Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tips from Okaeri ^^

I've got inspired by one of the tricks that Okaeri taught in her detailed eyelash tutorial on popteen

and decided to give it a try!
see the three pointy eyelashes?

it's supposed to make your eye looks rounder and your iris looking bigger =D

Basically you need,

EYELASHES (wahahaha..)

i've got these small eyelashes parts from daiso..

In her tutorial, she cuts Eyelashes (the long parts) and stick them in an upward direction when she closes her eyes. This will make those additional eyelashes pop out when she opens.
* hold the eyelashes vertical, and plant them in... almost parallel to your eyelid*
** almost like perpendicular to the long falsies*

super unglam photo of me trying to close one eye and take a photo. wahaha

here are the scans for the eyelash tutorial..
click to view full size..



  1. waaaw, I would like to try those kind of fake eyelashes too! thanks for sharing

  2. Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린:

    hi hye rin!
    elated to see you here again! <3
    welcome! i hope you like it too!

  3. It makes eyes very big and cute! Thats why I saw one pic another day which there were a girl with closed eyes and her lashes were up pointed! Doesnt it look a little strange with closed eyes? Thank you for sharing, i love your blog ^^!

  4. chiihime:
    hello sweetie!!
    yea.. i like the effect..
    but it's kind of weird if you close ur eyes..nevertheless, the angle can be adjusted.. hehehe
    but it looks more MORI (obvious) when it's pointed up!
    SO... DUN SLEEP WITH MAKEUP! it's not good for our skin too ~ hehehe

  5. Nice, well done, gyaru lashes advice is always the best! :D

  6. Cuute, I love your make-up!♥

  7. Ah, nice, it reminds me of Dollywink's No.2 with the 3 sharp pointy lashes~ So tempted to try now :P

  8. ahhhhh i think this could solve my droopy lashes problem :X


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