Friday, April 9, 2010

Going to A87 Maid Cafe with Ri-cyan!

Hello minna (everyone)!!!

Pearly here!

haha.. just for laughters! (*^∀^*) pardon my ugliness! but haha my recent boom is HENGAO (weird funny faces!) actually it has always been our boom to do hengao!! everyone, please try it when u have time with your close friends and family! hahaha.. it's very fun!!

Talking about Kelly.. she is most prolly still slogging her life off as a spongebob butler now! If u wanna watch real life spongebob cute butler serving, please go to A87 now! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

A BIG thank you to those who came down to support her and those who voted for her!! It's really super sweet of u guys!! ❤❤❤

Anyway, Ri-cyan and I went down on Wednesday to support my sis too! o(^▽^)o

First stop: Puri





haha.. mata puri ka?! (puri again?!) YES! BUT..

we took it at our neighborhood shopping mall so it's only $6! cheaper than taking it in Japan! *based on current currency exchange rate.*

so fellow Singaporeans who came across this post.. if u wanna take puri, u can try taking it at shopping malls' arcade/game centers! ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ
it's only half price of what u need to pay at cineleisure/bugis! but the enlarge eye effect is lacking! nevertheless the quality is q ok! osusume da yo! (recommended!) (・ω・)b

2nd stop: Chicken Rice

$2 portion of chicken rice!! so cheap!!

their signature fried tofu!

Final stop: A87!
I would say A87 is a good place for camwhoring!! hahahaha!
haha.. but most of photos we took are HENGAO again!
so i shall not post them to protect myself from being killed by my friends my friends' privacy!  ROFL!
I wonder if XH will kill KELLY!

Ri-cyan's order: Root beer beer! root beer + beer! haha!

Mine! Cara OK! (karaoke) it's coffee with oreo bits! oreo bits= sigh!

and tada! the only normal photo: *there are actually more normal photos la.. jz tt there're oreo bits in between my teeth in all the other normal photos! rofl.. so spare me k! (。-人-。) hahaha

Ri-cyan's deco on their message book!

Mine! haha.. so messy!

If u're going, please leave a message too! haha.. n if u see the above messages! hahaha.. they're from ME n Ri-cyan! haha maybe it shouldn't be called deco but vandalism! lol

Thanks for reading! I know i'm bad at blogging but i'll try to work hard on it! 
Cya!! (^-^)ノ~~


  1. orhhhh is rin chan jellytelly? =x im so confuse haha

  2. i wana go to japan and visit u ^^

    and i lvoe the photos and the food looks really yummy ^^

  3. ★Naka:
    Naka!! u're fast too!! we wanna go Japan too but we're in Singapore now. ^^ please come visit us! we can take many photos and puri together! yay yay yay!

    Thank you!!!!! The food is quite yummy!! haha.. hungry again! Do u love food posts? ^^

  4. ★daidai bel:
    daidai bel!! u're so fast again!! hahaha.. yea! ri-chan is jellytelly but she doesn't wanna disclose her real name! so she came up with another nickname! haha!

  5. kawaii hengao ne!! ><
    i love that puri haha.....oh...ok i'll try to hengao haha....but my family may shock if i try it with them wahaha.....

    eh....did you cut your fringe??
    i see it seems shorter ??^^ kawaii ne

    A87 is very kawaii place ne.....i wanna go to there !!!! wanna go!!! wanna go!! maybe i should go to singapore?? haha
    now i;'m trying to diet but the food make me hungry haha....i can't find the way to make me thin wahaha....

    ah....i just vote !!! haha...that really kawaii question haha.....yeah!! you're look like twin haha

  6. ★Nutch:
    i wanna c Nutch with hengao!!! haha!!

    wow!!! u realised it??!! hahaha.. i didn't cut my fringe! i was using a fringe wig on that day! it looked weird! i guess i didn't clip it the right way! will to master it soon! ^^

    un! kawaii!! hehe.. yeah!! please come to singapore and we'll bring u all around!! (*^o^)乂(^-^*)

    haha!! same!! maybe u can try drinking more water! and start eating food with the lowest calories first in a meal! gambarimashou ne!!

    haha! funny question ne! i wonder what will the results turn out to be! tanoshimini! (^-^)

  7. Hi Pearly!

    Even though it's hengao, your pictures always turn out so kawaii. Whenever I try hengao with my friends, I always look like this (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
    So unphotogenic T_T

    The food also looks delicious. The tofu seems like flavour overload yum yum. Is it regular fried tofu or is it 'stinky tofu' (I don't know if they have that in Singapore but it's in HK).

