Thursday, September 23, 2010

[beauty] Personal Colour Test

Personal Colour Test
taken from :

remember me mentioning that i choose my lavendar eyeshadow which suits me because i took a personal colour test?
here you go! i translated it for you guys!
hope it's useful for you all!! <3

What is personal colour?
1. It can make your skin looks brighter.
2. It can makes the spots, wrinkles and troubles on your skin less visible.
3. It can define your features.
4. Makes your eyes look pretty.
5. Exhibits the charm that suits your personality.
Sounds too good to be true right... hahahah.. but since the test is free, just try it!
I personally feel that the colour they have chosen for me suits me better! ^^

Just go to the number next to your answer to proceed..

QNS 1. Your skin colour is... 
A) Fair (--> QNS 2)
B) Dark (--> QNS 12)
QNS2. When you're without makeup, wearing black will
A) Still make your skin looks radiant (-->QNS 3)
B) your skin looks pale (--> QNS 9)
QNS. 3 The impression of your eye is..
A) bright and clear (--> QNS 4)

B) Soft image (--> QNS 5)

QNS 4. Emilio pucci's bright prints
A) suit you (--> click winter)
B) don't suit you (--> click autumn)

QNS 5. The accessories colour that suits you is:
A) Silver Photobucket(--> QNS 6)
B) GoldPhotobucket (--> QNS 8)

QNS 6. I have a ...
A) Mature face (--> QNS 4)
B) a child-like face  (--> QNS 7)

QNS 7. The colour of my finger tips is..

A) Rosy pink ~ purple red Photobucket (--> click Summer)
B) Peach pink ~ orange Photobucket(--> Click Spring)

QNS 8. The colour of your pupil/iris
A) Dark brown or black (--> QNS 4)
B) Bright colours ,Light brown (-->QNS 7)

QNS 9. Which lipstick colours look good on you?
A) Coral pinkPhotobucket(--> QNS 10)
 B) Rose Pink Photobucket(--> QNS 5)

QNS 10. After sun-tanning, your skin will...
A) Become tan straight away (--> QNS 11)
B) Becomes red then fade away (--> QNS 5)
QNS. 11 My image is...
A) Fresh and lively image (-->QNS 4)
B) Knowledgeable and chic looking (--> QNS 3)

QNS. 12 For suits, what colours do you suit better?
A) Dark colour (--> QNS 9)
B) Light colour (--> QNS 10)

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