Friday, November 26, 2010

i love makeup! ( showing non-make-up face also! wahaha)

HELLO everyone!
I LOVE MAKEUP!! how about you!! hehehehe
i find myself super brave as i will be showing u all my no-make face! 

let's just hope i wouldn't regret it once i posted it.. hahaha


*just to build up my confidence (by a little) hahaha *




after shower! *hair still a little wet*

after applying blusher and bronzer..

after sticking double eyelid tape...

after doing one side of my eyemakeup...

big difference? hehehehe...

soooo.. everyone please love makeup!
for those who don't makeup, try it!

i love makeup! 

and to compensate my drop in confidence level...

please allow me post my camwhore photos! 

i find this photo hilarious ... hurhurhurr

PS: i don't wear makeup to school.. wahahhaha

PS PS: i just added FORMSPRING!
ask me questions there!


  1. I think you're even cuter without all the make up.

    That's weird!

  2. Aww I think you look naturally cute without the make-up ^__^

  3. No offence, really no offence, but you made me rediscover the wonders of fake eyelashes.

    That said, i think you still look not bad with no makeup cos your skin is good.

    It's a pity that you did not remove your coloured contacts cos I would like to know how your eyes really look like ...

  4. Leah Elaine:
    heheheh! thank you!

    heheheheh! really? thank you!
    most people said that i look like little boy without makeup.. hahaha

    HEHEHEHE ^^!
    yesss~~ fake eyelashes~ i really need them as my real eyelashes are pathetically short.. hahahaha
    oh oh! i got photos! i think in the night safari post.. hehehehe... the eyes looked so empty.. wahahha

  5. lol aw to be honest... you don't even look that different without makeup :) still cute ^__^

  6. you still look pretty without makeup 'coz you have a nice skin...(",)

  7. You look like you have foundation on in the "no make-up" photo though..

  8. is great!! hehe
    you still CUTE although without makeup....and when there's a makeup you look MORE CUTE!!!!!!! hehe
    i love your eye make up it seems so cute,natural and big hehe...

    next month i have to go to the event so i plan to buy some eye lens and fake eyelash please give me some advise...Kelly beauty expert hehe.....><

  9. without makeup ok ma.... hahaha =DDD

  10. i'm jealous, you're so cute without makeup too! ♥

    but woow you really know how to make eyes look bigger with makeup! what lower lashes are you using here? :)

  11. awww sooo cute pictures<3
    with and without make up super cute
    i wish i was that pretty without make up too^^

  12. "after sticking double eyelid tape..."

    O_O do you really use that?

  13. you look sooo cute !!!

  14. Frances:
    really? hehehe
    thank you!

    hehehehehee thank you!
    i didn't expect this kind of response.. was anticipating more of a 'O.O! u?' kinda response... hahaha

    hahaha really?
    i dunno how i do it one.
    it was taken after my toner, moisturizer, hydration base (maybe this one? but it's transparent) and my sunscreen =D

    hehe arigatou!!
    i think circle lens would be nice. my sister tried thailand's circle lens before and the effect is nice <3
    for lashes, i recently i like clear and pointy ones.. =DD

    thanks!! <3

    thank you chinsa! <3 hehehee
    i'm using natural straight lower eyelash from diamond lashes! <3

    thank you!
    your features are so nice! i think u must be very pretty without!

    Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita:
    yaa!! =DDD
    it increases my double eyelid width..
    if i apply fake eyelashes without, my eyes will look very dark =( cause it's small

    Suzu's Blog :
    thanks lovely!

  15. you still look pretty & cute without makeup so don't worry ^___^ wish i could look fine without makeup ... *sigh* lol

  16. awww~~ You are so cawaiii even without make-up~~!!!(and i also love make-up!!)
    Your skin is PERFECT~~!!! *jealous (;3;)*
    I love your blog!!! Ganbatte~~ <3

  17. Aw Kelly you look pretty without makeup too - a natural beauty! The makeup enhances your features :) You have beautiful large eyes anyways (I know you have circle lenses on :P but the shape of you eye looks big).

    And my, O.O I thought you might wear foundation too, but you just have amazing skin! I had no idea that in all your pictures up till now, you weren't wearing foundation!

  18. Fionaa ♥:
    hurhurhur.. thank you...
    i love you for being sooooo sweet with your words! hahaha

    thanks dear! <3
    makeup is the best invention on earth (gosh, sounded so bimbo.. hahaha)
    yesss! ganbarimasu~

    heheheh! thank you! your always very sweet!
    i used toothpick to keep them open wide everyday (just kidding) hehehe.
    nope, i've foundation on all my pictures =DD
    i also don't why it seems so powdery on that picture.. hahaha..
    but normally i wear foundation just because i want to put blusher ( i can't live without it ) hehehe.. cause my friends said that if i put blusher without foundation, it will clog my skin.. =(
    and btw, my skin is not good. there's no pimples or acne but it's very thick.. can see my veins.. ( i wonder why my arteries is not visible.. if not i will have natural blush.. heheheheh)

  19. You really shouldn't use that :/

    Btw, you can't reply to the comments like that. Bettter reply on the blog of the commenter.

  20. you still look so cute without the make-up.. at least you dont get pimples.. Ive so many Y_Y good thing theyre small enough that you wont even see on pictures but still Y___Y

  21. You look fresh w/o make-up while you look dollish w/ make-up!

  22. No offense but i was kinda expecting a drastic change before looking at the no make-up pic but after looking at it, i was like "tchhhhhhh =A=" no much diff! Luckily you have pretty good skin complexion and your eyes are pretty big from the start. i thought it would be phoenix-eyes-looking LUL

  23. WOAH! with out makeup, you look like a 15... but an adorable 15 yer old > <!!!!! You're just sooo adorable *hugs hugs*

  24. wow~you look the same without makeup, except with makeup its just like an extension of your style...
    thank you for showing us your face without makeup, because some people i swear i have NEVER seen w/o it...its so honest and sweet :) although personally im not allowed ANY makeup and i wonder what its like to wear it all the time, it must be fun! :)

  25. what eyelashes did you use here? they are GORGEOUS!

  26. i stacked gorgeous eyes with cat's eye =D

    all from diamond lashes


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