Monday, September 13, 2010

12-09-2010 Face Roller!

hey everyone! thanks for reading our blog even though we disappeared for sooo long!

love you all sooo much! <3333

and a big hello to all my new readers!! hehehehe

Last sunday, I went out to get a book from kinokuniya!

Super excited about getting the free book as it comes with a free gift tempted us sooo much! =DDD

soooo... i went out with my boyfriend to get the book.. (yes, i've got a boyfriend... finally.. hahaha)

and tadaaaaa!!!

tada!! it comes with a face roller... that is SAID to be selling on ebay at about 200dollars... hmmmmm.... (=.=)

but frankly speaking, i was a little disappointed!
i was expecting the face roller to be electrical which will send vibration to your skin to radiate it..
but but.... it's not!!

it's just a roller with a few balls on it...

but it's said in the book that it makes your skin smoother, get rid of unwanted water retention and firm up your skin...

so i tried...

and tried...

spent the about 15 minutes (while my boyfriend is driving to the next destination)


is there a difference on my right side? ( the left side of the photo)

sorry about the blurred photo.. cause i find that that's the photo that shows the "slimming" of my face better.. hahahahahaa.... 

and here's the clearer one

is it obvious? well, a LITTLE OBVIOUS? *blink*

well, i find that there's a little difference..
but i'm not too sure whether it's psychological or not.. (my mind is trying to console myself that the money i've spent on the book is worthwhile...)


i give it a 6/10 
cause you really have to be diligent enough to do it regularly to see a difference..
well, that's the number one rule to become prettier ( as the chinese saying goes, " there's no ugly people, only lazy people" ) hehehehe


( oh shit!! where's my roller?? ) hahahaha

and after that, we went to have dinner at vivocity~

had burgers from MOST.ORIGINAL.BURGER
super cute right? 

and just to end off with...

my photo! hehehehe

By the way, the lashes i wore here is the same as the one we will be giving out for our giveaway which ends in 1st nov!

Please join if u haven't! 

love love,


  1. lol i do see a tiny difference!

    <33 rena

  2. finally!!!! you updated!!! hehehe....wooohhh seems to work wo!!! but manual de.... =.=''' next time lend me i wanna try hahahah...

    hehe.... first giveaway tempting!!!

  3. cawaii^^

    I have a face roller too but it made from plastic....your item really interesting haha...

    rolling....rolling....make the face shaped!! the way, Kelly's face shape still look nice....><

  4. It does look a little different I think maybe. I always wondered if face rollers actually worked lol

  5. oh I guess the lil' difference ^-^
    Btw you look so cute on the pic!

  6. Kelly, you look so PRETTY! I'm a new follower and i'm already loving your blog! :)

  7. Why u are so sweet and beautiful!
    awwwwwwwwwwwww <3 I'm gonna cry ;___;

  8. You are so cuuute >_< You look like a character of a video game or something else xD
    I'd like to look like you *_*
    Are you japanese? Or Chinese? Or something else *_*
    200$... wow. Erm... yes, there's a little difference. don't worry. ^_______^ (?)

  9. aww you're too cute!! *ww*♥♥

  10. Rena

    hehehehehe!! really? thanks rena!
    i tried my very best to find a photo that shows more difference.. i guess after a few months, the result MIGHT just be more obvious. heheh =DD

    yeaaaa.. like FINALLY!! hehehehehehehehehehe...
    ya lor.. manual de.. damn sad.. =( feel so shortchanged.
    okiesss, S$50 please~ hahahahah

    hey nutchiiii~~~ <333
    we have the plastic one too! i guess we are kinda addicted to things that "will" slim our faces! hahahahaha...

    thanks! love love!!

    i guess it does really work.. cause tissue has got their memory.. so if you constantly works on them, PROBABLY they will be stay there.. heheheh
    i hope..

    Ama Maiden:
    thanks!! hehehehe... i will work on it a few months more and see whether the difference is bigger =DD


    priincess :
    hey lovely!
    thanks for following and your kind lovely comments! hehehe

    thank you! ^^
    but why cry? hahahaha
    *pat pat*

    video character ah.. hmmm... (>.<) last time people commented that i looks like spongebob though.. hahahahaa..

    We are singaporean chinese! =))

    thanks chinsa!! you're cute too!
    and you're super fashionable!! <333

  11. You are so cute, are you sure you need a face roller? lol ♥

  12. Kellychan (^O^) You still look cute as usual dayo!! How are you? And where are you & Pearlychan now??!!! (o.o;;)

    The face roller did a good job on your face (^_~)

  13. SOooooo cute ; ___ ; <3

  14. VIVI:
    thanks vivi!! <3
    hehehehehe *shy*
    yessss.. i need a roller... i've got super bad water retention and also saggy skin =(

    RABBBBIITTTO!!!! <3333
    thanks thanks!!
    we are doing fine.. read from your blog, life is fun for you as usual too!

    we are in singapore now =D



  15. Aww I think I see a little difference! I've always wanted to try those rollers! Very cute either way!

  16. Hahahaa xD No I didn't want to say like spongebob :L Just like beautiful girls in Final Fantasy games? Or something else x)

    Oh well that's good ~


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