Monday, September 27, 2010

Irritating adsense below comments is gone!

Good day everyone!
Is the google ad blocking the comments?
sorry lovelies!!

so troublesome.. >.<
just because we wanted to earn extra cash from it (greedy pigs) wahahahhaa.

BUT! worry not! i've taken down the ads below the comments!
so there shouldn't be any more problems!

hehehehe.. and please help to click on my google ad at the sidebar =D
I'M A GREEDY BUNNY! hehehe (will be choke by carrots one day) 

and i also heard that the personal colour test pictures cannot be seen..
can you all see those colour charts?

Do email me at if my blog has not functioning!
i'll try to fix them as soon as possible!
^^ thank thanks!

that's all! do comment ne~!
ja ne! 
going back to sleep! ^^
oyasumi~! <3

PS: hello! caroline!! <3


  1. kawaiiiii ><....
    i love that bunny ears hehe...cute! cute!
    What your bf say after saw these pics?

    i found the problem yeasterday night i must click on the ads,right?^^

    The personal colour test is fun i love it! i love it! it help me to makeup so much hehe....

    Ah...have a sweettttt dream little bunny Kelly....
    ps. did you sleep with this dress? hehe

  2. LOL now you finally found out the problem... thank god you fix it if not hard for me to post comments laz.... nvm I still love you ... no wait i love your sis more hahahaha....

    LOL u and your bunny ears ....hahaha sooo cute !!!

    I like your third pic... looks like you got whiskers hahaha

  3. Awww totally cute :D haha love it ^_^

  4. Nutchii:
    nutch-chan! <3
    he said cute. heheheee

    sorry nutchii (_ _) email or facebook me when there's any more problems popping up in the future k =D

    *shy* hehehe. yep click click.

    thank you! i'm glad u like it =DD

    nope, it's not comfortable to wear.. itchy itchy.. hehehe

    hehehehe thanks for informing =DD
    ( -.-) tsk tsk.. like one that one.. tsk tsk

    heheheh thanks!! i like my whiskers too.. old liao will look like wrinkles though.. wahahhaa

    clairey~ thank you!!

  5. hi hi lovely! ♥

    gomenasai, i do not know how to respond to your comment (respond on my own post? weird?), so i post back here!

    i made my own kigurumi! actually very easy, only take one day! but maybe because i cosplay it is easier hehe~

    gomen ne, all my friends make their own kigurumi also! because sometimes shops don't sell the ones we like! ♥ maybe you can make one too hm? ^__^ do post pictures if you do!

  6. Kelly-chan!!!♥

    My dear sweetie!! I am sooo happy you received & responded to my e-mail right away!! You didn't need to interrupt your sleep to do it, doll!!<33 I feel so special!! Hehehe arigatou for the personal shoutout at the end of your post!! I'm just soo happy that I can finally comment on your blog again!! :) and i'm even happier at the fact that you & Pearly are actively blogging once again!!!<3<3 was soo terribly scared that something happened when you two sweethearts disappeared so suddenly!!!! hehe I almost had a heart attack that night when I discovered you recently posted on your blog & I couldn't comment! Lol I was so frantic!

    You are still as ADORABLY CUTE, pretty, and beautiful as ever!! Your eyes are just so *~*dreamy*~* that I can't stop looking at them!! (no wonder your new bf fell so madly in love for you!! ^_~) Hehe I've missed your silly hengao faces!! So happy to see these familiar faces again! And you have such a beautiful smile!!! You should definitely take more photos of you smiling w/ teeth!!<33 I can't wait to catch up on all the posts that you've written so far & am looking forward for new posts from you & Pearly!!<3

    ♥ caroline

  7. you look really cute and pretty :) by the way very beautiful blog :)
    drye jewelry.


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