Wednesday, September 29, 2010


hello everyone!

today i'm on medical leave so i went to have breakfast with pearly at mcdonalds! ^u^

but (=.=) i don't really have the appetite to finish my favourite breakfast set (usually i can stomach them quite fast) hehehehe


anyway, i'm pretty curious whether all the mcdonalds' breakfast around the world are the same.... hmmm..
what's yours? ^^

fluffy hotcakes with maplesyrup~ yummy~
and just when you need something salty or crispy to change the flavours, there is always Mr. SAUSAGE and MR. HARSHBROWN~!

perfect combination to start a happy day~!

and decided to make resolutions for our blog!

pearly writing.. ^^ *yes, she's alive* hahaha

and here's what we will do!

makeup tips, fashion/make pickups from magazine, and shopping haul every month!

soo please make sure we do all these! ^^

and i added a navigation bar below the header...
just to remind me that I've-got-important-things-to-do heheeh

will start filling up the navigation bar soon!

i'm going to scan some ranzuki now while my stomach is feeling fine =D

Monday, September 27, 2010

Irritating adsense below comments is gone!

Good day everyone!
Is the google ad blocking the comments?
sorry lovelies!!

so troublesome.. >.<
just because we wanted to earn extra cash from it (greedy pigs) wahahahhaa.

BUT! worry not! i've taken down the ads below the comments!
so there shouldn't be any more problems!

hehehehe.. and please help to click on my google ad at the sidebar =D
I'M A GREEDY BUNNY! hehehe (will be choke by carrots one day) 

and i also heard that the personal colour test pictures cannot be seen..
can you all see those colour charts?

Do email me at if my blog has not functioning!
i'll try to fix them as soon as possible!
^^ thank thanks!

that's all! do comment ne~!
ja ne! 
going back to sleep! ^^
oyasumi~! <3

PS: hello! caroline!! <3

Sunday, September 26, 2010

3rd month with dear dear updates!

hello my lovelies~~

gooooooood day!

yesterday was my 3rd month-versary with my boyfriend! =DD

soooo today i'm going to update you all about the day!

when he came and picked me up yesterday, i've a sudden craving for one of our favourite food!
hehehe.. and i suggested it to him, he gave me his WIDEST smile.. wahahahha

and now.. i introduce one of our favourite food to you all!

some of you all might find it weird..

but trust me, it's heavenly...

aka frog leg porridge!

it's spicy yet tender... gosh... super mouth-watering~ <3 love it!

>.< hungry!!

after that we went to shop for pillow! hehehe cause i gave him a pillow cover as a present but i forgot to buy a pillow for that! hehehehe

and we got a super fluffy and comfortable one!

and we shopped around for a while..

got ourselves ice creams!

my lemon sherbet (nice!!) with mint choco ( >.< not nice)!
and lemon sherbet with mint choco ( absolutely not nice!! )
it's like eating lemon sherbet and brushing your teeth at the same time...

his belgium chocolate..
wooo.. looks like poo.. wahahahah

introducing my little boyfriend! looks so young here! wahahha

after ice-cream-ing. we went over to liang court to collect my ranzuki! ^^

aya on cover!! <3

Dolly make for dark skin and fair skin!
want to read? i will scan them soon =))

and after that we camwhored a little in car.. hehehehe


the horsey pillow! hehehee

yeah! thanks everyone for your kind wishes! <3

(=.=) torture.. many more to come.. wahahaha

level 3 carpark! heheheheheh... 3rd month!

after that we went to shop again and met his beautiful sister <3

and home!


super big compared to the other tofus he gave.. hahaha so it's MAMA tofu!

while playing, i accidentally plucked off her hand.. yea.. accidentally.. heheheheheh.. =DDD

it's a simple 3rd month anniversary but i'm loving every moment of it =D hehehe
including the part when i accidentally poured the melted ice cream at his seat.. hehe
really accidentally!


3rd month with dear dear!

goooood day everyone!

kon kon!

today is the 3rd month anniversary with my dear dear!! ^^

i'm in a hurry right now so sorry! just a short post but with photos!!

today's make! i really don't know what to do with my hair!
i dyed my hair btw! ^^

Found a new mirror to camwhore! hehehe

present for my dear dear! <3 you!!

shhh.. and a secret present!
i wore the dress that he bought (which i refused to wear) and took tons of pictures!
sending those to him now~!

gtg babes~!

