Monday, April 19, 2010

Kelly is back NYAN~!

hello everyone!

kelly is back again!

sorry i haven't been updating the blog recently as i'm quite busy with work and also school... =(

miss you guys!

to apologise... i will blog about the new photoshoot of the maid cafe..

no la.. i just wanna blog about it. wahaha


this week's theme in akibanana is......


nope! it's not the cats festival but it's the japanese festival.

instead of wearing maid's costumes, our maids will be dressed in cute yukatas!

like this!

it is short yukata and the with a lot of laces~!
super pretty!

i'm going to wear that for matsuri this year! ^^
a change for this year's matsuri~!

and for today's photoshoot. this whole look is designed by kiki (one of my colleagues)~!

she said," it's the moe neko mimi yukata look"

(= =) hmm whatever ! hahaha. i just want to wear the super cute yukata that she arranged!

ohyea! and i found a very nice place for camwhoring in the cafe! woohoot!

because the light our the glass stand makes the whole place looks so bright! nice!

even with flash, it looks so nice~!

and also...
because there's a strong lamp infront... it makes your eyes shine~ like ageha models! * i mean, not me but the shinning eyes effect*

and because kiki really loves cats..
she asked me to do a lot of the NYAN NYAN poses..

moderately-happy-cat : " eh! the fish is small but tasty ! "

quite-happy-cat : " okay.. this time round the fish is bigger.."

super-satisfied-cat : " wa.... had my super big fish"
*look! i got whiskers! *

other random shots:



with my favourite apple-ringo~

anyway, if you notice black mole on my face... it's not a mole! it's the footprint drawn by kiki! hahaha.
she was like laughing when drawing," wahaha. phua chu kang..."

ohya.. and this is a present that one of the customers gave.. super pretty
looks so japanesey~


the last photo of the day....

will be....

a SUPER-EPIC LOOK! wahahah!

thanks for reading so far!
and thanks all the lovely bloggers/readers who have commented! ^^
i really enjoyed reading your comments!

i'm thinking of doing my usual makeup tutorial..
what do you all think?


  1. *gasps* you have whiskers haaha that's funny and LOL @ the last photo. Super-epic indeed!

    YES YES YES PLEASE to tutorial! what sort of make-up are you planning to do?

  2. Please do a makeup tutorial! i would like to know what products you use!! :)

    Also, if u dont mind me asking, what lower lash you use? as in the brand :)

  3. ★Xdool:
    hahahah! i love that epic photo so much that i have to put it on this blog! hahaha.

    i'm planning to do the most basic makeup that i do everyday.. *basic* *ahem* but includes fake eyelashes and stuff. wahahah! >.<

    i just can't live without falsies..


    hello sher_hui~!

    welcome here! okies i will take photos and post them up as soon as possible. please stay in tune!

    i actually cut the lashes from different packages and mix them together =D but sometimes i don't combine them..

    recently i like decorative value pack.

  4. yay for cam whoring you look so pretty nya nyaa

  5. ur so cute ^^ i wana hug u :3

    you're still at school? how old r u if u don't midn me asking ^^?

    I'm still in school too :3
    I love the kitty poses too ahh I would love to work in a maid cafe ^^

  6. ★Ami:
    hello ami!! ^^
    thank you! luv ya~!

    helllllllooooooo naka-chan!

    *open arms* come hug me~~ hahahaha.

    yep i'm still schooling.
    well in our maid cafe, we are always 18 years old. but i'm not 18.. hahahaa. a little older.. +1

    hahaha! yep yep! i hope to see you in a lot of cute costumes! more lolitas!

  7. ahaha cute im going there on Friday when i got my camera haha

  8. hehe totemo kawaii ne.. i want the kitty ears too!!!

  9. Aw late commenting, you should so do a make up tut! You look mega cute, loving the last picture.

    Oh yeah.... BANG :D

  10. ★daidai-bel:
    yea! it's the yukata theme!
    too bad, i won't be there! (_ _)
    i will be there on saturday though ^^

    hello! arigatou!
    yep! it's super cute right! ^^



  11. KELLY!! Sooo cute!!!

    I'm so envious you can wear so many nice/cute things >.< I don't think I can ever wear a yukata and not receive strange looks here (well first I'd have to own one). You look really pretty in it (as always).
    LOL at your whiskers, and I see another bandaid on you =P did you cut yourself at work?

    The present is so sweet of the customer. >_> I don't know what it is though... is it edible haha (I'm always thinking about food)? It's so pretty and elegant looking.

    Your last picture is too funny XD. Silly times at the cafe?

    And yes yes yes! Makeup tutorial please (‐^▽^‐)

    You and your sister seem like such fun people to be around. Too bad my dad said Singapore might not be happening anymore because he feels it's a bit rushed. I think it's going to be an impulse thing. So if he feels like it, he'll get the plane tickets a day or two before (so I won't really know). Otherwise we'll just have 3 weeks in HK and one in Japan.

