Saturday, December 11, 2010

new new hair extension!

hello everyone!

my dear dear bought me a new clip on hair extension on friday!

it's 8 pieces of clip on hair...


i put it on yesterday! ^^

super long!
i love it!! 

with my doting boyfriend <3

hehehehehe!! i love hair extension!

we went for LONG JOHN SILVER for dinner <3
have been craving for that for HOURS.. hahahaha

can't stop the cam-whore~

happy happy girl

oh oh! i changed the colours here.. looks super retro right? heheheh
(i think..)

loots we got from shopping @ bugis street..
saw some hair?
hehehe.. we bought a new wig! >.<
gosh.. wig-addiction!

after shopping, chilling at hongkong cafe at iluma 

i love my dear dear


i love this photo! looks so candid right?
my camera had been a little slow recently... but... thanks to that, i managed to take this photo! heheh

in the car...

i took out my poniesss! and this is how i look!

i don't look like myself..
the photo is prettier.. wahahahha

with my red-eyed dear dear...
(because he rubbed his eyes)

sooo cute! hehehehehe
he's a happy red-eyed monster.. hahaha


took out one side...
and i look more like myself.. hehehe

if you don't know my original length...

short right? hehehehehe

i love wigs!


last post's replies:

thank you!
i feel like i'm barbie doll.. hahahaha
because i've got alot of fake hair.. hahahahaha

yes dr nutchii!
popping pills now.. hehehe

thanks frances!
hehehehehe... yaa.. i love those!
thanks to my dear dear <333

my mum said my eyes look super swollen recently.. 
might be the midnight snacking.. hahahaha
thank you MSodapop!

thank you!

then dolly you should join! then you will mesmerise all the otakus with your beauty! <3 hehehehe

thanks alina! <3

hahahahah! yep!
but not because he finds that i look like maruko-chan too, i guess... ( i hope... ) 

yep!! *high five*
i love to be surrounded by cute girls.. hehehehe..
yep, i saw her! ^^
her skin is super fair! <333
the one that i've circled is actually her.. 

hahahahaha.. *pass cookies*
eat eat! hehehe

thank you!
thanks daidai!
it had been long since i've last heard from you!
glad you're blogging again! ^^

hahaha. why scary?
i love maid cafes! <33

hehehehee.. =DDD
my mum said that i looked like i've been crying for days..
must be my camwhoring skills so it doesn't look that bad on photos..
thanks gloria <3


  1. :O with your ponytails out, your hair/extensions are so long. You look like one a model in Japanese magazines, are you planning to curl them (can they be curled?).

    And I actually think your haircut really suits you in your last picture >.>

  2. I think without that extension, you look much cuter :3

  3. You're always so adorable in all your pictures! You and you boyfriend are very cute together. I wish my boyfriend liked taking more pictures but he hates it! :(

    I'm so jealous, I want more wigs & extensions >o<

  4. Aww, you're so cute!!! ;w;
    I love your hair<3
    And that food looks delicious!

  5. You look so cute ^___^ / And those hair extensions looks so natural... OwO I wear those too, but sometimes I feel they don't look like natural at all, haha XD

    I don't know which one suits you better, your own hair or with hair extensions... Hahaa, both look good~ n___n

  6. long and straight hair looks SO good on you!! ♥

  7. I love your extensions! They look so cute~ *jealous* haha~ ^^

  8. kawaiii!!!><
    i think kelly suits long hair hehe....look so cute!!! don't worry...fake hair but not fake cute hehe....><
    hehe....your look make me thinking of Misa(from Death Note) hehe....cute! cute!
    and that's pic that you changed the colurs look like EGG magazine's model hehe....
    fake hair seems so interesting!!!

  9. waaa, you're so cute as usual~ and I really2 love your eye make up, could you please post on tutorial your eye's make up? it would be nice ^^ thanks so much

  10. Love the Hair extensions on you girl! you just look absolutely Kawaii Sugiru... @_@

    Loving your camwhore pics and you and your darling is such a sweet couple!!

    Wishing you happy all the time <3

  11. you guys look so cute together ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  12. You & your bf are so sweet together~ ^_^v~

  13. A good general rule is that hair extensions should not be longer than twice your own hair length

  14. OMG you are adorable!
    so cute!!

  15. I don't know! Maybe you just have to be asian to like them? (no offense though!)


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