Friday, December 10, 2010

I ラブ Wigs + MMK

hello everyone!

I went out with dear dear yesterday and he gave me a clip on hair wig! <333



very smooth looking clip on hair wig~

dear dear adjusting it for me.. <33

i don't look like myself here!

(=.=) hahaha. partly because my face is quite bloated due to swollen lymph nodes again =(((
i hate water retention! 

after that we headed to LIANG COURT~!

Have u heard of the MOE MOE KYUN MAID CAFE?
it's a very popular events-based maid cafe in Singapore. with a lot of cute maids! <33 hehehe

just as you would expect it..

we headed to liang court as they have a mobile cafe there!

tada! i stole it from their facebook!

chocolate cake and tea~
quite costly.. paying for the service and experience.. not really for the food.. heheh
but the chocolate cake is nice <3

some shots. 

browsing through my ageha with a SMILE...
(=.=) weird...

caught my dear staring at MAIDS! hahahaha

the maids played games with the customers too!

on the day we visited, moe-chan performed a dance!
kawaii! <3

she looks so petite.. hehehe
my favourite song now! hehehe

and this little boy was mesmerized by her when she was dancing.
he sneaked into the cafe and stood beside me, staring passionately at her..
(okay.. not exactly passionately..)

after that, we left the cafe.. ^^

i'm an MEIDO-OTAKU~!
(as mentioned on my past post.. akihabara maid review )

some more photos of my wig!

loving it <3

my dinner <3

and lastly,

thank you everyone for your comments! 

i love reading them!

and most importantly, i love you all! <333 hehehehe

if i don't have you guys, i don't think i would enjoy blogging this much!

love you guys!

comments' replies :

thank you mei-chan! <3
hehehe.. looking back at those photos make me super hungry too!

they tasted very much like kimchi hehehe
thank you!
yes! peko-peko!

i feel hungry always! hehehehe.
thank you! <3

thanks camgaga!
actually, i don't know what to do with all those awards.. hahaha.. never done those before.

*high five*
gloria! what i can say is that... " great minds think alike!! " heheheheheh

yep he cooked for us.. yea.. tasted sooo much better!

messy buns look more like korean? ^^
okiessss thanks! i will try them next time when i go to korean restaurant hehehe!!

hurhurhur! hungry nutchii! >.<
don't eat the bishounen up! hahahahaha..

yaaa the baby is super cute!! i want to kiss her cheeks! >.< sooo cute!

また食いたい~! <笑>

若いし。。 <3

hahahaha.. yaaa i realised!
i was flipping through all the enteries and all are cute photos of you... so unfair.. hahahahaha..

yaa..i don't really follow korean fashion but korean girls are super hot. they got long legs and fair skin <33

thank you!
those are my daily spects btw.. >.<

i'm wearing geeky spects ( i think .. )
yaaa cause my acct got hacked.. contact me thru facebook! ^^

yaa, it looks very casual and easy for a lazy hairdo
but! i spent quite a long time to do.. i guess i'm not that good with hairstyles.. hahahhaa

i love dok bok ko!
super soft and tasty!


  1. That's cute hehe....that wig make ur look as sweetie girl ^^ and short fringe make u seems like a dolly hehe.....sukoi kawaii!!><
    haha.....i'm fall in love with that cute cake hehe....decoration is so nice!!!

    by the way..take care for yourself ne!!

  2. your hair extension looks awesome! it's exactly ur hair color!! ^__^

    and no you do NOT look bloated :)

  3. aww you're so cute! i love the extensions^_^

  4. You are so cute in all your pictures >o< I'm jealous!

    In America we don't have any real maid cafes, only at anime conventions. But... the girls there are usually not very pretty. XD

  5. this was a very nice post~! :D
    and that clip on wig looks great on you! ♥

  6. So sweet of your boyfriend giving you a clip on hair wig after you said that you look like maruko-chan. ^^

    It looks nice on you!

  7. Omg! I'm a otaku for maids too~! >_<
    Even though i am a 100% straight girl
    My favourite girl from MMK is Miyake!
    Did you see her on the day you went?

  8. The wig looks good on you.
    FOOD.Now I'm hungry.
    I haven't even had breakfast.

  9. i love how u look with ur long hair wig so cute =)

  10. .... I think the maid cafes are just plain dead SCARY! D:

  11. You look a like a doll with your hair extensions! He even got you ones that match your hair colour so well :)

    And it's not fair that you even look cute with swollen lymph nodes! =P

    Get well soon Kelly!

  12. Awww, he got you the clip on hair wig?? That's so cute!! :3 Hehe... My boyfriend mentioned that we should go to a maid cafe while we visit Japan, and I thought "Why would you wanna go there? Hmmm..." But I think it'd be a great experience so I said yes! xD

    And I don't know what you mean by unfair since you're always lookin' so cute too!! ♥

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