Wednesday, September 29, 2010


hello everyone!

today i'm on medical leave so i went to have breakfast with pearly at mcdonalds! ^u^

but (=.=) i don't really have the appetite to finish my favourite breakfast set (usually i can stomach them quite fast) hehehehe


anyway, i'm pretty curious whether all the mcdonalds' breakfast around the world are the same.... hmmm..
what's yours? ^^

fluffy hotcakes with maplesyrup~ yummy~
and just when you need something salty or crispy to change the flavours, there is always Mr. SAUSAGE and MR. HARSHBROWN~!

perfect combination to start a happy day~!

and decided to make resolutions for our blog!

pearly writing.. ^^ *yes, she's alive* hahaha

and here's what we will do!

makeup tips, fashion/make pickups from magazine, and shopping haul every month!

soo please make sure we do all these! ^^

and i added a navigation bar below the header...
just to remind me that I've-got-important-things-to-do heheeh

will start filling up the navigation bar soon!

i'm going to scan some ranzuki now while my stomach is feeling fine =D


  1. I miss those breakfast plates at McDonalds :( I use to have them as a kid all the time.

    Here, our breakfast menu is: muffins, hashbrowns, English muffins, and Fajitas. I'm not sure if we have pancakes... I don't eat breakfast at Mc's much.

    I didn't get to check out McDonalds in Japan! I heard they have sushi haha. But in Hong Kong, they have grilled chicken soup macaroni thing... It's somewhere in the depths of my blog ><

  2. its been sometime since I last ate the Mac breakfast gosh..... oh wells.... hope you feel better now.. hahaha please follow your resolutions ne... =DDDD

  3. whaaaa....the Mcdonald breakfast so awesome ><!!!
    look forward to your resolition haha...i hope you'll write it soon!!! haha......must do it!! *kyaaaaa*

    lose weight?? i think you both still's me...i must diet!! *HooooooH*

    pearly!!! glad to see her hand haha......hope to see her and read her update !!hehe....

  4. kyaaa~ you are so cute and followed your blog for sure~!!! <3 hope you can visit mine too =D
    take care and stay cute ^^

  5. Kelly!♥

    Oh no, what do you mean by medical leave? are you okay? :( I hope you are well!! where has Pearly been?! lol she needs to update soon, yes? I miss both of you dolls soo much!<3

    Don't mind my random comments here and there...slowly trying to catch up on all your posts hehe

    ♥ caroline

  6. Gloria:
    woooo muffins.. <33 hehehe
    i'm going try that one day... try all the mac breakfast in the whole world =DD hehehe
    and... esp hk's!
    soup macaroni <3 hehehehe

    super nice.. got try the deluxe? super nice <3
    hmm.. trying =D

    Nutch chan <3!! hehehehe
    yep yep! it's nice.. if i wake up early, i will try to reward myself with that <3 hehehe

    no no nutch.. we need to diet..
    and yes! pearly is around! wahahaha

    Kim Hye Rin:

    thanks kim! <3

    Caroline :
    caroline <3
    i've got gastric that day.. but i'm fine =DD

    she has been working recently.. hehehe
    yea.. will nag her to do so..


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