Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Type

Autumn Type

Hello autumn lovelies~

here are ur personal colours~!

Autumn type of people has a mature, strong and calm image. They have little redness on their cheeks, thus giving them the porcelain like smooth skin. They have a deep dark brown eyes which give them a gentle and soft image.
Autumn type goes well with the autumn colour of leave, rich golden yellow of fruits and nuts. Golden, deep red and colour of withering leaves.. colours that have depth in them.
Choose yellow base and warm colours to enhance your beautiful mature look.

Natural, ethnic, gorgeous are the keywords you need to remember for your coordination.

Colours that suit you:


Colours that do not suit you:



Coffee brown, ash brown

Autumn type normally have skin that are stronger in yellow tone and the skin might look a little dull. To cover that, golden type of brown is recommended. If it is too bright, it might disrupt the balance. Dark matt brown is highly recommended.
Ocre tones
( for rmk foundations, there are normal tones and pink tones. so i guess, this should be normal tones)
Khaki, moss green, deep blue

Brown and green colours will enhance your gentle and soft eyes and thus attract people to them. Warm and deep colours are recommended. Highlight should use white pearl types, golden and gloss type are also suitable. Deep colours with gradient, smoky green and deep blue will make shine in those gorgeous eyes.


Salmon , terra cotta, almond

If you want cheeks like those sunkissed babes, you can choose to use terra cotta. If you have fairer skin, it's recommended for you to get salmon pink and orange type. To look natural, beige type would be great. For glamourous look, red type is the best recommendation.


Dark Tomato red, Lust , deep orange

If you prefer red, tomato red. If you prefer pink, salmon and deep orange kind of mature and glossy look will suit you very much. Mixing the colours and complicated nuance colours will suit you a lot.

That's all for autumn beauties~~!

Hope you find this useful!

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  1. i got this! i got this! haha....
    Ah....i think it's suit me. i love brown eye and i always choose the brown eyeshadow haha....yeah! i love cheek that seems like sunkissed haha.....><

    and i'm making a dicision to change my hair colour to light brown!!><

    *kyaa* Thanks for the cute personal test...i like it!!! haha

  2. I got Autumn-type ^^
    Hmm.. I think this suits me very well, actually!

    This was fun, thank you~


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