Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Nails + Millitary Outfit (try)

hey everyone!

yesterday i went out with my dear dear!


after drooling at all the military styles on ranzuki.. i've decided to give it a try!! hehehe

and i ended up looking like AKB 48 (nah.. just kidding..)

I've learnt to crop away my messy room. wahahhaa

and we went for pizza, waffles, tomyam~ haahaha..

awwww... look at the soft egg... super nice <33
and the crust is just... super duper crispy <33333333

GOLDEN WAFFLES (seriously, that's the name of it)

and.. we forgot to take a pic of mr. hot tomyam. hahahah

and i bought POPTEEN!!

soooo many things!! i can't wait to share them with you guys!! <33

and... just to share...

i've attempted to do a watermelon nails..

hurhurhurrr.... funny right...
my dear dear said that there's white and purple watermelon! ( =.= not sure whether he's kidding)
next time i will paint those colours as well!


  1. Wah Kelly,

    I love your outfit! I think you rocked it really well. I miss Singapore shopping =(

    And your watermelon nails are super cute (different colours too)! It must have taken a lot of patience.

    You look different in the last picture, but still so pretty ^-^
    Did you do something different or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me and I need to go to bed now.

    Your blog post time just made me remember we are about 8 hours apart teehee.

  2. I love your outfit and nails.
    Very pretty. <3

  3. Gloria:
    hello gloria! <333

    i rocked it very well? hehehe >.< hahahahaa
    yaa.. come singapore! not chilly cold! super hot right now..

    hehehee.. thank you! <333 but i only do on my left hand as i'm a right handed! hahahaha

    i think i look different too.. ( =.=) must be the buffet i had recently... aurgggh..

    sleep sleep gloria! <3 nights


    thank you! <3

  4. hahah cute top!!! :) ahhh i wanna buy popteens too... tat time kept deciding dunno want anot... nvm later i go kino buy :) coz i dyed my hair black... wanna do something to it heheh ^_^

    i'm going to paint my nails watermelon this week heheh ^_^ the waffles look yummy la~~~

  5. 'U look so awesome and cute^^ love your outfit in fist pic~

  6. i love that outfit!! it bring you the cool girl look! hehe....cute ne! cute ne!
    the pizza&waffles make me mouthwatering again *maaaaaa*
    tomyum?? spicy right? haha....i wonder that you can eat spicy food?><

    popteen is really cute!! i love their make up style but i can't follow them haha.....must try more hehe.....please share them! please share them! haha......

  7. Those watermelon nails are so CUTE~ i'm gonna try it too! :)

  8. the waffles look so yumms! your outfit looks good lovee :)

  9. Awhh, that top is super cute! I love the military trend, I think you pulled it off well ^^
    Your nails are precious~ I wonder if there really are purple and white watermelon..

  10. I love yout oufit! The blouse is soo cute.

  11. Konomi San, I chiru's face! Change my nickname!
    Ohh a Popteen , someday I hope to have one! Here in Argentina there and buy them online is very expensive u.u, but some day I will have a n.n Very nice your blog!

  12. your outfit + nails are so cute ♥

  13. So pretty.. both the outfit and you teehee

    And why are there always these yummy looking foods here.. Im seriously hungry now~~~ off to look at the fridge XD


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