Friday, April 9, 2010

Spongebobby day at A87!

hello everyone!!

spongebobby is here to blog about my day at A87 as a butler~


actually i find working as a butler is much more fun than working as a maid.. 
or maybe it's the people today i worked with that is making this whole butler experience FUN for me~!

but.. maid uniform is more kawaii.. ( _ _)

geeex. can i be a manly maid? hahahah

anyway, yesterday i need to report the medical center really early to do my 2nd round of medical checkup.

so *yawns* woke up and rushed there.

didn't do any make up too!

O_O すっぴん suppin (no make up)!

yep, it's super rare okay~


after the medical check up, i went straight to the cafe.

but it's too too toooooooo early.

so i did a SPECIAL REPORT of the exterior of the cafe~!

the front of the cafe

reports from various media

decoration at the side.. 
saw the computer motherboard? haha. wondering why it's there... maybe attractions to those computer otaku? hahaha

refrain from taking photographs! hahaha.

the blackboard.. i think they are supposed to draw one it everyday but in the end, they changed it to drawing on it when there is new event.

tama-chan! the mascot of our cafe!


another mascot! nana-chan!

finding an angle so that i can take with both .. haha.. i've got so much free time!

the left side of the shop.

right side

in front. these row of houses are called shophouses in Singapore. it's under cultural heritage preservation. chi-na-mi-ni~ A87 is located in one of those shophouses! cool huh~!

basically there are a lot of passerbys looking at the cafe from the inside... looking curiously...

and then...

walk away.. hahah

maybe the idea is still too new for them? haha

tied up my hair, it's too hot~!

and... finally...

mikan arrived and opened the door~~


mikan and the uncle who delivers chicken

so... spent about half an hour to do the cleaning and packing...

and another half an hour to dress up.. ^^

i helped ayako to do part of her makeup too.
i couldn't believe her when she said that she doesn't know how to make up. she's so pretty so i thought she must be very good with make up.

and.. this is me for that day! only eyeliner (_ _) so sad

and of course.. yours always, SPONGEBOBBY~

and off to work.

that afternoon, very few customers so we spent most of the time cooking and tidying things up.

a very friendly regular came in the morning~!
he's a jockey of the singapore team and flew off to germany 11pm yesterday for a competition!
wish him all the best!!

and then after that...

it's break time!

but first, camwhoring before everyone is ready at the table

sorry that this photo is quite blurr. but that's the only full shot i've got. haha



that's the banana badge that ayako gave me ^^ cute MAX!

and before anyone enter the room......

a quick act-sweet pose in front of the camera...>.<

SAWAYAKA SHOTA (refreshing young boy) hahahahah!
how can someone comment that she/he is refreshing young boy?! hahahaha

MA..MABUSHIIIII~ (shiii...shining~~) hahahahah
sorry, i think i'm not in the right mind now. hahaha


Mikan is here!

a quick photo before the meal

sinnful meal for a girl on diet

and soon, ayako joined us for meal

 ayako and mikan are soooo cute! Love MAX!

ostracizing me because i have got no long hair.. hahaha

and ever since i commented on my blog that ayako is a great photographer...

she has been wanting to take more photographs with my camera






wth.. hahahah


wahahah! ayako MAX!

ayako, work hard on your talent k~! you got the potential to be an amateur photographer!
haahah. just kidding! nice photographs!

then some more photographs...


so cute!!


trying to act sweet after doing that to me to savage your reputation? hahaha

hahah. after that we took self timed photographs.
it's a consecutive 3 shots self timer.. so here's the 9 seconds we took.

1,2,3... *flash*

4,5,6.. *flash*

7,8,9... *POM*
haahha! ayako!!

last photograph.
and feeling guilty enough for spending too much time playing, we headed down for work.

after 6pm, mikan has to leave and RINGO is there for the night shift!

