Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Popteen : ranking of fake eyelashes!

i bought POPTEEN!!

and i'm really excited when i saw this page!!

the fake eyelashes ranking of 2010!!! 


(click to enlarge)
sorry, my printer spoil soooo i could only use my camera to snap (_ _)


here's the ranking!!

  1. Diamond lashes DOLLY EYE

  2. Dolly wink No.1 Dolly straight

  3. Diamond lashes FAIRY EYE

  4. Diamond lashes GLAMOROUS EYE

  5. Eyemazing NO. 001

  6. Diamond Lashes KOUAKUMA

  7. D.U.P eyelashes 902 Kouakuma

  8. Diamond Lashes CAT'S EYE

  9. Diamond lashes ANGEL EYE

  10. Eyemazing No. 003 and Melliesh 01 Doll

  11. -
  12. Nature is lovely S-2

  13. Jewerich No.1

  14. Dolly wink No.2 Straight girly

  15. Dolly wink No.5 Real nude

  16. Jewerich No.2
  17. Diamond lashes GORGEOUS eye

  18. Melliesh No.2 Cat

  19. The DAISO No.14

  20. Eyemazing No.002


  1. This was interesting post!
    I'm not ever read popteen, but
    i really want! D: Maybe someday..i hope :'D

  2. Nice post!! ^^ I liked it!!
    btw do you know a website where it sells Diamond lashes ?

  3. Loved this post so much, haha~! ♥ I'm not surprised Diamon Lash went for the win~

  4. Haha I'm not surprised that Diamond lash won! (if you have that much variety, you're bound to win something lol! :D) Kind of surprised for melliesh though, I thought it'll fare better given all the raves about it...

    and I saw that moustache pic with you and amber in your previous post. I totally forgot it existed until you dug it up. hahahah #___#

  5. This was an awesome post !!
    I really need to buy more lashes heheh. And thanks for this, I know exactly what to buy <3 <3 !

    & its a nice post :D

  7. Thanks for sharing! ♥ I was thinking Dolly Wink would win, but congrats to Diamond Lash! :D

  8. >_< Once I get money Ill go get some falsies xD

  9. Aaah! It makes me want to get them more but my money is getting lesser! > <

  10. Interesting post!
    I read online journals, I hope one day to buy some and read it myself XD
    I was thinking Dolly Wink would win to Tricia!
    Thanks for sharing the post!

  11. Thank you for your nice comment on my Blog! I was so happy to read it, I almost cried! >__<
    Well, nice post! I still don't have make experience with fake eyelashes, but soon I want to try it! :3

  12. Daiso eyelash?!
    I'm surprised!

  13. i loove daiso! i see so many yet i cannot buy! thank you for putting this up! you deserve every one of these lashes haha :)
    argh i tried month by month post but so hard! how do you do it! :)
    happy new year!

  14. Thanks for posting this!! U reminded me that I need to go get Popteen!! Thanks!!

  15. Happy New Year! Just came back from a cruise so tired ~-~
    But hehe yeah I read your blog!! :D
    I bought popteen feb on wednesday too hoho high five!

    Have a great year ahead!

  16. that's really!!!!!! interesting hehe.....
    um.....i should try all of them once haha.....
    seems so hard to find them in Thailand but i think i can huhu.... ummmmmm....but daiso is easy to find haha.....and sheaper!!! kyaaaaaaa *poor nutch*

    this issue so interesting i must read it!!!><


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