Sunday, September 26, 2010

3rd month with dear dear!

goooood day everyone!

kon kon!

today is the 3rd month anniversary with my dear dear!! ^^

i'm in a hurry right now so sorry! just a short post but with photos!!

today's make! i really don't know what to do with my hair!
i dyed my hair btw! ^^

Found a new mirror to camwhore! hehehe

present for my dear dear! <3 you!!

shhh.. and a secret present!
i wore the dress that he bought (which i refused to wear) and took tons of pictures!
sending those to him now~!

gtg babes~!

PS: to dear dear:
happy 3rd month! many many more to come!!
<3 <3



  1. wow! congratulations!! *-*
    hope that there will be much more months to celebrate! >w< and have a great day!
    btw you look super cute in all your pics! ;w;

  2. Hi Pearly,

    I just realized you're almost at 200 followers :O Congrats and congrats again on 3 months ^-^

    Your hair colour came out really nice and you look superb for your date ;)

    Hope you had a blast!

  3. Congratuation!!! hehe....don't for get to update us your celebration day hehe....><*shy*

    although, i don't see full dress which your bf bought but i think i must be really cute if you wear ! hehe......
    Seems so sweet couple hehe^^
    have a great day!! waheeee!!!

  4. Dilia:
    hello dilia!
    Thank you very very much!! ^^


    I'm not PEARLY! i'm kelly.. hehehehe.. do we really look that alike? >w<
    Thank you!! <3
    Thank you thank you soo much <3
    LOVE YOU~!

    nutch-chan! <3
    okiessss will update soon!! hehehe
    hmmm i tried taking a full photo of my dress but the mirror is quite small.. >.<
    thank you! <3

  5. Aww so cute, you look perfect :) btw, this is Clairey from Candy Hearts, doubt you remember me but anyway haha. Cute outfit ^_^

    Clairey xxx

  6. OSG:

    clairey!! yes i remember you!
    BANG!! BANG!!
    thank you!! <3

  7. Ah, sorry Kelly! I feel so bad >///<
    I pretty much just woke up when I posted that.
    Knew it was you in my head but I typed Pearly.
    Must get more sleep -_- (but I still think you two look alike :P)

  8. Gloria:

    Gloria~ <3 hehehehehe..
    no problem~!
    love love love you still!!
    and SLEEEP more!!!
    <3 hehe


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