Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kelly はメイド~! Maid

*update updates*
my schedule is out! ^^
will be on...
Wed - Konomi
fri - Ayako & Konomi as butler

hello everyone!

today i went to an interview , hoping to become a part of the lovely maids team in Singapore.

not those domestic maids!

it's moe moe ( i suppose ) maid! those in akiba! ^^

i thought it would be fun to become a cosplay-maid!

cause you have the very rights and a valid reason to be as cute as possible!

the interview today consists of one-to-one interview with BOSS~, video shoot and a cheki (polariod) shoot!

which means.....

kelly get to wear a maid costume even before becoming one!


it's pink pink pink!

hahah but i'm not really a pink-person! but it's cute!

finally got to wear one... *drool*

sorry, i moe-ed myself. hahahahahahahaha


 this is the mascot of the cafe. kawaii~!

soon, i will have to join their boot camp. and then through evaluation, they will decide whether to take me in or not...*worried*


this is the official uniform

please bless me with the support to continue wearing that kawaii uniform!
come down and support me when it's my bootcamp..

if not...


if not.. my eyes will be retarded like this. hahahahahahaha


today's make-up is a little thick

eyelash = fairy eyelash.
cheek = RMK 22 / RMK MT-03
lips = Dior smoothing lipstick

and that's my new fringe! it doesn't cover my left or right eyes!! yeahoooo~!! *ps: my sis haven't got her fringe cut yet! waha*

and....... my favourite make-up item is this!

new RMK blusher that i've bought two days ago.

strawberry pink! RMK MT-03

the colour is very bright! and can be seen even under camera flash!

tada~! i love my new cheeks colour!


  1. haha all the best to ur interview. hope u'll get thru then me and Pearly will give more excuse to go Maid cafe... :P nah.... ask Pearly go interview also ba hahaha

  2. how cute! all the best for the bootcamp! how i wish i'm in singapore!

  3. ★jellytelly:
    you're fast! hahaha. more excuse to go maid cafe >.< hahah!
    nah~ my sis said she "a little too old" for that. hahaha but i think she wants to join as well! >.< shhh

    thanks! if you visit singapore, please visit A87 cafe as well. hope i'm still there then.. >.<

  4. OMGOSH~~!! Kelly, you're TOO TOO CUTE!! I lovee the pink maid outfit on you--it was meant to be! It fits like a glove! hehe (that's a surprise that you don't like pink because I thought you would since you're so cute & girly!) You're definitely maid material! Lol making all those faces and posing all super are sure to make your customers MELT and tip you generously!! you can use that $$ to shop shop shop! >:P

    oOoOo! I heard lots of good things about RMK blushers before, never got to try though...maybe some day haha since it's not really accessible to me in the states. @_@ The color is super pretty and looks really good on you!! ^_^ Love the new shorter fringe on you! :) Yay for comfort!

    Thanks for answering all of my silly questions, lol! You are fast and really helpful!! That's so sweet that you actually took the time to draw a little fringe picture for me! haha it's not ugly--I find it quite cute lol!

    Good luck on your one-on-one interview, video shoot, and cheki!! I'm sure you'll do fine and will win the boss & everyone over with your mega-super-ultra kawaii powers!! Muahhahaha >:P Ganbatte ne, Kelly-chan! ^__^ I know you can do it!

    <3 caroline

    P.S. I'm honored that you would host me! Yayy! Will let you know if I ever do some major traveling in Asia and stop by Singapore to play! ^_^ lol this is like a mini-long letter (if that makes sense haha)

    P.P.S. I tend to have a habit of leaving long comments at blogs I follow...was scared you might be intimidated by it, but I'm happy to hear you like 'em! :)

  5. ★Caroline:
    weeeheee! caroline! you're here again! happy happy!! <3

    Thank you thank you! always showering us with lovely comments! <3

    well i hope they do tip me generously! >.< hehehehex! then like you say, i can go SHOPPING~~!

    the blusher is really good. the colour is lasting. i have dry skin and normally blush will fade as soon as i stepped out my house. but this lasts.. *thank god* haha.
    but.. the recommended blusher used by many models in japan is NARS 4001. i think it's easier to find in states! ^^

    hehehx! *tears* finally someone appreciated my art. hahahahah.

    yep! will moe them~~

    yep yep! just email me or post here!

    hahaha. we love long comments (and short comments as well)!! don't worry! just post as long as you like!

