Friday, April 2, 2010

Ranzuki scans

I'm scanning from ranzuki magazine so that i can print them out to paste them on my beauty diary.


i thought...

i should upload them to share with you all! ^^

this spring, the fashion is going towards SWEET. regardless whether it's western or romantic, it is going towards SWEET! thus, make up has to be as SWEET~

so for this spring, it's PINK MAKE time~

lol. do i sound like a fashion announcer? (>.<)
hahah. actually it's all translated from the ranzuki scans la.. hahahaha

click to enlarge

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for cheeks, they uses two colours to create a gentle airy pink cheeks.
use the lighter pink (in this case, they uses Candy Doll Peach pink) to light brush your whole cheeks.

then use a thick pink ( in this case, they uses NARS blusher 4023) to draw from the side of your nose to the cheek bone (to be specific, it's until the part where your cheekbones protrudes out. )

for the lips, you need to create a glossy smooth feel~
first, use a lip balm.
then, use a matt lipstick and try to blur the shape of the lips to create a soft image. (in another words, colour the lines of the lips too)
lastly, use a gloss to brighten the whole lips.

for the eyes,
use full fake lashes.
stick them along the contours of the eyes and extend 5mm at the back. (sorry, i think my english here a little hard to understand.. hahaha.. 2nd try: stick the full eyelashes on your eyes and the eyelashes should be sticked 5mm longer than your eyes.)
lower eyelashes, is only from the pupil to the end of the eyes.

NEXT is my beloved SUZU-chan makeup~

enlarge to see the full procedure of suzu-chan's make (sorry, i excluded the foundation part)

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one tip from suzu that i have to mention:

for lower fake eyelashes, the angle is very important.
 It will be unnatural if you just stick them on widely. ( i'm doing that..  haha trying to change) Thus, the angle of the lower eyelashes should not be the same. the angle must be wider at the ends and smaller towards the center of the eyes.

Thank you Suzu-sama~~!

okay... i'll go work on my osaka day 2 post now ^^


  1. Such a useful post hee Now i know the make-up trend is sweet........

  2. ★daidai:
    hahaha. must be sweet!

  3. haha i shall try doing the extended 5mm =D then eyes will look bigger na

  4. yayy! thanks for sharing this, Kelly!<3 Suzu is just TOO cute!

  5. ★Jellytelly:
    yeah! should extend! not pain or uncomfortable at all!

    ★Caroline :
    welcome! i love suzu!


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