    I'm getting so hungry now... I'm going to make myself some instant noodles for lunch.

  8. Nice piccies, ahh I wanna do puri kura with you :D

  9. those are cute puri kuras ^_______________^!!!!

  10. Such cute purikura! just gorgeous!
    Looks like you really had fun! ♥

  11. Aaaa~n!! XDXD
    Anata wa pekopeko desu ka??
    Go to eat desu yo!! XDXD

    Ah, purikura (-.-;;)
    I did purikura too last week
    but I don't know where I put
    the stickers (T_______T)

  12. プリクラはめっちゃかわいいですね!

    daang, now i'm craving root beer! i don't even like soda, but it looks yummy right now! maybe because chip is sitting there... or is that dale? (>^^<)

  13. Oh man that fried tofu looks good... I can only guess what kind of sauce that is on it, but i know with all the other toppings with, it'd make one hell of good meal.

    And $2 for a plate rice and chicken?? That's a reaaaally good deal lol.

  14. ★Gloria:
    Hello Gloria!!
    aww.. Thank you!!!!! I read your comment that u might be coming to Singapore! YAY!! let's take hengao puri together if your schedule allows! I'm sure u'll look kawaii in hengao puri!! haha and this -> (╬ ಠ益ಠ) is SO CUTE!! hahaha.. spongebob?! haha

    un!! yummy!! it's only regular fried tofu! ah~~ stinky tofu!! hahaha.. we have it in Singapore too but i have yet to try! I'll challenge someday! do u like it? ^^

    haha! enjoy yr lunch!! :D

    Hi Clairey!
    I would love to do puri with u too!!
    and your new hair looks cool on u! (^-^)b

    ★Tutti Patuti:
    Thankssssss Tutti Patuti! >.<

    Thank you Kanako_ageha!!! XD
    It was really fun that day! Girls' hangout is the best ne! >3<

    rabbito!! ^^
    un pekopekodayo~ haha
    aww.. hope u find it soon n post it! XD

    Thank you Katie!!!!! >.<
    haha! now that u mentioned it, i'm craving root beer too!! hahaha.. :P
    it should be chip i think!! hahaha (>^^<) <--Cute!

    Hi Snugtrition!!
    It's a good and cheap meal! YAY! haha.. ^^

  15. ne ne since when became ri-cyan???? O_o LOL i didnt knew ur teeth got all the Oreo when we took photos hahaha and u didn't even finished the drink!!!

    LOL we didn't vandalize!!! we support her ok. =D

  16. ★Ri-chan:
    hahaha! i thought u wanted tt name? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! >.< no one tell me!! cries!!
    hahaha.. damn funny lor! >.<
    yes!! thanks for supporting her!! hahah!

  17. ekkk???!!!! ri-cyan???? hmmmmm same pronunciation??

  18. Pearly dear!! \(^__^)/

    *waves* ahh, I've been slow with my comments! hehe but I wouldn't miss reading one of your girls' posts! (when I have more time, I need to go back and finish reading all of your posts about your Japan trip, too! Not quite done yet--still have a few entries left to read! haha!)

    My goodness~~ALL of your hengao photos are SUPER MEGA ULTRA KAWAII!!<3 Your hengao photos do cheer me up very much~~thanks for posting & sharing them! ^__^ And the puri of you and ri-chan are just too adorable! You both look super cute! *swoon* hehe large eye effect lacking? It doesn't seem so to me! Your eyes are soo huge already! You gorgeous girl, you! >:P

    Wow coffee with Oreos...that actually sounds good! I always have so much fun reading yours & Kelly's posts bc they're always so entertaining!

    with truckloads of love right back at you!
    <3 caroline

  19. ❤jellytelly_ri-chan:
    un! same pronunciation dayo! ^^

  20. ❤Caroline:
    Caroline dear!! \(^__^)/

    *waves back* Thanks for reading!!! take your time cuz we're not yet done with our posts about our Japan trip too! :D

    Arigatou!!!!!!! As usual, I'm SUPER MEGA ULTRA happy to receive your comments!! haha i realised i'm always smiling to myself while reading yr comments!! XD

    haha! grabbing the truckloads of love from you with OPEN ARMS!! \( ̄▽+ ̄*)/


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