Saturday, November 20, 2010

my recent passion

hey lovelies!!

i've a a new obsession recently.. >.<

which is... 


a.k.a claw machine

i'm sooooo freakingly addicted to that..

i wonder how many hours i've been roaming around the arcade either playing those or looking at people catching it.. 


and... here's my <3 trophies <3
up till present

my very first plushy from the UFO machine <3
and that's when it all started

the next day...
lucky! <3

today 20/11/2010
i love that hello kitty ~

Do you UFO as well? 


  1. elmo is soo cute haha i never win in that machine im scared for my money!

  2. Wow you seem so good at catching the prizes. I never win TT

  3. Oww so cute ^__^
    Ive never won in that game ever @__@
    and my boyfriend is amazingly good at it which I find annoying cause err I dont wanna lose to him ahaha..

  4. wow....there're lots of themmm!!!><
    you're great player!!!
    i've ever tried it!! but there's nothing that i can catch!!!! T_T! *bang! bang! the machine*
    maybe i should try it again to improve my catching skill haha.....

  5. I like playing it too~~ I've only won something once!
    How many tried did you take to win those cuties?

  6. Wow. That's a lot of plushies! You're really good at it!! They are really cute too~~ (♥.♥)
    Anyway, which arcade did you play at?

  7. Everything you won are so cute! I never knew people could actually do it, I always thought it was a gimmick ^^!

    I tried it once and it got the plushie up halfway and then it slipped out of the claw =(

    The Hello Kitty's and Miffy are really adorable =)

  8. omg I just won this game once and got a super little doll.. lol! ur talented =))

  9. They are so cutee!!!!
    Here in Barcelona those machines has just so ugly plushys... If they were so cute as yours, I think that I would be addicted too haha.

  10. So cuteeee!!
    I really suck at those, but my sister is awesome at it so i just give her money to get it for me! haha! I love all the bunnie!! So cute!

  11. MUAHAHHA! I love all your UFO catches! They are all so adorable! I especially adore the baby elmo! No wonder why it's so popular in Asian countries, the plushies are way, WAY cuter than the plushies in the US! How much is it for one turn, anyway?

    <33 Rena

  12. Wow how did you many to catch the toy? Did you put in a lot of coins and tried many times to get it?

  13. bunnyluverz :

    hehehehee... i guess i wasted quite alot of money for those items as well...


    it's just luck! >.<
    recently i couldnt catch any.. =(

    Jessica: cute. but at least ur boyfriend will give u those plushies if he won those ^^


    hehehehe.. i tried banging the machine when i couldnt catch any.. hehehe!

    My elmo.. i managed to get it on my first try. (beginner's luck)
    the subsequent ones... i need about 4~5 times to get those..


    hehehe. thank you!

    i roamed around cineleisure (level 9) , marina square and plaza singapura.. ^^


    hehehehe.. i never thought i could win.. but.. beginner's luck ^^

    yaaa!! i hate it when the claw loosen and drop the toy... ='(

    Lia Waroka Putri:

    heheheh thank you thank you! <3

    Bunny Princess:
    hurhurhur... ^^ yaaa.. same.. i doubt i will be catching those ugly looking dolls...
    hahhaha.. i'm a sucker from elmo.. hehehehe...

    i heard that they've got cuter and bigger plushies in japan.. =(

    Dolce♥Bunny :
    hehehehe! so cute! then you've alot of plushies at home? hehehhe.

    hehehe.. i love elmo too!! <3333
    one try is about 1sgd.. i think about USD$0.75..

    yep! >.<
    i put in a lot of coins to catch those...
    but it's super addictive.. like... u almost got it and u just have to try again.. hehehe

  14. wuwahahahah... now its ur turn to be obsessed with it... i'm trying my best to quit the addiction. I'm bad with the claw machines but I think i'm ok with the scope scope ones ^^

  15. Pssst (I have grant you an award) x


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