Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 in a post!

hello everyone!

i'm going to summarise my 2010 in a post!

it's going to be quite photo heavy and there might be a lot of chunky paragraphs but please bear through with me!


sooooo... let's start!
( with reference to facebook and my limited brain memory space... )

first time as lolita at SOY'B event =D
hehehe. made the dresses ourselves! (with the help of our aunt) ^^
(read more at lolita)

-Started blogging @ pearlykelly.blogspot

went to japan and met with KANNO YUI!!
this is definitely the most EPIC moment of my 2010!
i almost cried when i saw her!
(read more at POPTEEN!)

first skiing experience!
probably the last too! wahahaha
(read more at SKI )

realised that life cannot be perfect without fake eyelashes.

kelly becomes a maid! hehehehe

it's also the first day i met my dear dear! <3
but that day, i only find him as a weird uncle. hahaha
(read more akibanana )

the day when i served my dear dear for the first time...
as a butler! <3 
and he went to germany for competition after that...
( read more hehehehere! )

this is also the month when i made many new friends
amber and mirai <3

April is also the start of my school..
find it very hard to adjust to a new school that i neglected my blog =(
sorry guys!!
( btw, i'm in physiotherapy  ^^  love it! )

risking my life...

shedding blood and tears...

to be a physio student.. hehehehehe
just kidding!
 for aspiring physio, please do join this wonderful profession! hehehe
it's fun to be a physio student but u have to really work hard!

despite all the school work, i still continue working at akibanana..

and frequent dates with my dear dear ( not my boyfriend yet)

i went to Universal Studio SINGAPORE for the first time!

with my dear dear ( not yet bf )

a new member of my maternal family..
(my cousin's precious little girl)

my first ever boyfriend finally confessed to me! hehehehee

i stopped working at akibanana...
struggling with exams... >.<

exams over!!
they are sooooo cute!

first time riding 

celebrating with my dear dear!

on a yacht O.O

and fireworks at night!

hehehe. i feeeeeel like a princess~ <3

on the next day, i celebrated with my bestiesss!!
soooooooo happy!!

it's a wonderful AUGUST <3

(read more at i'm back! )
soooo soooo happy to see you guys reading my blog even though i've disappeared for sooo long.. ^^
thank you!!

started our first ever giveaway!
(read more at giveaway )
sooooo elated that sooo many of you all joined!
thank you!!

invited to the sentosa spooktacular!

celebrated my dear dear's birthday after visiting the halloween horrors at night safari
( read more at hereeeee! )

celebrated my dear dear's bday the next afternoon ( 31-10-2010)

i loveeee my dear dear! hehehehe

bought this very cute looking alice dress!
just have to wear it to AFA! hehehe
(read more at AFA )

discovered my talent in UFO machine catching <3333 heheheehe

6month-versary with my dear dear..

enjoyed the skypark view
my panorama skills suck!

celebrated my mama's birthday on XMAS~

in conclusion...

i love 2010!!
(even though i forgot what i have did on JAN.. )

made many new friends ( online and offline )
love more people and be loved by more people.

every month is filled with excitement and joy 
( i bet jan was great too! at least.. i didn't have any bad memories of it )

a few days more and i would have to say bye bye to 2010...

but a BIG HELLO TO 2011!
it will definitely be as fun as 2010!

Last but not least,
 i want to thank everyone who has made 2010 such a great year for me!

including you guys!
i hearts all the comments!
i hearts all the blogs that i've read, it gives me a very warm and happy feel~ hehehe

PS: do you have summary for your 2010?
if you do, please post it on my comments!
i'm really excited to read about it!


  1. 2010 seemed like such a fun year for you!!
    The pictures are amazingly cute <3 heheh SO MANY FAKE EYELASHESSS <333 completely jealous ;) ! hahahah. AND YOU LOOK SO CUTE AS A MAID. PLEASE BE MY MAID :3 ?

    /steals you from your boyfriend <3 hehehe

    I hope 2011 will be just as awesome for you! xo

  2. Sounds like a very exciting ear indeed!

    I loooooved it when I went snowboarding! I wasn't (that) bad! XD

  3. Your life looks so amazing! I'm jealous ^^;

  4. This post was love<3
    Great pictures! I like your writing style, it is nice to read *__*
    And you look SO cute with lolita!

  5. Omg, you ladies are SO cute as lolitas!!! *__* The dresses look so nice, too! You all are so talented. ♥ And Kelly in the pink maid outfit is to die for! T__T ♥ Thanks for sharing your 2010 memories! It was very enjoyable to read! :3

  6. Here is my summary of 2010:

    Hope you enjoy! ^__^V

  7. You make a really cute lolita & maid :D

    this is such a cute post ^__^

    Nyar I used to be a Physiotherapist student too ahehe

  8. Looks like you had an amazing 2010! I wish you the best in 2011... love the lolita dress up pix ^_^... and also congrats on your first bf! kawaii~

  9. Yay, I've read most of your blog posts this year :D
    Have a wonder new year Kelly and say hello to Pearly for me ^-^

  10. *O* what a great year!!
    im sure 2011 will be better :D it only gets better after all!

    o///o ty for reading my blog btw.. is there some stalkerview thing or something and you found out from some stats thing i read this blog like a crazy stalker....

  11. Aww you look so cute in lolita~! ♥
    And haha I'm jealous, I want to go swimming with dolphins, too! :----D
    Have a wonderful new year~!

  12. Hello! I love your 2010 it looks so awesome!
    Mine was alil' boring for me!
    there is a link here:
    please do visit mine and leave a comment too!

  13. hi!!
    I found out this great blog cute!!
    You really seem a cheerful happy girl, yeah! And I nearly died when I read about your visit to Popteen (Popsister is my fav mag <3), and, most of all, about your meeting with the beautiful Yui!! waaa!
    bye =3
    ps. I want your lashes collection XD

  14. wow, you had a great year!!
    I wish i had a great year as well.... all because of assignments! T.T
    I am also from NYP, studying interaction design!

  15. omg i admit i started reading your blog because i found the giveaway!~except its so cute so i keep reading! haha ;)
    thank you for being so fun :)
    i love how u guys have pictures but are not super camwhores and i think its a really cute idea to sum up a year ;) betta start thinking!
    sincerely, hihihi <3
    i'm asian but im in north america, so i loove going to asian places and reading about asian things...and im 16...;)
    can we see more of both sisters
    happy christmas!...even though i guess u dont celebrate it as much in asia? ;)

  16. You have such an interesting year!! ╰(◉▂◉)╯ and i super love all your photos!

  17.'s seems so great year!!!
    and wish this 2011 will be the best!! SUPER Best year for u, pearly,your bf and your family!!!! hehe
    ah.....what's a pity !!! i can't recognize full year of me!! whaaaaaa!!!
    by the way this new year i'll start my great year with full of memory haha......*weird nutch*

  18. omg.. u r frm sg too? haha.. nice blog.. followed u.. check out my blogs too... and great pics...haha~


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