Sunday, September 26, 2010

3rd month with dear dear updates!

hello my lovelies~~

gooooooood day!

yesterday was my 3rd month-versary with my boyfriend! =DD

soooo today i'm going to update you all about the day!

when he came and picked me up yesterday, i've a sudden craving for one of our favourite food!
hehehe.. and i suggested it to him, he gave me his WIDEST smile.. wahahahha

and now.. i introduce one of our favourite food to you all!

some of you all might find it weird..

but trust me, it's heavenly...

aka frog leg porridge!

it's spicy yet tender... gosh... super mouth-watering~ <3 love it!

>.< hungry!!

after that we went to shop for pillow! hehehe cause i gave him a pillow cover as a present but i forgot to buy a pillow for that! hehehehe

and we got a super fluffy and comfortable one!

and we shopped around for a while..

got ourselves ice creams!

my lemon sherbet (nice!!) with mint choco ( >.< not nice)!
and lemon sherbet with mint choco ( absolutely not nice!! )
it's like eating lemon sherbet and brushing your teeth at the same time...

his belgium chocolate..
wooo.. looks like poo.. wahahahah

introducing my little boyfriend! looks so young here! wahahha

after ice-cream-ing. we went over to liang court to collect my ranzuki! ^^

aya on cover!! <3

Dolly make for dark skin and fair skin!
want to read? i will scan them soon =))

and after that we camwhored a little in car.. hehehehe


the horsey pillow! hehehee

yeah! thanks everyone for your kind wishes! <3

(=.=) torture.. many more to come.. wahahaha

level 3 carpark! heheheheheh... 3rd month!

after that we went to shop again and met his beautiful sister <3

and home!


super big compared to the other tofus he gave.. hahaha so it's MAMA tofu!

while playing, i accidentally plucked off her hand.. yea.. accidentally.. heheheheheh.. =DDD

it's a simple 3rd month anniversary but i'm loving every moment of it =D hehehe
including the part when i accidentally poured the melted ice cream at his seat.. hehe
really accidentally!



  1. awww soooo sweet... i tried to post last night but the freaking ad under the comment post didn't allowed me to put in the verification code =.=''''

    I know where's that tian ji located hahahhaa.... and the mam tofu has this sad looking expression woo.... hor hor... muz be you tortured the Tofu right.... tsk tsk

  2. Jellytelly_ri-chan:
    really? the ad is blocking the comment? >.<

    hehehee.. tian ji tian ji.. super hungry now.. hahahha...
    no lor.. her hands dropped off on its own one.. not my fault... wahahah

  3.'s seems so sweet moment...although they were many accident hehe...,everything like it's still going well ><

    the food and ice-cream look so yummy..*kyaaa*
    is it spicy? haha....looks so spicy.

    you both are very cute couple hehe.....>< *shyyy*

  4. Mama tofu is soo adorable!! and the horsey pillow too haha.

    Did you make it?

    Your blog is always so interesting, never a boring post :P


    & lemon is a fruit!!! ._.

  6. WAH!! you are so cute~! i'm so jealous! wish i could look like you neh *Q*

    omedetou gozaimasu on 3rd month anniversary! ^__^ hope you two stay together long time! that porridge with frog legs look good :O~

  7. Nutchii:
    thank you! <33
    yep yep a lot of accidents.. wahahaha
    yeaaaa spicy!! we love spicy food =))) thai food especially <33

    nope, i didn't.. haha ( lazy.. ) hahahaha
    i bought it online... =D

    really? thank you!
    i'm glad i didn't bore you with all my camwhore photos >.< heheheh
    love you!

    lemon is an exception, so is lime

    mikan mimi:
    mikan chan~
    thank you!! you're cute too!! <3
    thank you thank you!
    and yes, the frog leg porridge is nice.. *hungry now*

  8. i'm glad to hear that you like Thai food..haha
    but i can't eat too much spicy...cause of running nose and tear!! T_T haha...but i still love them..

    most of all, i like the ice-cream !!! haha....*aummmm* haha....always comment about food haha.....good gal right??><


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