that you layered 3 false lashes! I was surprised when you said that! ^__~ I went on the site, but I don't know how to vote...@____@ I want to vote for you!! vote vote!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! hahaha...I really need to post a new entry! I don't care that my site isn't done and doesn't look the way I want it to look yet...I want to blog~will do so soon! I'm just going to start blogging again and work on coding the layout when I have more free time!

    Why is there a butler at the maid cafe? o_O I think there should be a hostess instead! So that on the day that a girl gets to be hostess, she gets to wear something SUPER SUPER cute...even more cute than the maid outfits! Wish they didn't make you wear the wig lol because you look cute as yourself already! gahahaha i love your last photo! ^__^

    okay gotta study! test tmrw morning!! AHHH!! @_@
    wish me luck!

    <3 caroline

  7. SO did u get the job? if got i will go visit u some day =)

  8. thanks everyone!
    seriously, i'm quite sad for not being able to look good as a guy..(_ _)

    ★Pauline Joy:
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog! ^^
    yep! i think so too! but that's the only short hair wig that i've got..

    Nutch-chan! Thank you so much!
    i'm not at all kakkoii! how i wish i can be like johnnys~~! >.<
    wow! thanks! *hugs*

    ★Tuti Patuti:
    Hello! Thanks for visiting!
    Thank you! Yep, i love that wig!

    Hello gloria~!
    Thank you! I chose to be both. but kinda sad since my butler look is really bad. hahaha
    work part... (_ _) tries not to think about it first. hahaha!
    HAHA! of course, you have got life! you're going to travel around!! >.< HK!! JPN!!
    by the way, thanks for reading my blog.. really touched ^^ thanks!

    hahah! the last photo, someone commented that i looks like spongebob! wahaha. too yellow i guess!

    weeeheee! caroline~~
    yep! it's three layered! >.^
    two full layers and one at the end.
    how to vote ah.. let me figure out then i will post it on my blog again! ^^ but thank you so much! have to send kisses over to you~!

    haha. can't wait to read your blog entries! just can't get enough of your "essay"!

    >.< hostess? those bunny wear? *>.<* shy

    hmm but i've got long hair so somehow i need to hide my real hair.

    well! all the best for the test!! ^^
    wish you LUCK~! ^^

    ★Daidai Bel:
    well, i haven't got the job yet but i will be working tomorrow and friday. Please come and visit me if you're free ! ^^

  9. awh u look so cute ^^ thank you for visiting ^^

  10. haha...spongebob?? demo kawaii spongbob ne^^

    wow..great!! who you want to be in johnnys? haha....i think you should be Nishikido...(to make your sis crazy and shock haha...><)

    i'm not sure that can i vote several time in the same day? or only one time in a day. by the way,i'll vote everytime that i'm on internet ne^^

    ps. the wig style and coler ka daisuki suit you>< and i'm waiting for your camp update ne..really fun ne!!

  11. I voted! (^___^)

    It looks like you're having such a great time and the other girls look like fun. You did a really great job with your butler look. It's definitely very shota.

  12. Aww.. I probably couldn't go since i'm meeting my friend.. Still, all the best to you!! :D

    Anyway, you looked nice in butler outfit too~ Not many girls can pull off with a guy appearance.

  13. so kawaii, i'm so jealous. Yup vote for you ^^. I want to work at a kawaii place like that T_T

  14. Yayy~!! I voted twice for you!! Last night and just now!! haha you're cute in your video!! Keep it up, and good luck working today! I know it's like 1pm Wednesday afternoon in Singapore right now. Tell us how your day working as a maid went! hehe :)

    I'm probably slow...but I just thought of this question: Are you and Pearly twin sisters? You both look really similar, and it just hit me! hehe and wow you're a baby! only 18!! I feel old now @___@

    Thanks for wishing me luck on my test! I hope I did okay :( I've been super sick over the weekend, and my cold actually got worse today. It's really kicking me in the butt! :(

    <3 caroline

  15. ★Naka:
    hi naka!
    thanks! ^^ it's spongebobby-cute~ hahahaha

    wooo.. nishikido ka...
    hmmm i prefer to look like okada junichi~ hahah. if so, my nose will bleed everytime i look into the mirror~ hahah
    thanks nutch! you're so sweet!

    wwwheee! thanks charlotte! ^^
    yep, they are a crazy butch of girls. whaha

    wooo.. but thank you very much! ^^

    hahaha. i hope i can be a handsome butler tmr =D

    thanks thanks!
    hehehe. yep, working in sweet cute environment is fuN! i want to see you working in a cute environment too!

    caroline~~!! thanks thanks!

    it's a little late but updated =) hehehe

    nope, we are not twins. hahah. many people asked us that question. but personally i feel that we look really different. hahahaha.

    wooo... get well soon!!

    i will use my maid-power to bless your test~ hahaha

  16. Ayako is winning. Lol.


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