Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st giveaway : We're back!

Hello everyone!!

sorry for the sudden disappearance! (゚人゚)(-人-)
Pearly and I were quite busy back then.. and we just... forgot about blogging.. >.<
super utterly sorry!! 

AND we decided to start blogging again!! ^^
because we missed all of you guys! ^u^

Thank you all for your sweet and lovely emails and comments that have been sent to us during our hiatus...
After reading all the emails and comments, we felt really guilty... sorry guys.. and we miss you too!!

Thank you everyone! love you all! <3
☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!!

without us realising, our followers count has increased to.....
even though we are not updating our post...
I really really love you all!

hope you will continue to read our blog ^u^
and even though we have disappeared from our blog, we are still reading your blogs! ^^ hehehee..
just a little too ashamed to post a comment ^^; heheheheheeee

as an apology and also to thank you all...
Pearly and Kelly will hold their first ever GIVEAWAY!! hehehehehe
Details about our giveaway can be found here!


  1. yay you girls are back! ^___^ looking forward to see more. hehe.

  2. I can't see the pictures for you this and the newest post ):

  3. welcome back haha...long time that you didn't update!!

    glad that you come and follow your update ^^

  4. ☆Nana :
    NANA!! <3333
    yep, we will update more often! thanks for visiting us again! love yoU!

    ★ Anonymous:
    Oops, really? it's appears fine on our browsers.. probably you want to try browsing them through google chrome or internet explorer?
    gomen! and thank yoU!

    ☆ nutchii :
    nutch-chan! <33
    hehehehe. yep, we didn't update for very long. i don't even dare to count the duration of hiatus.. hahahaha...
    thank you for following! <3 you!

  5. Yay! Welcome back!!♥
    Will be looking forward to read more of your posts :D

    Sorry for being random. Just asking, did you went to Natsu Matsuri last month?

  6. ☆ Alicia:
    hehehehe. thanks alicia! <33
    i didn't go but my sis (pearly) went there =D
    probably we should do a short update of our recent happenings.. hahahahha
    did you see her there?

  7. Welcome backkkkk Kelly and Pearlly!

    I was wondering if you ladies were gone for good :(
    Glad to see you back and blogging, I missed all your kawaii posts >.<

    Now... I must go off to enter this giveaway :D

  8. Yea, you all should. I'm sure it will be interesting :D
    Ohh no. I didn't saw her. But someone in my FB was tagged and she was in the photo too. Haha. I didn't notice the name there so i thought she was you. My bad xD

  9. ☆Gloria:
    GLORIA~~~~~ <3
    we miss you!!
    thanks!! luck for the giveaway! <3

    hahahhaha... recent happenings weren't that interesting.. it's just busy busy busy.. panda eyes and layers of panda eyes.. hahahahhaa...
    ooooohh.. next time you see us, MUST CALL OUT FOR US HOR!

  10. 1. Connected to you via GFC (GFC name: Sowmya)
    2. Email: ravisowmya (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. 3. Blogged this giveaway here:

  12. Thanks for holding this lovely giveaway!


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