Friday, October 15, 2010

[ft PEARLY] shopping after sch

featuring PEARLY!

i went to school yesterday for some training for my volunteer work. 
then i went to town to meet up with my sister...

she was freaking LATE! O.O
so.. she treated me lunch.. hehehe ^w^

before she came, i bought a book from kinokuniya and i left utterly cheated!!
it's my fault for not reading it carefully actually. hahaha

i was too attracted to 30% discount and that it comes with two free bags!!

and it turns out to be two plastic bags (carrier) =(
so i put all the things i've bought into the bag..

after strolling around in three shopping malls, she finally came!
and we settled for lunch at WARAKU~
her treat <3

my shio ramen with sushi set

see the smoke!

plain looking sushi

see how big the bowl is! heheheehe

her seafood don with udon

waaaaa.. her seafood don~!

and we went to the washroom..
i helped her to put on her falsies.. (the truth is.. she hardly make up recently)

and tada~!

nice right~ hehehe.
i still prefer her with makeup.

The outfit she wore was really YOUNG that day..
and i wore something more formal as i went back to school that day..
it makes it seems really weird... like i'm the elder sister.. wahahaha..
but HA! wrinkles won't lie... (just kidding!)

and after slacking around for a while...

we headed on to our main mission~!



my glittery hat! hehehehe
*nah.. i didn't buy that..*

but we bought two dresses, two cardigans!
and they are really cheap!

and... lazy as we are...
we went for a tea-break after shopping for a while.. wahahahaha

guess what she's doing...

PEARLY + drink with aloe vera bits on the bottom =


and she goes again...

and again..


and i...
just peacefully settle for my ice lemon tea~ <3

after that we WENT TO SHOPPING AGAIN~ hehehehe


i want halloween hats!
they got a lot of cute hats and hairbands!

bat~ hahaha


and i've bought two hats!
which will be revealed near halloweeen~~~~ <3 yeaaah!!

we went for DINNER~

and again...
my pizza!

crispy chicken wings with lemon mayo! <3

this is a reward for me for recovering <3 hehehe


  1. You guys are really cute! ^__^


  2. Lol at Pearly and her aloe! Victory!!
    (I also really like her shoes :D)

    And I'm so jealous of your lunch, it looks so good. And that bowl is bigger than your face haha!

    I wish there was a Daiso here... they really need to get on that and bring more Daiso's to Canada. I only found Jusco in Hong Kong which was suppose to be Daiso... I got some of the infamous eyelashes ^-^ but have yet to use them because I have no eyelash glue xD

  3. You are so cute and sweet guys!
    Really love your blog

  4. aw you guys are so cute ^^
    ~XOXO CHarlotte

  5. you both are just so adorable!! Those halloween head piece is just so cuuuuute &&

  6. You ladies are so incredibly cute! *hugs you*
    I am so hungry right now after looking at your photos *drools* feel free to send me some yes?!


  7. omg. the food looks soooo delicious!

    i am now your newest follower.

    p.s. come and enter my giveaway!


    u just recovered & u eat so much !!

    & where did you get that pizzzzzzzzzzza, the bacon is asking me to eat him leh heheheh

  9. Owh wow such cute halloween hats! ^^

  10. You look so cute together! Im jealous, want a cute friend for me!T.T

  11. Haha OMG! Pearly looks damn young in the pic with her two ponytails. Like she's 16 or something. lol O_o


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