Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shopping results! wahahha

Goooood day everyone!

today i'm going to post about my shopping yesterday! =DD

and you guys are doting me too much by all your sweet comments!! <3

Love love you and your comments! 

can i post my camwhore photos today as well?

My dinner. (. >.<) forgot the name. but it's some egg, meat and chestnut rice..

While waiting for the rest to be served, we decided to have a small competition...

A phototaking competition to see who can take the nicest photo of Mr. Egg Rice!

My boyfriend's enteries...


hahahhaha.. he caught me doing weird faces while he's trying to take a decent photo of mr.egg rice! heheh

hmmmm... but anyway, i still find mine the nicest (the first photo of the post)
>.< wahahahahh!

and our squid..
kong bao squid. but doesn't taste spicy at all (  =.=)

We walked around ion after our dinner~
and we saw CHERYL at ROYCE! hehehe
and she gave us a lot of chocolates to try <33
she's still look like cheryl <3 hahahaha

After that... we went to watch the movie BABIES!!
This movie is absolutely tooo cute!! i love all the babies!! ^^ 
but if if if i have to choose, i love ponijao the most! because he's playful, chubby and cute!
but but mari is too cute as well! Love the part where she plays with her toys and throw tempers! hahaha.
and BAYAR~~ he looks the cutest among them! and he's super cute too! Love his brother who always bully him. hahahah.
Hattie is a princess~ <3 super cute! had my best laugh when her papa put her on the slide and WHEEESHH~~~ hahahhahaha

i couldn't count how many CUTE i've exclaimed while watching the movie.

hehehehe i love BABIES~!

After feeling warmly and happy after watching babies, my boyfriend and i went to shop! hehehe

I tried on a skirt at NewLook.
i also grabbed a top that is a little marine because of the stripes!

Camwhoring in the fitting room~!

I love this coordination but the skirt is toooo short! i don't dare to wear them out. (  >.<)

but i still love them.. so i've decided to take more photos.. wahahaha

The top is super sweet~~ i love it..
but i didn't get it since i've got no skirt to match with. ( _ _)

hehehee.. i think my boyfriend finally realised the reason why he has to wait so long while i'm in the fitting.. hahahahaha

we managed to rush to cineleisure before the shops are all closed.. 

and i managed to get my FROLICKS~!
this is the best frozen yogurt i've had sooo far <3 love it!

and we managed to buy one dress!
i'm going to wear it today as it's our 3rd month-versary! hahaha

here's my loots for today

Soda flavour! 

i'm going to dye that colour soon! my roots !

I'm going to post again before i go out today!

Pearly is working this week so she will be back to post about her days soon~!


  1. :O I love the dress especially the ruffle detailing. I'm also excited to see your new hair colour :D Are you just going to dye your roots or all your hair?

  2. Gloria:

    Gloria! you're too fast! wahaha i just posted and POP! here comes your comment!

    LOVE YOU!!

    yeaaa.. i love the ruffles! but my sister commented that it looks like apron =(

    I'm going to dye all!

  3. Awe, I think the skirt looks great on you! ♥ It doesn't look too short at all, haha~
    The food looks so yummy & I can't wait to see how your hair turns out~ I'm sure it will be lovely! ♥

  4. Wow......the meal make me mouth-watering....haha..
    It's seems so fun shopping hehe....try any dress is the paradise of girls haha...
    I think the marine dress is suit you!!! cute!!><

    Looking forward to see your new hair color!! Palty is nice i'm thinking of dye me hair color too! but can't decide the color huhuh....
    Ah....don't forget to show your pic with your blue dress hehe....cute!!!

  5. Tori:
    yea i love the skirt too! but i'm still >.< shy to wear them out. wahahahaha..
    i dyed my hair already! photos posted!
    <3 <3

    yeaaa... but it doesn't taste as yummy as it seems. hahahaha..
    thank you!

    i find black suits you alot. you're so cute now!
    <3 <3

  6. Cute buys girly :D

    Clairey xxx


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