Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello pretties~!!

I'm going shopping~! <3

I don't know why.. but i feel like doing thick makeup today!
probably because i've been reading ranzuki and the gyaru girls' blogs too much recently!

soooo... here's my camwhore results!

[ beware of tooo many vain-photos ]

that's the strap of my camera by the way..

Thicker? is my eyemake thicker? hehehe

i don't like this photo but.. see~ my lashes~ heheheeh

super amazed by my camera's portrait function~! ^^ my skin looks so nice here!
*PS : i've never photoshopped any of these heavy-camwhored-photos!*

messy room! hahahah

My outfit for today! my room is tooo messy! soo i took it in my parents' room instead.. hehee.. if not, there will be a lot of distractions.. wahahahaha.. and this is called the "MISTY MIRROR EFFECT" wahaha

see! get what i mean? you guys must be staring at the things on my table instead right? hehehehe

things i used for my eye make up today~!
for some, it's in my giveaway! have you joined? it's ending sooon~~
>.< hahaha. okies, last time advertising about my giveaway~! hehehehe

okiesss.. enough of camwhore photos~

are you ready for FUNNY ONES? heheheh

*i just love funny ones~*


and this is my eyelash collection box =D 

so.. pretties, do you all prefer my thick makeup or normal casual ones?
or is there a difference ? hehehehe

so.. BYE BYE~!
hahahaha.. going shopping later~~ 



  1. nice pics :) and wow you have lots of circle lenses and lashes!

  2. Nice blog =) I think heavy gyaru-like make up suits you well !
    Omg you've got so much eyelashes ~ ^^

  3. ahh! I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before~~ you seem amazing!! :DD and you have blogspot *o* thank you! now I can follow with no problem!


  4. very cute pics^^ and have a good time shopping :3

  5. Wow you look so pretty. Nice pics

  6. Your eye makeup is very pretty! You should do a tutorial please?

    I don't think there's much difference between your thicker makeup though, because your skin still looks flawless both ways. ;)

  7. Whoa look at all those circle lens cases and lashes on your table (ended up looking at things on the table haha).

    I think you look super pretty with both light and heavy makeup. Your 'thick' makeup doesn't look thick and caked on. It's still very clean looking I think.

  8. Cuteee <33
    haha love your eyelashes collection ^^

  9. Haha, you're so cute~! ♥
    Hope you found some lovely things on your shopping trip ;D

  10. Jennifer:
    THANK YOU! <3
    yeah.. we are crazy buyers when it comes to circle lens and lashes!
    my sis and i really need those to look pretty~! <3

    hey tommy! really? okies, i will do more of those makeup now~! <3 i didn't know actually.. i thought it will look weird on me.. hahaha
    thanks sweetie~

    hello ellwah! >.<
    i'm flattered.. *shy* hehhehe..
    thank you thank you!

    NAKA-chan! thank you!
    i had a great time~! <3

    Hello chloe~ <3
    Thank you!! <33

    Ribka~ thankkkkk you!! <3

    Trina~ <3
    thank you! tutorial.. hehehe.. okay!! will do one as soon as possible!

    ya.. when i look at the photos, it doesn't seem to be of much difference.. but bigger eyes, i hope! >.<

    oh.. my skin LOOKS flawless on photos because i spent a lot on my camera.. wahahaha.. just kidding.. it's just the camera, i think =D

    gloria! hehehe.. i knew it! that's why i've decided to take photos in my parents' room! less distraction! heheheheheh. sorry for the messy room! wahhahahah!

    really? thank you! i will give u mulberry for ur comments (if i were a millionaire) wahahha
    love you <3

    hello! thank you <333
    i bought them all when i was in japan. didn't have a chance to use most of them >.<

    Hey tori! <3
    heheh thank you!

    yep i found great things! thank yoU!

  11. Ah...your makeup today is cute!!! hehe...not thick anymore!! suit you ! suit you!
    I love your eyes!!! so big and cutest!!!!!><
    Seems so messy room's ok!!! haha....try to understand the girls...messy with all makeup and accessory^^ huhuu

  12. Your so cute, loving that outfit! I want your lashes collection haha!

    Clairey xxx

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