  6. cute!i love your maid outfits!:D
    even your make up and flowery shirt was cute..are you from japan?:D:D

  7. ★ForeistCage:
    hi hi!

    thank you!

    it's Pink make up! i tried the pink make up after reading ranzuki. hehex! >.< the models are too cute, i have to follow!

    the flowery dress is from japan.

    i'm from Singapore! a big hello from merlioN~
    thanks for visiting! hope to see you again! ^^3

  8. Hello kelly ^-^

    You looked extremely cute in the maid uniform. If possible, i'll go and support you! Can take this chance to see how it is also. Haha. Anyway, all the best to you!! :D

    p.s. Your fringe is nice~

  9. ★Alicia:

    wow! really!? *touched touched* arigatou!

    please come k! will update on the dates i'll be on duty! please come! ^^

  10. Hi Kelly, you look so cute in the uniform!

    Bootcamp sounds so intimidating haha.

    I don't see how you won't get the job but good luck anyways!

    Your hair looks really pretty too ^__^

  11. ★Gloria:

    thanks! ^^

    yea.. i'll be competing with other cute girls >.<

    thank you! hehehex. it's more comfortable now that it doesn't cover my eyes. ^^

  12. aaawww!! you will be a cute maid!<3
    I wish you luck :3
    you look so cute :3

  13. ★Shou-chan:

    thanks shou-chan! ^^
    your comment have always been a pleasant surprise for us ^^


  14. kelly you are so cute! i am reading through all your posts - there so interesting and the food omg "om nom nom nom" and omg you and your sister are ADORABLE!!
    very very pretty girls!
    i really like the uniform, it suits you heaps ^^ i hope they accept you as one of the team, i bet you'll do great!

  15. awwwwwwww,, wat a cute uniform!
    good luck wif the interview.

  16. aw, kawaii XD. I'll try to do the review soon. Btw, want to be each other followers ?^o^

  17. ★
    Thank you! and thank you again for reading our posts! ^^
    yep. i think the main focus of our blog seems to be shifted to FOOD (though it's not supposed to.. hahah) because we are so madly in love with FOOD! >.<

    THank you! i find the uniform duper cute too!

    wow! sweet!
    okay, i go your blog now ^^

  18. haha kelly is so cute ne^^
    i just went to vote you on cafe site haha....wish you luck ne....KELLY GANBATTE NE^_-

    don't worry ne kelly is kawaii ne! sure you will pass it!! wahoo haha^^

  19. GOOD LUCK!!! =)

    To be honest I'm not familiar with the lolita style at all O___o but I found a few sites maybe they will help?

    I think your hair band+your short hair already looks pretty lolita to me XD

  20. Hiya, Kelly. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Yours is so SO cute in comparison.

    Good luck becoming a fully fledged maid. You definitely look cute enough in cosplay to pull it off. I'm a "pink person" so I love the overall look, especially the little moons on your apron ~It's all sooooo CUTE!!! :P

  21. sorry for the late reply~~!
    i was soooo tired yesterday o(T^T)o

    @kelly thanks for the wish!
    i enjoyed my easter as well!
    and you loooookk soooo kawaiiii~~!

    sankyuuuuuuu pearly-chyaaann!
    you look kawaii too!! XDXD

    aaaaaa-n! sisterly love o(*O*)o

  22. ★kawaii-paradise:

    welcome! your blog is really cute


    thank you! you're so sweet~!*hugs*

    thanks! that's really very kind of yoU!! ^^

    thank you charlotte!
    hahaha so you're a pink person! so you must be really in love with that set of uniform~!
    *sends-charlotte-the-uniform-when-boss-is-not-looking* haha

    thank you rabbito!
    your comment is as cute as your blog post! ^^

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    Love ya blog.. U live in Japan?
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