PS: to dear dear:
happy 3rd month! many many more to come!!
<3 <3


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shopping results! wahahha

Goooood day everyone!

today i'm going to post about my shopping yesterday! =DD

and you guys are doting me too much by all your sweet comments!! <3

Love love you and your comments! 

can i post my camwhore photos today as well?

My dinner. (. >.<) forgot the name. but it's some egg, meat and chestnut rice..

While waiting for the rest to be served, we decided to have a small competition...

A phototaking competition to see who can take the nicest photo of Mr. Egg Rice!

My boyfriend's enteries...


hahahhaha.. he caught me doing weird faces while he's trying to take a decent photo of mr.egg rice! heheh

hmmmm... but anyway, i still find mine the nicest (the first photo of the post)
>.< wahahahahh!

and our squid..
kong bao squid. but doesn't taste spicy at all (  =.=)

We walked around ion after our dinner~
and we saw CHERYL at ROYCE! hehehe
and she gave us a lot of chocolates to try <33
she's still look like cheryl <3 hahahaha

After that... we went to watch the movie BABIES!!
This movie is absolutely tooo cute!! i love all the babies!! ^^ 
but if if if i have to choose, i love ponijao the most! because he's playful, chubby and cute!
but but mari is too cute as well! Love the part where she plays with her toys and throw tempers! hahaha.
and BAYAR~~ he looks the cutest among them! and he's super cute too! Love his brother who always bully him. hahahah.
Hattie is a princess~ <3 super cute! had my best laugh when her papa put her on the slide and WHEEESHH~~~ hahahhahaha

i couldn't count how many CUTE i've exclaimed while watching the movie.

hehehehe i love BABIES~!

After feeling warmly and happy after watching babies, my boyfriend and i went to shop! hehehe

I tried on a skirt at NewLook.
i also grabbed a top that is a little marine because of the stripes!

Camwhoring in the fitting room~!

I love this coordination but the skirt is toooo short! i don't dare to wear them out. (  >.<)

but i still love them.. so i've decided to take more photos.. wahahaha

The top is super sweet~~ i love it..
but i didn't get it since i've got no skirt to match with. ( _ _)

hehehee.. i think my boyfriend finally realised the reason why he has to wait so long while i'm in the fitting.. hahahahaha

we managed to rush to cineleisure before the shops are all closed.. 

and i managed to get my FROLICKS~!
this is the best frozen yogurt i've had sooo far <3 love it!

and we managed to buy one dress!
i'm going to wear it today as it's our 3rd month-versary! hahaha

here's my loots for today

Soda flavour! 

i'm going to dye that colour soon! my roots !

I'm going to post again before i go out today!

Pearly is working this week so she will be back to post about her days soon~!


Hello pretties~!!

I'm going shopping~! <3

I don't know why.. but i feel like doing thick makeup today!
probably because i've been reading ranzuki and the gyaru girls' blogs too much recently!

soooo... here's my camwhore results!

[ beware of tooo many vain-photos ]

that's the strap of my camera by the way..

Thicker? is my eyemake thicker? hehehe

i don't like this photo but.. see~ my lashes~ heheheeh

super amazed by my camera's portrait function~! ^^ my skin looks so nice here!
*PS : i've never photoshopped any of these heavy-camwhored-photos!*

messy room! hahahah

My outfit for today! my room is tooo messy! soo i took it in my parents' room instead.. hehee.. if not, there will be a lot of distractions.. wahahahaha.. and this is called the "MISTY MIRROR EFFECT" wahaha

see! get what i mean? you guys must be staring at the things on my table instead right? hehehehe

things i used for my eye make up today~!
for some, it's in my giveaway! have you joined? it's ending sooon~~
>.< hahaha. okies, last time advertising about my giveaway~! hehehehe

okiesss.. enough of camwhore photos~

are you ready for FUNNY ONES? heheheh

*i just love funny ones~*


and this is my eyelash collection box =D 

so.. pretties, do you all prefer my thick makeup or normal casual ones?
or is there a difference ? hehehehe

so.. BYE BYE~!
hahahaha.. going shopping later~~ 



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