Saturday, December 18, 2010

naughty naughty busy day! hehehe

hellooooo everyone!!

i had a great fun yesterday night.. hehehe...

but first.. let me blog about it chronologically =D

yesterday afternoon, i went to CAWAII KOOHII to interview... ^^

( i actually did an eyemake video when i did my makeup that day... but after i finished everything, i realised it's not recording as there's not enough memory O.O!! *faint* will try again today but i'll make sure my memory card is empty! hahahahha )

i went with my dear dear's sister, ashley.. ^^ 

amber and mikan (my old maids) joined us as well =D

i miss amber and her crappy bubbly self hehehe

with the old maids..

HEN GAO~! weird faces~
i guess... i'm the champion~

we waited quite a long time for the interview.. 

but.. the boss said that the shifts for holidays are fully packed so he doesn't have shift for me.. =(
cause i didn't want to work on my school days.. hahaha

i don't know whether i would get the job..
if not, i will remain as penniless kelly~ hehehehe

( in the meanwhile, please click on my nuffnang ads to feed me.. hahahaha i need a lot of food~~ )

after that i went to have lunch with ashley <3
gossiped a lot about my dear dear..

we walked from funan it mall to plaza sing worxxx~~ ( quite far )
heheheh *proud*

and we shopped a little...

had soooo much fun with her that..
(_ _) i forgot to take photo! >.<


after that, we went on an impromptu double date! hehehehe..

we had delicious dinner at papparich <3
i was sooo farmished that i forgot to take the photo!
AURGHHH.. there goes my food blog.. hahahha

headed to vivocity after that to take photo with giant Christmas tree <3

dear dear with christmas hat... ^^
@ taken by me

hahaha my fat fat chinssss! *gym gym*

and i asked my dear dear to help me take a photograph of me "kissing" the tree...


what's this??

what's this?? hahahaaha

seee~ i did a "slightly" better job.. hehehe

@taken by me
but i looked like a fish here.. hahahaha

dear dear (=.=)?

okay .. it looks more like we are about to kiss than we kissing the tree..

and weeeee kissing you~ hehehee

after a simple round of phototaking, we went to the arcade to play!! hehehe

and when we returned we couldn't find her sister and her boyfriend...

soooooo... we went on an excursion to find them =D

and i found them!
but we decided to prank or scare them instead..

so naughtily we went to a level below them...


at that point of time, we were using our "camera-flash" tactic but they didn't notice us..

undefeated, we went to long john silver to get a cup of ice...


we wanted to throw ice on them...
hahahahaha >.<

but but!!
when we returned, they disappeared!!
(   =.=) they are soooo cunning

soooooo we went around looking for them.. 


our determination brought us to...

we found them!!

but while we were sneaking near them, they noticed us.. (=.=)

nevertheless, we still sat behind them and attacked them.. hahaha

most of our ice melted while we were looking for them (+.+)

but we still had a great time throwing at them... 
even though none of our throws hit them.. hahaha

and we decided to be PI ( private investigator) to take photos of the couple.

she angry already! O.O

( we took about 80plus photos, all with them knowing that we were behind them)

and they asked us to help them take photo after that... hehehehehehehehehehe


@taken by dear dear

@ taken by dear dear
( my camera has got awesome ZOOM )

@ taken by me..
nice right? 
she has a lovely smile here.. hehehe

@taken by me

@taken by me
(i accidentally placed my thumb on the flash)
really accidental

@taken by me~! nice right?

@ taken by dear dear

@ taken by me..
titled ' eating grapes' 


had a naughty day!

last post's replies:
thank you!! <3

thank yoU!
but my calves are really short in real.. =D
my mum took a longer looking photo of it... hahahahaha *clap for mama* hehehe

hehehhe thank yoU!!
yep! love the slippers! keeps my feet warm
(=.=) hahaha.. okiessss... seems like i should go to gym really soon! hehehehe
heheheh.. cute hor~!

i thought u busy DATING <3 hehehe
teeeeheeee!! thank you! i love those slippers! hehehehe...
yaaaa... somehow, when i shop alone... i tend to buy less things for myself and more for others.. hahaha...
i bought christmas presents already =D hehehehe
i hope you have a great christmas too! <3

thank you. i guess it depends on the claw machine as well.. some of the claws are really weak and really hard to catch anything...

apple~~ hehehehe.. thank you!
yaaa.. we should find a day since we are both holidaying now! <3

yaa.. i got weak abs.. hehehehehe...
actually i got weak biceps, triceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, quads and many others! hahahaha...
all thanks to years of rolling~ hehehehehe

yaaa! that's my favourite and most efficient exercise <3 hehehe

*high five* yes!! i did my christmas shopping in a day! hehe but it's kinda lonely to eat alone.. hehehehe

awww.. >.< 
i can UFO with u if you're in singapore =D

PS: i accidentally hide last post's replies.. hahahaha..
please check =D 


  1. Omg haha, you and your dear dear playing all those pranks =P

    The Christmas tree is gorgeous, I haven't had the chance to explore Christmas-y places yet. Hopefully I'll get to see some pretty lights before the new year!

  2. both so funny couple hehe....that's seems so fun to prank them haha......
    that's great double date right??hehe...
    the christmas tree is so big!! hehe....i think the pic which you try to kiss the christmas tree is so funny haha....but cute!! hehe....
    it's kind of naughty and funny day!!

    i wish you get the job!!! and try to record your eyemakeup video again hehe......don't miss it!!^^

  3. Nice pictures! ^^

    How did you get that effect with the "@ taken by me..
    nice right?
    she has a lovely smile here.. hehehe"

    photo? They are sharp but the lights are.. stripey?

  4. love your hengao! Its still so cute!
    and omg, you both are sooooo naughty!! kekeke but i like!

    I love the photos of you and your darling trying to attempt and nded up he want to kiss you! Ahhhhhh choooooo cute > < *dies of cuteness*

  5. Awww, you and your boyfriend are so cute!! ♥ So many attempts to get that kissing picture right. xD And nice weird face, btw!

  6. wow such a fun night! so much camwhoring and i love it! lol the silly face. haha


  8. Reply - Yes he can be smart XDDD He's cute nonetheless.

  9. WAAA!! You two really damn naughty can >...<!

  10. Waa!! You two really damn naughty can? Like some paparazzi, somemore go blog it out in sequential >.<! And i look so ugly in all the photos... sigh... and you didn't even take any with me while we were out the whole time :(. Sad sad! Don't always take with my brother la! You took enough with him already! Next time take more with me ok? Had a great time with you too hehe!!


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