Monday, November 29, 2010

cut cut hair! ^^

hello everyone!!

My sister and i went to bugis to cut our hair last week...

PEARLY DA!! heheheh
she chopped off her hair.. but it's really cute! <3 hehehe
and i'm.. on the other hand...

loookss sooooo stupid!!

omg! i want to cry..
everyone said that i look gong gong (blur blur) hahaha

trying my best to salvage it.. hahahah...
but i don't wear makeup to school.
soo... i will look super duper geeky! hehehehee

but it's actually my fault..
cause i only requested for a trim.. which is back to my original hair..
which is this... maruko-chan's hair.. hahahaha
*sob sob*


but to cheer myself up a little, i went out with my DEAR DEAR (yesss! again! hehehe)

*waves* hello!

we went to a very nice japanese restuarant named 
can't remember which one is it.. hahaha

he ordered chicken katsu set.
which comes with rice, salad, appetizers and miso soup

his katsu with grated yam <3 

famished, he just dumped the wire mesh (under the katsu) on the salad.. (=.=)

and hurhurhur...

mine is...

oops.. i forgot the name. but it's super nice!

with egg and katsu and sweet sweet sauce


a very short update of my weekend.. ^^

hope you guys don't mind..
don't mind my new hairstyle.. hahahaa...


i really miss my old hairstyle =(

 and a big thank you to Mei , xiao yuan moon , Daisy-chan , Tricia Isabela , ~KawaiiParadise~ ,chinsa and
Nutchii !!

thank you lovelies for being so sweet always! <3

i love you all! <333

Saturday, November 27, 2010

5th monthniversary with DEAR DEAR!


the 5th month will my dear dear!

hehehe.. time passes sooo fast.. =DDDD

we went to iluma to dine at our favourite restaurant ~


<3 <3 <3

rose lime drink
tom yam soup
yellow curry seafood noodle
curried soft shell crab with egg

we took purikuras too! hehehehe

hurhurhur!! puddings!

my neck looks bend here.. hahaha

 we watched rapunzel! ^^
but i slept through the movie...

and i got my 5th month pudding!!

i love my dear dear! <3

Friday, November 26, 2010

i love makeup! ( showing non-make-up face also! wahaha)

HELLO everyone!
I LOVE MAKEUP!! how about you!! hehehehe
i find myself super brave as i will be showing u all my no-make face! 

let's just hope i wouldn't regret it once i posted it.. hahaha


*just to build up my confidence (by a little) hahaha *




after shower! *hair still a little wet*

after applying blusher and bronzer..

after sticking double eyelid tape...

after doing one side of my eyemakeup...

big difference? hehehehe...

soooo.. everyone please love makeup!
for those who don't makeup, try it!

i love makeup! 

and to compensate my drop in confidence level...

please allow me post my camwhore photos! 

i find this photo hilarious ... hurhurhurr

PS: i don't wear makeup to school.. wahahhaha

PS PS: i just added FORMSPRING!
ask me questions there!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

my recent passion

hey lovelies!!

i've a a new obsession recently.. >.<

which is... 


a.k.a claw machine

i'm sooooo freakingly addicted to that..

i wonder how many hours i've been roaming around the arcade either playing those or looking at people catching it.. 


and... here's my <3 trophies <3
up till present

my very first plushy from the UFO machine <3
and that's when it all started

the next day...
lucky! <3

today 20/11/2010
i love that hello kitty ~

Do you UFO as well? 

Friday, November 19, 2010

birthday celebration for XH and picnic~

hello everyone!

on 06-11-2010 ( sorry i dragged this post for sooo long wahaha )...

sooo we went to marina barage to have a picnic and celebrate her birthday as well~ <3

picnic picnic~

soooo.. i wore hat to get into the atmosphere of PICNIC~~


yes, this is the first time in my friend i've been to picnics~ heheheeh

my bad-ass look~ <3

and ready to goooo~~

i heart <3 the scenery 

many many shots without people make me feel like an art-sy photographer =DDD

see you!


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