Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random : Out with my dear dear!


i went out with my dear dear last saturday....
uploading the photos only now.. >.<

i forgot which makeup items i used for this makeup.

but bottom eyelashes are from diamond lash.
bottom (diamond lash natural)

upper lashes are Duplicates from china. haha.
forgot which one..

we went out for movies last saturday~

I  LOVE BABIES!! heheheh

had our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.

while waiting for the food to be served, i ATTACKED my boyfriend with a series of photosnapping~ 
hehehe =DDD

*i'm so sorry you have to endure scrolling down my boyfriend's photo* 

*scratch chin*

his epic face.
always gave me this face when i did something weird (which i don't find so)


so... the vengeful Scoprio takes his revenge...
but as vain LEO, i don't mind..

he took his (=.=) face when i was amidst of changing expression 

his personal favourite.. hehehe

i prefer this though.. hahaha

which one is your favourite? ^^

our food!!

my fish and chips..

trying to find the nicest colour to take

*adjust adjust*

(=.=) and the pig in front me, didn't wait for me and starts munching!!

for desert <3

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back from Sentosa Spooktacular! (photos heavy hehe)

hello everyone! I was invited by Angie to Sentosa Spookacular yesterday!
Had a great fun! hehehe.

i can't wait to blog about the event and share u with some of the photographs!


are you ready to be SPOOKED? hehehehehe

the event's location is at the IMBIAH LOOKOUT in Sentosa.

i want to wear my lolita shoes for this event but....
my toes hurt... so i could only wear my sneakers...
isn't it cute?

Angie! <3

dress code for the day is HALLOWEEN~
so i tried my best to look like a witch~ hahaha

while waiting for other bloggers to come 

the whole event place is full of roaming ghosts...
a granny chasing after a guy.. hahaha


gathering in front of merlion..
group of bloggers on the bottom right <3

my cute angie~


super tall ghost.. 

the media pass~
which allows us to go to all the attractions for free <3

right to left:
angie, gin , himeko and meeee <3
they are the bloggers i've met during this event! hehehe

be careful... she will grab u down when u pass the bridge..
*just kidding* 
it's not that high-tech~ hehehe

the scary granny!

waiting to go into our first attraction


Ropes to tie up in line...
so that we won't get lost in the dark

the bloggers are allowed to take photographs in this attraction only.. =(

but most of the times, i've got spooked out...
so here are some random shots!

basically, it's a long path in this dark dark alley..
then every now and then....
the ghost will pop out beside u or crawl near u...

hahaha! we used flash!
*usually not allowed*
this "ghost" is the crawler~ he just keeeeeeeeept crawling near us!!

more crawlers!


and finally we left the horrifying place...
but it's fun! hahahaha

and for our bravery...
we are awarded with free hairband!

i got my MR. PUMPKIN~

cute? it lights up in the dark <3

angie with her ghost hairband

geisha ghost!
"she" is the most popular ghost in spookacular..
cause she kept scaring people! hahaha

with miss popular.. hahahaha

i find this screaming mother very very scary =(

there are several phototaking points for visitors~ <3
isn't this background cute? hehehehehe

In spooktacular cemetery, u can take a lot of photographs yo~

need to weeeee weee~
hahahhaha.. i don't want to pee on my pants during the next attraction..
camwhoring in toilet~

when we left the toilet..........


he appeared!! >.<
apparently, he has been lurking around to scare people in the toilets!
super scary!
my boyfriend who went to the toilet said that he even followed him to the toilet and stood behind him when he's washing his hands.. hahahaha


and our next attraction is


unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photographs here!
*actually for all attractions*

the haunted asylum is a walk into the musuem...
with a lot of wax figurines...
it's really hard to differentiate the wax and the ghost...
and it's really scary as the GHOSTS in the asylum will chase after you and scare you!!
one of the ghosts followed us... kept staring at me...
and suddenly she shouted, " WHERE IS MY HUSBAND?!! "

the scare factor is about 7/10!

then we went to the parade square in front of the Images Of Singapore Museum

there's alot of places and ghost to take photo with ! ^^

i find that i look like a bee =(

i love her makeup!
super cute! ( i think i'm supposed to say that she's scary hahah)

another shot~!

the peranakan couple!


another zombie!!
(where's edward??)

this peranakan uncle kept kept following me!!
like lurking around.....

and his wife...
just keeeeeep staring at himeko...
super super eerie pair =(

and mr. pumkin

and mr. pumpkin again! wahaha

himeko and gin snacking while queuing for DEAD OR ALIVE WAX MUSEUM 

my drink <3

camwhoring while queuing...

one hour long queue = alot of weird photos

managed to snap this super retarded face of mine <3

super hot!!
decided to tie two high pony tails instead

DEAD OR ALIVE WAX MUSEUM is something like the ASYLUM..
but there's more characters in wax museum..
but it's darker in asylum...
if i have to choose between them...
it would be....
*probably because i'm tired already*

the last attraction will be the TOWER OF FEAR!
the queue is very fast..

in tower of fear, u will be able to see the night view of beautiful singapore..

best of all,
it's a great time for you to rest your tired legs.. hahahaha

camwhoring inside...

girls taking photos!

beautiful night view

done with all the attractions!!

a few more photos with the ghosts!

hahah! angie giving the ghost halloween sweets..
she refused to take it.. wahahhahaa...

and after that, i went for dinner with my doting boyfriend!

i want to thank my boyfriend for waiting!
omg! he's the number one boyfriend <3 hehehe...

he waited from 630pm (the start of the event) till 1055pm!!
in sentosa!
in his car alone!
in the carpark 

he didn't manage to get the tickets so he didn't play with us..
he didn't go home and rest because he knows that it will jam on his way here and he doesn't want me to wait... 

i feeeeel so guilty! >.<

i <3 my boyfriend! hehehe

dinner at papparich!

he looks sooo cute here! hehehe
i love my dear dear!


here's the link to spooktacular!

i can't wait for my next halloween party! <3


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