Sunday, September 19, 2010

His dressage competition

hi everyone!

thank you for joining our giveaway! we are super elated! >.< *touched* thank you!! hehehe

Yesterday, I woke up early in the morning (soooo proud of myself) to support my boyfriend for his dressage competition. =)

and...... tada!!

with his partner , lance~!

lance is so beautiful.. he looks like those wooden horse! <3 hahaha

and we went for movies after that...

my boyfriend took a nap in the car...

so his vain girlfriend could not think of anything else to do but to CAMWHORE!!


and now, i present you with the results of my 1hr camwhoring.. hahahaha

with my favourite elmo-kun~~ <3 super fluffy super huggable!! hehehe.. i always sleep with him around..

actually i had more photos... but... the rest were weird faces i took of my napping boy, his drool, my elmo sitting in a corner etc.. hahahahaa...

i prefer not to put those up.. wahahhaaha
it makes me look more bored than i already do.. wahahaha...
and i guess, you probably wouldnt want to see those as well.. hehehehe

and for today i've used the following make-up products!

  1. BB cream from etude house

  2. Canmake Concealer
  3. Yves saint laurent Touche eclat
  4. Melliesh highlighter
  5. Blush from Muji

  6. Blush from candydoll

    first time using this blush.. sad to say, i don't really like it.. the colour is nice but it fades off relatively easier and much faster as compared to my RMK blusher. For people who has dry skin like me, i would recommend RMK blusher.. though it's more expensive, but the bright coloured blush would last you throughout the day.
  7. Bronzer from sephora
  8. Givenchy powder
  9. Sana eyebrow pencil
  10. Makemania pencil eyeliner

  11. Kate thin liquid eyeliner (brown)

    I usually use a light brown thin liquid eyeliner to draw as the lines are more natural.

  12. Dramatic Lashes mascara

    Have only tried this for a few times.. the effects were good, long and volume.. but when i removed my make up, a few of my eyelashes fell off... so i'm not too sure whether it's due to this particular mascara..

  13. Fairydrops mascara

    Have been usually this for quite some time, it lengthen the lashes and it's able to cover lashes near the edges as well.

  14. Eyeshadow from Majolica

    I usually use brown but recently i changed to purple as i did a PERSONAL COLOUR TEST and lavender was my recommended colour. And! i found that i really look nicer with lavender colour eyeshadow.. =DDDD

    i will translate the test as soon as possible for the rest of you to try it =D
  15. Shu uemura eyelash glue
  16. my favourite daiso eyelash~!

please join in!!



  1. Aww I am so happy you girls are back. I really missed your posts and hearing about your adventures together.

    Your boyfriend is so lucky. I wish I had a horse to compete with. Lance is a really handsome pony hehe ^____________^

    You look so cute in your photos. I really want that Elmo plush !



  2. seems like Kelly always addict to taking a photo!!^^
    elmo-kun so cut and also Kelly!!

    i'm looking for candy doll brush but after i read your review i'm make a new thinking hehe...
    and please!! writing your make-up tutorial...haha...i'm looking forward to it!!><

  3. You're super cute!

    Lance is also very cute ;)

  4. Aweee, such cute photos~! ♥
    I love your Elmo plushie :D

  5. You are definitly cute! ♥

    I thought that candydoll's blushs were good >_< Because they have a so niiice color :3

  6. I have an award for you girls. Come and have a look!:)


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