Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bestie's bday celebration + korean bbq

hello everyone!

finally i'm updating.. hehehehehe

how are you all?
for my lovelies who are residing winter countries.... don't fall sick because of the cold weather! >.<
drink more water! wear more layers of clothes!

i've never experienced real winter before ( ermm.. once..? when i went skiing last year..) but i hate cold and flu..
so please take care! <3

last week, i went to celebrate my friend's birthday!

we planned to go for korean bbq that day as she was an avid k-pop fan~!


i tried doing a korean-inspired look...

but it failed soooo terribly... hahahaha

my friends didn't even notice a difference.. hahahaa

korean inspired!

>.< i doubt u see the KOREAN-ness in them...

let me explain...

the main point is....

the bun!!!!
the bun!!!

look!! it's sooooo korean~

hahaha.. i admit i don't like korean at all. hahaha

anway, while looking for the buns' photo..
i came across..

kya~~~ super cute!! are korean babies all that cute?
i want!! <333

and.... back to the birthday celebration

i'm going to flood you all with photos of food <3

the appetizer

korean pancake!


donpokki!  ( i don't know how to spell....)

kimchi stew <3

the kind korean owner helped us bbq the food in the KOREAN STYLE~


for last post's comments...

thank you lovelie!i love my previous hairstyle more too!
i will comb my hair EVERYDAY... hahaha.. so that they will grow faster <3

Thank you! <33yaaaa.. it always happens... that's why i dislike cutting hair.. hahaha

hahahahaha.. thank you!hahahaha. that's the best compliment to my sis! wahahaha
*hug* thanks gloria!! <333yaaa! it's the bravest act i've seen from her... HAHAHHAAbut it looks nice on her <3

Thanks!i'm combing it now.. hahahaha.. i hope my fringe will grow faster.. it's in the awkward phase right now.. hahahahahai went to your blog to look for the mullet hairstyle >.< hahahahbut i couldn't find.. i bet you look cute in that.. <33

thanks anonymous! <3(=.=) waiting for it to grow.. hahahah

heheheh nutchii!! <333thank you! your comments are always sooo cute <33yaaa... she's really brave.. but i think this image change looks good on her..fresh image <3reading your comment is my pleasure too! <333love you!

Thank you!i hope you like your present <333*raise hand* can't wait to participate!! <333

thank you sweetie! <333

Thank you!! <333

love you guys!! i enjoyed reading comments!

Thank you!!


  1. That's a cute baby bun ^___^
    Korean BBQ never fails <3 gosh you made me hungry and droolinggg

  2. The korean pancake looks soo good *O*
    Btw, I like your bun, really !

  3. Sooooooo much delicious food!!! OMG!!

  4. Now I feel hungry! XD

    Cool bun!

  5. yum..salivate..lol
    btw, i selected you for a blog award. Please visit my blog and check it out..thanks..(",)

  6. The bun! I think the same way too! I put my hair up in a high bun when I am inspired by Korean fashion that day or I do heavy eyeliner and put bows in my hair when I feel Japanese-inspired. Haha, so silly of me because other people probably don't think anything of it.

    Your Korean BBQ looks delicious *drools*. The restaurant seems high class and the owner was BBQ-ing for you? :O It must have tasted like heaven =P

  7. Ahh, all the food looks so good!! I really want some now!! >o<

    I think buns are so cute and look really Korean-like to me. I think messy looking buns are more noticeable though if you want people to know what look you're aiming for. ^o^

  8. hehe...korean style?? that's cute!!^^
    i think most of korean style is short fringe...and the bun so cute too!!
    and the baby so kawaiii!!>< hehe....circle face with big eyes..whaaaaa i wanna hug and pinch her cheek...><

    pearlynkelly's blog always show us the makeup together with FOOD haha....make me mouth-watering....so hungry!!!
    and now my stmach is asking for the food....haha (loudly bowel sound: groozz! groozZ!)

  9. KoreanのBBQがおいしいいだよね~~o(^-^)o


  10. Awww! I think you pulled off the Korean style well! I couldn't recognize you at first hehehe... xD But I agree, I'm not a big fan of Ulzzang/Korean style either, although the girls are definitely pretty!

    Korean BBQ is always so yummy~! I love how they give you so many different mini dishes that are refillable. ^__^

    Oh, and the super mullet is really old!! xD I had the photos on my LiveJournal, and just recently I switched to Blogger.

  11. nice korean bun!^^ and nice eye glasses it looks really cute on you :)

  12. haha I think your bun looks more Japanese than korean. xD Maybe you should try one of those huge geeky specs!

    Haven't seen or talked to you in a million years. you're still looking cute as usual :D

  13. cute hairstyle :) I always try doing this hairstyle when I cannot be bothered to do my hair ^___^ korean food <3

    btw, I gave you guys a blog award ! :)

  14. aah, it's a dok bok ko (teok bok gi)! a korean ricecake stew!!! I like it~~~ hehehe


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