Saturday, October 2, 2010

[DL-Scans] Ranzuki Nov

hello everyone!

sharing with you the recent ranzuki that i've bought ^^
Download link of the magazine (without watermarks) is below..

and here is my pickup for this issue RANZUKI~

Nov. Ranzuki
Aya Suzuki on cover

Personally, i prefer the sweet suzu! but i guess ROCK suzu is pretty cool as well =D

The fashion in this issue is mostly autumn wear.
fluffy fluffy <3
super cute!
but in Singapore, it's pretty hard to wear those out.. (   =.=)

knit and fur...
absolutely adorable!
how i wish i can wear them out! ^^

awwwwww... look at natsuumi's legsssss >.<

and models' personal favourite coordination ranking!
for this season, the number 1 fashion item is FUR~! <3

ATTENTION! there's a change to this year MILITARY trend~

for military style this year, YOU HAVE TO MIX! ^^
there's Sweet Mix, Mood Mix, Obaka mix, animal Mix and many more...
i like obaka mix. hehehe (bottom left)

autumn style of wearing shoes~~ LAYERING~!
duper cute!! <3

tra lala collection

liz lisa doll~

pickups from many famous brands! this season's style is so cute!

Autumn beauty~!
all of their makeups have become thicker!

dolly make!
i couldn't recognise suzu (left)

sorry about the watermarks there..

but we have prepared the files without watermarks for you all to download ^^

only selected pickups were scanned (which means... no advertisements of diet meals, bust boost etc.. which also means the file is smaller for download)

which also allows us to scan it in bigger file size for you (1500 x 2000)

please enjoy~!

download links:

* even though scans were without watermarks, we very much appreciate if you could just credit us if you're using them.

a shameless request:
if you want to thank us, please click on our google ads and our nuffnang advertisements <3

Scanned by PEARLY <3


  1. thanx for all scans hehe....i enjoy seeing them so the way, all sort of dress isn't suit for Thailaand weather T_T!!! but i'll try to adapt it haha....>< fur in Thailand?? haha...must be so hot! hot! *arkkkk* but i love them!!

    this issue is so cool....I love autumn style and I like the Mix style in the picture 10 most!! so cool gal!!><
    and......all gal'legs so shaped haha...don't try to compare with mine hoho....sooooo difference!! haha...must diet!! diet!!><

    thanx Pearly for all scans >< and Kelly for translation hehe.....both of you are my beauty expert hehe......and i just click on the ads hehe....

  2. Thanks for taking your time to scan them Pearly :)

    I love Japanese fashion but it's so difficult to wear them on a regular basis here.

    And Kelly, how I wish I had Singapore weather right now. It's so chilly here and everyone is getting sick. I don't want to get sick *puts on a bubble suit*

  3. nutchii:
    nutch chan! <3
    yaaa.. it's too warm for our tropical weather yea?
    i will try to scan a summer one asap =)) hehehe

    yaaaa.. super cool!! i love their style too!
    hehehehe.. same here! theirs are like incredibly straight! >.<

    thanks lovely!

    yea true.. it seems quite weird to wear that in singapore too..(=.=) but there are more and more gyaru in singapore now =D

    wooo.. chilly cold...
    i hate flu.. gloria, take care!! <3

  4. ne ne can upload somewhere else :( two sites don't like me.... *sob sob*


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