ZOMG! RINGO is so super cute!
didn't have time to take a photograph of her but she's really CUTE CUTE!
her voice is like a child and she talks like an innocent child too!
and it's definitely natural. i mean, some people actually acted out that voice and behaviour to appear cute but she is definitely NATURAL. hahah. she is really a fun joker! hahah

oh.. and at night, there's a lot of customers!!

all very fun group of people!

there's the 3-photographers-group, the star-wars-group, the-birthday-party-group, the 2-artists-group...

and last but not least...

my favourite 1-lonely-QL group!

yep! QL went down to support me that day!

TOUCHED MAX! hahahahaha..

but so sorry, as the cafe was really very packed that time i couldn't entertain her that much. ahahaha.

but quite manage to get the normal dose of our chatty time. hahaha

pretty right? i faded in comparison esp when my wig is slanted hahahah!

Thanks QL!

i also want to blog about the birthday-party-group.
the birthday gentleman has reserved the place to hold a small party for him. and they order 26 fuwa fuwa services, which is to hand-feed him. hahaha. luckily i'm not the maid for that day... so Ayako has to feed him >.<

hahah. so funny and cute!

btw, i took this polariod. but it didn't really show ayako's face.. so got rejected... (_ _) hahaha.

ringo was like , " aiyo.. cannot cannot.. cannot give customers this photo la..." in her voice. damn funny!

anyway, yesterday was a fun day!! ^^
ringo, ayako and mikan are such a fun group of people!!
it didn't feel as tired as the first day. hahaha

and.. tomorrow, my boss invited me to work as photographer and maid tomorrow for the lolita tea party ^^

will take photographs and blog...


  1. First to comment... Will be looking forward to wednesday...

  2. Ahh so cute, I wanna work there >.<

  3. ★Saunders:
    wow. congrats!
    but i don't think i will be working on next wednesday.


    hellO clairey~!! ^^
    hehehe. come come! i think they would be glad to have a cute maid like you ^^

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. you look so cute as a butler! :3
    Like a cute boy but also a cute girl - how perfect! :D

  6. I'm enjoying reading your blog so much!! The pictures are always so cute and it looks like you're having the most fun at the cafe.

    I like you as both a maid and butler!! But I think butler is more difficult for most people to pull off, so it's a good choice for you as you're one of the few who do it so well. The shota look is definitely for you ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

    Haha, I see the plaster on your arm XD From your health check, right?

  7. and here i was thinking getting the same group of friends to go on wednesday evening... zannen deshita.. Ja itsuka shigoto o shimasu?

  8. ★Shou-chan:
    thank you! ^^ hehehe

    heeeelllllloo charlotte!
    i'm enjoying your comments too! hahaha.
    yep, it was pretty fun that day! ^^

    wow really? thank you thank you! hahaha.

    haha. i have to be a shota as i'm short. hahaha.

    yep yep! you're so attentive to details! actually that's from the second health care!
    and in the "maa..mabushii" photo, the bruises are from the first medical checkup. eeerrr. i hate medical checkups!

    not sure. it's a bootcamp. i don't know whether i will pass the camp or not.. hahaha
    but i think you can check the akibanana website for the shifts.. ^^
    go visit ringo la.. she'd damn cute. i also moe-ed by her. ahahahahah

  9. Haha... can't find and i have yet to receive the email for password for new member(yeah i think new member)... btw don't mind i use japanese abit? kind of used to type some when chatting or communicating..

  10. haha. spongebob so cute hahaha.... sadly was busy the whole day ytd so cannot go down support u as butler =( but u've got supporter now =D hahah not bad not bad. =D

  11. hi Konomi-chan! I read ur previous entry and said tt you wanted your pics. Here you Go. (^-')b~ Sad i could not see you as a butler. =( Hope to see you at A87 soon~ (^^)/

  12. I think u can remove the post for those links for photos...

    ~Your picture.

  14. I was wondering why the sign said "to lazy to eat?" I mean what the f---....

    Then I saw a maid feeding a guy.... I see where thats going. Personally, I would not let anyone feed me like a baby unless she was my gf.

