Friday, November 5, 2010

updates! hehehe. my EXRAS day!

hi guys!

sorry i haven't veen blogging for a while.
was busy with.... *recall*
with playing around! wahhahahahaha
(_ _) and school work.. (aiming for GPA 4.0) wahahah

i will diligently update about them! ^^


on 26/10
(my month-versary with my dear dear but we celebrated early as my dear counts by days.. wahahah)

instead, we went to do a small part time~~

we became ACTING EXTRAS for that day.

SGD$50!! hehehe

rushed from sch to marina bay sands!

ever-crazy amber on the left

the animax girls and guy

camera crew

handsome allan wu~ <3


macho handsome~ HANCHO~

my superstar.. wahahah

that's update number 1!

love you guys alot!


  1. lucky~! I don't know who that guy is but that is so cool that you got to be extras :D

  2. Cool, like extras in movies? That's so awesome, I'd like to do that for fun haha and $50 is pretty sweet though I don't know how long you had to be there for.


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