Monday, November 29, 2010

cut cut hair! ^^

hello everyone!!

My sister and i went to bugis to cut our hair last week...

PEARLY DA!! heheheh
she chopped off her hair.. but it's really cute! <3 hehehe
and i'm.. on the other hand...

loookss sooooo stupid!!

omg! i want to cry..
everyone said that i look gong gong (blur blur) hahaha

trying my best to salvage it.. hahahah...
but i don't wear makeup to school.
soo... i will look super duper geeky! hehehehee

but it's actually my fault..
cause i only requested for a trim.. which is back to my original hair..
which is this... maruko-chan's hair.. hahahaha
*sob sob*


but to cheer myself up a little, i went out with my DEAR DEAR (yesss! again! hehehe)

*waves* hello!

we went to a very nice japanese restuarant named 
can't remember which one is it.. hahaha

he ordered chicken katsu set.
which comes with rice, salad, appetizers and miso soup

his katsu with grated yam <3 

famished, he just dumped the wire mesh (under the katsu) on the salad.. (=.=)

and hurhurhur...

mine is...

oops.. i forgot the name. but it's super nice!

with egg and katsu and sweet sweet sauce


a very short update of my weekend.. ^^

hope you guys don't mind..
don't mind my new hairstyle.. hahahaa...


i really miss my old hairstyle =(

 and a big thank you to Mei , xiao yuan moon , Daisy-chan , Tricia Isabela , ~KawaiiParadise~ ,chinsa and
Nutchii !!

thank you lovelies for being so sweet always! <3

i love you all! <333


  1. both hairstyles look good in my opinion.

    but i like your old hairstyle a little more^^

  2. awww i think we always miss our old hair style a little bit no matter what, but i think you look cute either way . ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  3. you look cute n not stupid! i dont see the stupid in it hehe. but you and your sis look like twins and are so pretty

  4. Your hair looks good! Don't be sad about it haha. I do like your old hair more but the short hair suits you too and gives you more of a cutsey look. In the picture with both you and your dear dear lol, it really doesn't look like much of a change =P

    And hi Pearly! *waves* I can't believe she got that much chopped of at once :|

    Both you and Pearly look great!

  5. I love the new hairstyles!!! :3 At least it'll eventually grow back~ I had my hair cut once and it looked like a super mullet! U.U I was really sad, but when it started to grow out more, it looked really good! ♥ At least with you, both hairstyles look good. ^__^ Thanks for the shoutout, btw!!

  6. Except for the pic with the caption "I look soooo stupid", your new hairstyle actually looks ok in other pics :) So cheer up!

    And trimming of hair is always like this, you always end up looking a little toot after it, at least that's what happens to me all the time T^T

  7. haha...really miss pearly....long time no see!! haha
    no no no!! you both so cute in your new hairstyle!!!! i think it make you look younger hehe....nice nice!!!
    it's had for girl to make a decision to cut hair...pearly so brave hehe....and it suit!!!!
    kelly too don't worry about it!! you hairstyle make you look cutier!!!!!><'re welcome,,,i love reading your blog and thanks for giving me lots of makeup tips^^ and catching your blog is fun too!! hehe...kinda my hobby hehe ^^

  8. You look super cute!!! :DDDD
    Also I got your giveaway presents! THANK YOU SO MUUUUUCH!!!!! :DDDD <3333 I love it.
    I will be doing a giveaway soon too, so please participate then :)

  9. i like it..! you look cute ^-^

  10. i love your new hairstyle. it matches you.


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