  15. I love you blog!

  16. i love your blog especially looking at your photos! I've only been to Singapore twice but will make sure to visit on my next trip =)

  17. Wei Ming,
    Konomi~~~ , i found the pic that ur at AFA09 lol. ur taking pic with killer jason lol

  18. I think u can remove the post for those links for photos... (was refering to the comment post)

  19. Ohayo Kelly (for me here anyways)!

    Such a late comment ^__^'

    The shophouses are so nice (and colourful). Those passerbys made me chuckle. And wow, your bruise! Haha, those medical checkups seem to be brutal. The nurse bruised my arm too when I last got a blood test =(

    And haha! Ayako in the 3 shot pictures! What happened?

    I might not be able to comment regularly for a bit, I've been a tad busy -__- but I'll try to keep up with all the blogs every now and then.

  20. ★jellytelly_ri-chan:

    new name! hahaha.
    ^^ hehehex! it's alright!
    my butler is almost like okita cosplay that time hahaha.
    thank you thank you

    thanks thanks!

    ★Mr. Al:
    yep.. personally i feel the idea a little.... hmmm..
    but i guess it's fun?

    ★Kaoru :

    thanks for visiting my blog, kawaii kaoru!


    haha! i love you for saying that too! haha
    i love your comment!

    ★† XDOLL † :

    thanks!! ^^
    come come! i hope i will be still working when you come over...
    >.< wooO! so exciting!

    ★Wei Ming:
    hahah! FINALLY HUH!


    Gloria~~ ^^

    yep yep. colourful colourful! hahaha.

    there's really a lot of passerbys who stoned infront of our cafe. hahaa. hesitating on whether to enter.

    >.< that must have hurt.
    but mine is alright. it's just the bruise. not painful at all ^^

    really? we definitely miss you very much!
    but ganbatte~ for your exams!

  21. Kelly dearest! *hugs* \(^__^)/

    Gomen!! I'm sorry I've been slow with commenting! I'm glad your day working as a butler went better than when you worked as a maid! hehe it looks as though you had A LOT of fun!! I'm so relieved and happy for you! hehe :P

    Even without makeup you look so cute! Your skin is amazing!! xD OMG! you know what's crazy?! In those photos that Ayako took and also the self-timer photos, you actually look like a really cute boy! hehe (not saying that you look like a boy, but in your butler outfit+wig, you look like cute boy!) lol xD and you esp. look cool with all those "chill" and "cool, tough guy" poses you did! hehe!

    Thanks for sharing photos of the exterior of the shop! Now I have more of an idea of what kind of neighborhood it's in! hehe and WOW! those shophouses look REALLY cool!! I totally want to go to Singapore to visit! My dad went before, and he really really like it! haha he said "Singapore is such a clean place!" and he showed me some pictures he took on his trip (this is a few years ago). I don't think he went in this area surrounding A87 though! hehe but if I ever go, and you're still working, I am definitely going to come see you! And maybe we can even have a meet-up and you & Pearly can show me around. It'll be great fun and take lots of PURI~!! yayyay ya!! >:P

    Can't wait to see photos from your lolita tea party!! Looking forward to your next post!

    Lots of love!
    <3 caroline

  22. ★Caroline:

    *love love*


    it's alright! have more rest!

    wo! thank you!
    i usually have extremely low self esteem when i'm without my makeup! >.<

    heheh! thanks! ^^ come visit me in my butler when you're here, my princess~~ *^^*

    come come!! my sis and i will be sooooooo glad to meet you!
    we can eat, play, shop, eat, play, shop till we're tired! hahaha.

    and take a lot of puris too! those will big big eyes effects! hahahah

    thanks for always leaving sweet comments.

  23. haha....kawaii ne!! although in bulter form you still look so cute >o< it sonds so fun !!! i wanna go there hehe....cute room ne pinky!! pinky!! i love it....haha....spongebob right? demo kawaiii!! dont' worry...without make up kelly still cute ^^ demo, kakkoi more than kawaii haha....yeah you look like a young boy ne >o<

    i like your wig color are look good in this wig ^^

  24. Konomi, Thanks for the invitation to the lolita tea party, really appreciate it but it's a waste that i can't attend. You look kirei to kawaii in those lolita clothes.


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