Friday, April 16, 2010

☆Starbucks Tumbler & Laneige Warehouse Sale☆


Pearly here! *waves*

I bought my 1st Starbucks tumbler yesterday! 


There's a "Make A Difference" movement organised by Starbucks Singapore:   
"On April 15th from 11am to 2pm, bring a Starbucks tumbler to your local Starbucks and we'll give you a handcrafted beverage of your choice on us.

Continue to make a difference everyday, bring in a Starbucks tumbler any day, and get 50 cents off your beverage, anytime."

Besides supporting a good cause, you can still earn a drink!! woohoo!!

Of course, I won't miss the good deal & went to support it with my mom! Let's be Eco-friendly! ☆-( ^-゚)v

I initially planned to get the Sakura (cherry blossoms) singapore version tumbler but it's OOS!  (´□`。)

My pretty friend's lovely sakura tumbler!

So awesome right? There's still metallic gold finishing on the sakura! sigh! no choice but to pick the "Design your own tumbler"!  *pouts*

btw, my complimentary drink is Green Tea Cream Frap! tasted like green tea ice-cream! hoho my love !!

After which, I did some quick shopping before meeting up with Ri-chan & Michelle!


Headbands from Accessorize
Acmedica clear base and concealer (Naris Cosmetics)
A pop color watch
Liese smooth hair cocktail

Shopping is always HAPPY!! and of course even happier with SALES!!
Laneige warehouse sale!!! here i come!! ε=ε=ε= ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

The Laneige warehouse sale is at Raffles City Robinsons level 3 from 15th to 17th April!!!

and here's what my friends & I bought!





and we're getting more stuff coz Michelle went down again today! She bought for us sleeping packs!! YAY YAY!

seems that they're always replenishing goods and bringing out new items for sale at the Laneige bazaar! shall consider going down tmr! (*^▽^*)

and OH NO! i've finished a bar of meiji chocolate while blogging! ((((((ノ゚⊿゚)ノ

better end my post faster before i attack the next bar of chocolate! haha!

I'll end off with a pic of pretty sakura tree from Hitomi (Tokyo)!


Thanks for reading !!!
*off to reply comments! hehe sorry I'm late with replying comments recently!*



  1. パーリちゃん!!

    there's a sgp version of the sakura tumbler?? I bought the japan one from eBay!!

    and I use lanegie toooooo!!


  2. Forgot to get my Starbucks tumbler !!!! =( shall get it tml.... haha wuwahhh then that means ytd you spent quite a bit hor??? hahaha =D nice pop color watch seems in the trend right now...yay for sleeping packs =D

  3. wow mega haulage. do you get what you need all at once or just when one thign runs out geta new one? Yay for shopping!!

  4. Huge haulage *________* loving the watch! Take me with you next time you shop hehe :)

  5. OMG! What a great, big, humongous haul! I wish I could do that!

    <33 Rena

  6. ❤Jacinta:
    Hello Jacinta-cyan!!!!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    un! there's sg version!!
    which laneige products do u recommend? I've only tried waterbank moisturizer and their concealer last year dayo! i love yr fair skin❤!!

    haha.. your nickname is getting longer day by day! jellytelly_ri-chan!
    yay yay!! tumbler frenz!! ya!! spent q a bit! un! timex pop color watch is v recommended too! ^^ yay for our aunty shopping habits!ヾ(^∇^)

    hihi Ami!!! (^∀^)ノ
    haha! i usually stock up when there's sale but i'll still be tempted to buy when there's a new product launch! haha so.. YAY for SHOPPING!! rofl!

    Hello Clairey!!! ヾ(^▽^)ノ
    haha! n thank you!!!!! it's cheap! around 15 singapore dollars! hehe..
    SURE!!!!!!!! (≧▽≦)v

  7. ❤Rena:
    Hi Rena!!♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ
    haha but it's not healthy for my pocket! I'm so broke now but warehouse sale is ❤!
    I wish u can come over and join us too!! >.<

  8. So much Laneige products you bought ^.^
    I wanna try Laneige products sooo badly!

  9. nice photos and i love starbucks ^^
    i wana get a travellers cup now

    cute watch and i love accessorize :p

  10. haha i went down to the sale But sad none is left =(

  11. Wow you guys bought a lot of stuff lol. Gratz on the tumbler, don't lose it! I went through 3 of them before I just gave up trying to not lose them =_=

  12. aw i want a pop color watch too. SO jealous XD. Wow the flowers are blooming already?Such lovely pictures ^^

  13. Pearly dearest!!♥

    Hi-hi!! ^_^ *waves* It's okay!! don't worry about the commenting! lol I've been so tired/busy and kind of lazy to update, but I'm working on a post soon and letting you know what I used on my lips! lol it's really simple, actually! I just wore lip balm and a light lippy! It's going to be my next post for you to see!

    Thank you for all of your SUPER sweet comments to me!! haha I am farrrr from perfect, cutie! lol trust me, I have my flaws (like gross whiteheads that i just extracted from my skin...will post pic to show you, but you're going to get grossed out! lol :P I think you're super cute & pretty ^_^ i always really really enjoy looking at yours and Kelly's pics!! ^_^ hehe you look so lovely with your tumbler! that SAKURA one is SOOOOO CUTE!! I WANTT!! ;___; too bad they don't have that design here in the states! :(

    OMG...I LOVE Laneige products!! hehe I have been/am currently using the Eye Designer Eye Cream, the Star White Essence, and have just bought the Pore Trouble Skin Refiner to try out...and their facial cleanser, too! I've been using the refiner, but haven't opened the cleanser yet since I'm still finishing an old one! You got ALL of that for $15SGD only?!! if you did that is AMAZING!! hehe

    Oh, yes, I've been meaning to ask you. I wanna e-mail you & Kelly! Can you send me an e-mail to Once I know your girls' e-mail addresses, then I can e-mail you back and with my personal e-mail. Do you use gmail (you should get it--we can talk on Gchat since I stay up pretty late at times hehe :P)

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!!
    <3 Caroline

  14. Hi Pearly!

    The sakura tumbler is soo pretty too bad it's OOS =(

    At least you got your Starbucks anyways.

    And wow! I'm so envious of your Laneige haulage!! I've never used anything from them but have heard lots of wonderful feedback about their stuff. You got so much! I never see any good discount or sales where I live except for those annual Friends&Family sale... which still kind of suck.

    I don't know what it is, but the thing in the box with the flower cut out is so adorable!

  15. jealous of your Laneige haul!! Looks like it's going to take you a while to work through those. Good times. =)

  16. pearly!!!!!! oh....what you bought??? hahaha...there are lot of stuffs you bought!!hahaha.....are you a buyer or seller ??'s ok ..girl loves shopping but pearly seems shopping so much...wahahah....then broke again right? haha....tomorrow i wanna go shopping..but i don't know what i want...but i think i will get the things by don't planing first what i want hahah......

    ok...enjoy your makeup and shopping then teach me haha...

  17. Wooow! What a haul! The sakura tumbler is really pretty, but I still like the one you bought. Its all good as long as it's eco-friendly ;)


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