Saturday, November 13, 2010

my boyfriend's birthday PART 2

hello everyone!!

miss meee? <3333

sorry that i've promised to blog often and POOOOOF i didn't blog for the whole week!! 


sooo today i will be sharing with you guys...
my boyfriend's birthday celebration on 30/10!!

in the afternoon, we went to our first destination~~

which is where we first met...

akibanana cafe! <3

we were just randomly playing games because....

he really thought i did not plan anything for his birthday..

soooo, we played some card games..
it's a stack of ice breaking cards each with instructions to follow...

show me your best smile card~!
well, it wasn't my best smile apparently..
i guess i was tooo nervous to think about all the phototaking tricks.. wahahha

well~ i've got a natural talent in weird faces.. hahaha

chicken wings we ordered

after the chicken wing, i went to the toilet downstairs...


to prepare the cake and change into the outfit as well...

but i guess i took tooo long and my worrying worrying birthday boy got so restless...

and (=.=) went down to check whether i'm trapped in the toilet..

and ruined my plan!!

he saw me in the costume!!
i wanted to surprise him soo much that i went down the cafe the day before and keep the cake and contacted the maids there weeks before.... but... *sigh*

but.. hehehehehe...
he didn't see the cake!

so i hushed him up and...
we (the maids and i) slowly went up and sang the birthday song to him!

(but it would be nicer if he didn't see me in the costume...)

the maids asked me to do an ai-kome (a love cheer) on him..
it was decades ( months actually) since i've last did an ai-kome and i've totally forgotten what to do...

so.. lazy me did this ai-kome..
wahahaha.. super lazy...

go-shujinsama no aikome~ (master's ai-kome)
happy birthday

hahaha.. can see that i'm really stiff with my actions.. wahahaha...
the maid has grown OLD~

me with the cake

had a hard time slicing the cake but still... SMILE~

aurggghhh.. forget it!! i want my choco cake fast


his birthday card

i'm sooo proud i drew this.. hehehehe

we played a little while before we left for our next destination~ <3

our favourite fluffy thing in akibanana


for dinner, we hurried off to " EN GRILL AND BAR" which is a superb japanese grill restuarant.. 

but we were really full after the cake...
so we ordered very few dishes...

gyutan! <333

best tsukune i've ever had! 
thumbs up, drools out!

butter and garlic scallops

grilled nankotsu.. 

he's really enjoying himself. wahahah


dear dear!!! <333333

see you guys soon!!

i'm going to afa x tmr~ <3


  1. kawaiiiii!!!!
    hehe...keithy is the guy who most of guys in the world must envy !!!><
    there was a cute birthday surprise!!!
    i guess your dear dear must smile and! cute!
    hardly see kelly in that costume....i love it!

    haha....a big birthday card cute too! i think spongebob's smile is seems like kelly's smile's cutie!!^^

    look forward to see your update about AFA..n hope to see you with cosplay ><

  2. You both are so cute!
    I see that you love him really much!
    I hope you had a nice day together... especially because of his special day.
    It's the best on your birthday to be together with the person who you love most .

  3. Cute max! That's one big card but so thoughtful :)
    Needless to say he must have have a great day. Too bad he went to check up on your in the basement haha.

    The pictures of you two are really cute ^^

    Do you still work at akibanana?

  4. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww~!!! You both are just soooo cute!!!
    He is a very happy guy! You're so cute doing the ai-kome! > <

  5. haha what a celebration so cute la.....
    and hahaha spongebob birthday card ....


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