Friday, November 5, 2010

late halloween post!

hello guys!

as mentioned in the previous post (=.=) , i have been lazing around too long..
so i'm going to update now...

one by one.. wahahaha

so please be patient and read on k <3


i booked two tickets to the night safari halloween!
recently i've got dry eyes so i couldn't wear contact lens for too long..

(=.=) soo...
i wore my geeky spects.. hehehe
how sad... no circle lens..
and i actually wanted to dress up for halloween..
with spects, i just couldn't get into the mood.. 
am sure you pretties understand my feelings right? ^^ hehehe

but i love my geeky spects now.. have been wearing it since my eyes got dry..

before that, we went to iluma to have dinner~

hehehe and desserts~

ice cream~

chop chop chop~

(=.=) cam-nerding with dear dear~

hahaha.. i look soo geeky!

and our ice cream is all done~

mine... lemon sherbet with frozen gummy bears~

after that, we headed out to night safari~ <3


my dear dear needs more training in taking photos.. wahahaha

see i'm sooo professional in helping him take~ wahahah

the 60mins queue mark.. but the queue is really fast and short that day..

pumpkin lantern!

tribal man roaming around..

terrorizing people in the queue

fun waiting.. and finally we got our seats <3

basically, the train of terror is the normal night safari ride.. 

but this time..

with ghost popping out and scaring you when you're in the tram..

animals you see while in the ride

some decoration along the ride

ghosts jumping out to scare you!

and more animals

ghostly decoration..

it's fun as you would never know when the ghosts will pop out to scare you... hehehe...
neither would you know if they were real people or not...

after the ride, we went walking around the place...

they hired a lot of ghosts..

and they really looked very scary..

i thought it was just a dummy! but it's not!

and then we went over to the Trail of the Undead

are u ready? ^^

they are really scary..
they will stand there stationary then then while we are leaving, they will shuffle their legs super fast and walked towards us..

soooo scary!! 
i mean my double chin.. wahaha

escaped from the trail of undead, we headed on to the haunted village~

drink he bought~

some more photos~

i like him. he looks so geeky.. like me.. wahahaa

ghost granny snatching his drink.. hehehe

the waiting time is 2hrs!!
which means.. i might miss the important time..
so... we skipped the haunted house =(

even the kfc looks so haunted.. wahahaha

my pumpkin bag becomes a carrot head

and i skipped the haunted house...

just to be in time 



dear dear's birthday!

got him a small bread ( i did get him a proper cake.. but that's for the afternoon.. so now.. just a simply choco bread that he loves)

make a wish..

i used relighting candles for the bread..


i lowered the video volume as my laughters are tooo witchy~

will be blogging about his birthday sooN~

but now, i'm rushing to my friend's birthday <3'

love you!


  1. you looked like you had so much fun! The theme park workers are soooo creepy.. reminds me of when i went to universal studios... eeeps!

  2. your life seems so funny!! I love your blog :3 you are really cuuuuuute xoxo

  3. haha so cutee both of u =) i like the video song >.<

  4. omg~ that looks so scary but you two seem to have so much fun!! I will definately be terrorized @_@ especially the twins... they look soooo scary.... X_X Happy birthday to your dear~~ <3

  5. hehe....cute couple!!!!><
    oh....the halloween looks so scary >< *kyaaaaaaaa*
    by the way, seems so fun!! excited!!

    haha....funny both so cute!!!
    i'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kelly's dear dear hehe....
    waiting for your next update hehe

  6. that looks like a lot of fun ~~~ i like the twins ghost thingy.. if i hv a twin i wwant to dress like that =)

  7. Sooo cool!
    We should really have these things in the Netherlands!
    Alas, halloween is not celabrated here. We do have "11 November", on which kids will go with a lantarn singing at the houses door for candy.
    But halloween is way cooler!

  8. hi!i gave you a bloggy award! check it out at my bloggy!


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