Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sorry guys for my hiatus!

Sorry that i didn't blog much recently!!

i was down with tonsillitis, fever and alot more...

>.< those tonsillitis gave me the worst pain ever! aurgghhh.. hate them..

but but... something i find more disturbing is my swollen lymph nodes..

i've got 6 swollen lymph nodes and that cause the water retention in my face..

and Gloria <3 was observant enough to realise the change in my look..

even i didn't realised that... heheh

thanks gloria!

2 of my swollen lymph nodes..

despite of my illness, i still went out... 

well... occasionally...

i stubbornly asked my boyfriend to accompany me to places that i just had to go.. hahahaha

============ 08/10 ============

this is for 08/10 (fri)
i had to drag my sick and bloated body to ANIMAX to help the cotton candy (their group name) girls to do their makeup.. they are under the project of ANIMAX K-ON GIRLS! hehe
as my friend is cosplaying as ritsu <3

i did some extra steps in my eye make up.. 
notice notice?

i will be posting the details up soon as one of the makeup tips <3

we left the place really late... 
but the girls and the photographers left later...

i need to thank my dear for accompanying me (for 4 hrs) to stay for them even though he didn't had his dinner..

we went to PappaRich.. 
ordered honey lemon...

i can only take bland food and those that are easier to swallow... 

dunno if it's his revenge, he tempted me with nasi lemak!
look at the curry chicken! hehehe <3


i went to cawaii kohii maid cafe at funan IT mall.

it's their opening so i had had to go!! hahahahaaha

the new maid cafe is at the 5th level.

the place adopts a 'classy' feel rather than a 'cutesy' feel.

but it's still quite comfortable there.

the interaction between maids and the customers aren't as much.. probably because they just open and everyone is as busy as a beeeeeee

tea that we had.
the bottle thingy is really cute..
u press the red button and more tea will be squeezed out.. hehehe

my dear's sugar intake..
he usually take 11packets..
that day, only 8 packets.. hahahaha
i'm so proud of him.. hehehe

i took polaroid with one of the kawaii maid, misaki..

gosh.. my face looks really bloated here...
stupid lymph nodes!! (or maybe is those midnight snacking?? >.<) hehehe

i promise that when i recover, i will take more photos!!
but it seems that i have to send my camera to service as there's white specks on my photos =(


  1. Ohh no I hope you'll be well soon and the swelling goes back D:
    I'm sick at the moment too <.< I also often have problems with my lymph nodes, but usually the ones under my jawbones (you know, under the tongue, so to say X'D), they also tend to swell whenever I'm even only slightly sick.
    It can be really scary o_o

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  3. I have a swollen lymph node on my neck!! (Though I don't think I should be proud of that haha). I was freaking out for a bit because I didn't have a cold so I don't know why I would have a bump. But I'm on antibiotics now :) Bump bump, go away!

    Everytime I read about maid cafes on your blog, it makes me want to visit one. I'm sure there's probably a few in Toronto, but I think I am just too shy haha.

  4. I hope u will get well soon!!

    You are so freeking cute!!


  5. ah....take care yourself!!!
    it seems so hurt you?? should drink warm water, take medicine n rest!!!
    i hope you'll get well soon..

    your first photo....look like Pearly haha.....><
    awwwwww.....all the food so awesome hehe.....i always hungry when i read you blog haha

    cosplay?? ah.....didn't you cosplaying?hehe...i can remember the photos which you and pearly was cosplaying together!!! cute!!! hehe
    i really want to go to maid cafe..but there's no place in Thailand T_T!

  6. Awh no! I really hope that you are on the way to getting much better now!
    Tonsillitis is so horrid, I hate getting it!

    Strangely enough eating crunchy food and drinking fizzy drinks really helps me!

    The swelling looks so sore, I hope it goes down soon :(

    Your makeup looks cute in those photos by the way, and the photo with the maid is so cuuuute ^^

  7. im so hungry and the food looks soo good right now! rest and eat well so you can recover soon and take more pics!

  8. All the food looks yummy<3. O the thing on ur neck is a little scary. I hope you get well soon =)

  9. Oww.. I hope you feel better soon ..

    And those are just mouth watering..
    arr X3

  10. I MISS YOU :(


  11. kyaaa~ u just as cute as usual! I was having swollen lymph nodes too last month

  12. VarisVarjo:
    hi varisvarjo!
    i hope u get well soon..
    i think this is a season when everybody's immunity is weak..
    take care k <3

    oh gloria!! <3
    i think the swollen lymph node is to signal u that ur body is invaded by the bacteria/virus! >.<
    i've got 6! i wonder when they will go away!
    shooo shoo gloria's swollen bump! shoo! ^^

    yea.. ask a few friends to accompany you?
    it's much more fun if you go in groups.. and less awkward.. hehehe..
    and.. well.. just treat it as a culture exchange experience <3 heheh

    hope u will get well soon!!

    hi sweetie!
    thank you!

    oh.. i'm flattered.. hahahaha

    it's not that painful.. the tonsil hurts more.. >.<
    but i'm getting well now =D hehhee

    ( =.=) really? hahahaha
    that means i'm getting old.. wahahaha.. kidding kidding...

    yaa.. FOOD is the best thing on earth

    yep, we did cosplay before =D hehehe
    oh i think @home opened a cafe in thailand before.. hehehe... but not sure if it's still there...

    Fanny :
    Thanks fanny!

    Pandora Absinthe:
    Hi lovely!

    i'm getting better already! thank you!

    yea.. tonsillitis is hell.. hahahaa... esp in the morning.. >w<

    hahaha. i take crunky stuff to push my white substance on the tonsil down. i hope it helps.. haha

    wow.. frizzy drinks.. i really hope my mummy will allow me to.. hehehe

    Thanks dear! <3

    hi bunnyluberz!

    hehehe. i'm hungry too! >.<

    thank you! will eat more, rest more and take more photos! hehehe

    thanks hitomineko!

    the food is really yummy!
    yea.. it did freaked me out in the first week.. haha
    thank you!

    Thanks jessica!
    i'm getting well already =D hehehe

    KIWI!! hehehe
    thanks! saw it!

    Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린:
    hello hyerin~! <3
    nice to see you here again! hehehe
    thank you!
    oh.. better drink more water and rest more.. ^^


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