Friday, December 17, 2010

photos! and introducing my new UFO prize! hehehe

yoz yoz!! minna~~! <3

i went out to shop for christmas present yesterday!
finally got the time to do so~~ exams have ended!!
but not exactly something to rejoice..
the next exam is in 3 weeks time! O.O
need to study in order to get goooood results! ( aspiring mugger ) hehehe

anyway~~ stressful things aside~

i love my new hair extension.

i know some of you prefer my original hair but...
i have never got such length before!!
so i'm always thrilled wearing it even though it's quite heavy..

u might see me wearing them quite often.. hehehehe...
well, until i'm sick of them or when i'm lazy..

but i was shopping alone =( 

i am NOBODY~
*high pitch* OWN~~!

hehehe. but i love shopping alone..
more efficient..

hahaha! instead of joining my classmates to gym, i choose sinful food and shopping alone..
i'm soooo not healthy >.< so lazy

( hehehe.. and i normally roll down my bed because i'm lazy to do a small sit-up from lying..)

hahaha.. next time, i will join them in their healthy regime =D

lazy girl is lonely girl!
but the yakisoba is YUMMMY~~~

don't mind eating them again... hehehe.. even if i'm alone.. wahahaha

cam-whoring after shopping~~
*messy messy hair*

after shopping for 5 hours ( it's my kind of exercise)


i met up with my dear dear who is off work =D

yummy food again!!

oh oh! look at the york!! <3

my spicy tonkatsu ramen..
really spicy!

( i think i should be a food blogger instead.. hahaha )

and and!!
after that... we went UFO-ing!



i got this cute bedroom slipper for SGD$3!!
i got it from my first try!
@ cineleisure level 9

hontou ni kawaii~~

super duper cute right?

super cute!
*pardon my fat legs... i should have gone to gym instead.. hahahah*

replies to comments:

hehehe it's actually a different hair extension from the ponytail one. =D
yep, it's written on the instruction paper that it can be curled.. but i don't really know how to curl my hair >.<
thank you! my hair is growing out so it looks less weird now.. *happy*

thank you!
but i love to wear the wig because it's my newest fashion accessory! hehehe..

thank you.. yep he loves taking photos...
and demanded them to be posted on my blog.. hahahahahaha..
i want to buy more too!
let's pray that santa claus will buy for us! >.< hehehe

thank you!! =D
hehehe.. i should be a food blogger instead <3 hehehehe

thank you hyde-chan! <3
probably it's because the colour of the wig suits the ends of my hair?
hehehehe thank you again!! *blushed*
heheheh! thank you!! <3

thank you!! <3
i love them too! heheheheh =DDDDD

nutchii-chan~~ <3333
yep yep!! i love hair extension too! they are soo interesting right? can change the look instantly hehehe! =DDD
thank you!! hehehe.. i'm flattered >.<

thank you!
sure i will post one as soon as possible!! 
since i've got study break now <3

arigatou~! <3
and arigatou arigatou! hehehe

thank you charlotte! <3

hehehehehe.. thank you <33

thank you! i love those extensions as well!

i don't think mine is shorter than half.. hahah

thank you lovely! <3

hahaha.. i'm not sure.. maybe it's just the anime that we are exposed to ba...
but i seriously love maid outfits <3


  1. Your legs? fat? What are you talking about!? Your legs are so beautiful~ I'm kinda jealous..hehe ^^;
    Your new bedroom slippers are totemo kawaiiyo >3<
    Lucky girl! <3

  2. Haha!

    I see no fat legs, I do see cute slippers though!

  3. what a baboon face. <_<;

  4. Hey Kelly! So cute lor your slipper! I want, I want >.<! And u good, go shopping alone never jio me go and accompany you... sad sad...

  5. yr slipper so cute haha...i guess yr room must full of dolls which you get from the UFO-ing right?? hehe...
    you're really great winner hehe....i think shopping alone is nice cuz' we can spend time how long as we want to shop and look around haha....i love it too! but we must have enough money to treat our need hehe...
    how about christmas present??hehe....the chrismas celebration there must be really great...i guess..hope you enjoy the christmas with your dear dear and don't forget to update us about it hehe......

  6. You're really good at UFO catcher~ I can't get anything till now > <

  7. You roll out of bed?! =P You're too cute haha.

    And don't feel too bad, you are doing better than I am; I've never been to the gym other than being forced to in elementary school >.<
    Now I can laze around the house all I want muahahah!

    I also agree that shopping is one form of exercise :D A big workout for the legs (and biceps too if you bought a lot!).

  8. I totally agree, shopping alone gets so much done quicker! Your food always looks delicious, you seriously need a food blog too or something. XD

    I wish I was good at the UFO machines. I always waste money and win nothing! T_T

  9. Those are super cute slippers @__@
    nyarr I miss UFO-ing with my boyfriend :(

  10. Lookin' good in your extensions! I really want to try wearing them too... I never had any in my entire life. xD

    And wow, so lucky with the HK slippers! They're adorable! ^__^


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