  12. Yupp you should do a makeup tutorial (:
    Cute picturess! I envy youu! ^.^

  13. LOL @ the last pic hahaha.... cho epic sia hahaha ... hmmmm? u started schooL?? hahahaha uni? very pretty yukata... maybe i should get a new yukata for matsuri this year too ... ♥neko-chan pose ~~~

  14. So this means that u have passed the training period i guess? Well congratulations.

  15. Kelly!♥

    LOL at your super epic look really shocked!! haha xD I love it wahahaha...gosh you are soo cute! All these kitty poses! :P I don't think it's possible for you not to be cute! like seriously....each and every one of your photos--even when you're doing hengao--look super cute or pretty!<3 You look gorgeous in the yukata~!! Just like an angel princess! Wow, with your hair & the kitty ears...and your dreamy HUGE eyes with longg battering really REALLY look like a kawaii girl that just stepped out of a shojo anime/manga! haha >:P (I think you should be the spokesperson/model of A87!)

    Seems like you're having lots of fun at work! Wish I can go to a cafe like that just to check it out and say hi! lol xD Seriously, this post was just oozing and overflowing with cuteness!

    Anyway, missed reading yours & Pearly's posts! Hope you guys are still taking care of yourselves & resting even though you're busy! I've been super busy, too, that's why I haven't been able to update with a new post yet! :( Will try to make one tmrw or something!

    ♥ caroline

    ps. what is your e-mail addy? I wanna e-mail you!

  16. haha......kawaii neko ne!!
    How cute you are!!! i really love that yukata!! it suits you!! ...seems so fun in the cafe haha....i wanna go !! i wanna go!!'s a footprint?? kawaii ne
    the last photo seems so funny wahaha yeah! super epic it makes me laugh haha....demo kelly still cute ne!!

    oh yeah!! makeup tutorial is nice it! do it!!

  17. so cuuute! are you wearing circle lenses? They look great! :)

  18. ★Gloria:
    Hello gloria!
    thanks for commenting even though you're busy! ^^ love yoU~~!

    hmmm. probably when you visit japan, they will have matsuri.. then everyone will wear a yukata! ^^

    and i'm sure you will definitely look sweet in it!

    i think so.. i don't know when i've gotten that cut. haha but it hurts. haha

    yep! it's edible. little confectionary sweets from japan.

    yea.. ahahaa.. shh... no customers.. can slack around. wahaha

    okies, will do so as soon as possible ^^

    but 3 weeks in hk = a lot of shopping!
    and one week in japan is really fun enough!

    enjoy!! ^^

    please blog about your long vacation after you return!


    oooo. okies okies~!
    thank yoU!


    super epic right! i like it so much that i die die also must put up. hahaha
    nope. nyp physio.

    nyan nyan~

    ★Saunders said...
    yea. thanks!

    hello caroline~~!

    hahah! i can be really ugly as well. probably one day when i mustered enough courage i will post my really ugly photos for everyone to laugh at! wahah!

    heheh. battering fake lashes. i just can't live without it. but i normally go school without make up.. feel... really deprived. wahaha

    thank you thank you!

    okies~~ will be waiting for it~!

    emailed ^^
    i hope i got the right address ^^



    come come!
    yep it's a footprint.

    hehehe. thank you.
    okies will do it as soon as possible. need to complete my overloading school work. wahaha


    hi lucy
    thanks for visiting!
    yep! i'm wearing candy magic KING grey~
    really love it!

  19. Kelly-nyan!! You look super cute in your yukata. Your overall look is well done but my favourite part is your hair.

    I'd be more than happy if you posted a tutorial ^^

  20. ★Charlotte:

    thank you!

    okies, will try to post a tutorial asap!
    wait for me!

  21. Oog! This is your cutest look yet

  22. Hey there,
    thank you so much for your comment on My gothic alice but I think you're the one who's super cool! you look so cute in your photos.

    I'll be following your blog now :)

  23. welcome back kelly... the cute neko girl for sale XD
    It would be nice to get my hands on the "super satisfied" neko XDDDDD

  24. where are you guys? come back!!!!!! we miss you!

  25. I've nominated you for an award here

    when are the two of you going to revive this blog??? hahaa

  26. Cute!!! I really like the pics!! ^^

  27. your make is just too delicated! I simply love it, I'd love to be able to know how to do it >< Thanks for sharing so cute cat pics, nya!~

  28. AWWW
    so cute ❤゚+。.
    your friend really pulled off a SWEET coordinate for the cafe, neko in yukata. Someday someday.. i would like to go to a maid cafe or even work in one! Just visiting Japan would satisfy me, eventhough i had to sleep in the street and live on coffee and mc donald's XD

    Searching through my past entries, i found a comment from you that i have missed and decided to take a look. As for your question, no, i'm not japanese. I'm half welsh and half italian, born and living in Argentina n_n I just happen to LOVE LOVE all that involves Japanese culture, including language that i'm currently studying☆

    I'm a new follower to your blog, any updates on japan life are GREAT~

  29. Hi , where is this maid cafe located at ? ^^


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