Friday, December 30, 2011

New year's Resolution~ 2012, i'm ready~!

it's going to be 2012 sooooon~!

i know i'm supposed to do a summary but i just realised that i can't post certain photos due to my contract...

so i'm just going to type them all out!!

a little wordy but please bear with me~~

this year....
is a year of many MOST~~

and i hope 2012 will have more MOST!!
(well good ones)

first of all, 


photo taken on the day itself
near the place i stayed.

it's freaking scary but exciting...
it's my first time experiencing such a big magnitude earthquakes..

i practically slept through all the other earthquakes that had happened years ago when i'm in japan..
but this is different..

it's freaking shaky!

i mean the scariest part is when you see the news regarding the tsunami...

I really admire the graces of the japanese even at that moment

see how orderly they queued for buses when they are all stranded late at night...

that's why japan managed to survive through all these!

This year is also the MOST-FULFILLING YEAR as a physiotherapy student

TEAM PHYSIO at Changi General Hospital

this is the first attachment that i can see my own patients..
treat my own patients...
and follow up with my patients..

see them improving/feeling better every session makes me feeeeel sooooo HAPPY~

this year is also the MOST-MOEEE-YEAR

cause i get to work with Moe Moe Kyun Cafe~!

and get to know an awesome group of friends~!
rabu you~!

this year is also the most media exposure year...

appeared as an individual on

NTH magazine

and as a member of MMK on

The New Paper
I-weekly Magazine
Today Newspaper

sorry i don't have all the photos scanned..
and please don't go and find them...
they are not pretty~! >.<

and also...
this year is definitely the MOST LOVING YEAR

cause i get to stay with my loved ones everyday...
get to see them everyday....

 and i'm sure next year will be as loving as well~!


resolution for 2012~!

To become a better person
( no jealousy, no princess temper , no blaming-on-others )

To become RICHER
( limit my spending, earn more money )

To become SMARTER
( not only studying but THINKING , regular after school reading time )

To be a good daughter
( spend more time with parents )

To become PRETTIER
( starting on diet plans , practice makeup , trying more makeup styles )

To be a better blogger

To become closer to my goals
( Veterinary physiotherapist and *secret* )

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[compare] start of the year look and end of the year...

hello everyone!

it's going to be the end of 2011 soon...

so i've decided to post up a comparison post for my 2011!

soooo the start of the year... 
this is how i look...

*all from my January posts*

with my hair extension on.

those were the times when i go out every weekends...

and around 12 months later....


still pouty!! hehehehe


i hope i am..
because "becoming prettier than yesterday" has always been my resolution for the new year.

appearance wise...
☆ i lost some weight! =D
☆ i dyed my hair darker (well.. from lighter to lightest then to darker)
☆ i changed my eyemakeup a little
(adjusted the way i put my lashes and my double eyelid tape)
☆ more experienced in camwhoring~!
☆ more girly look!

Character wise...
★ sadly, i've become less playful...
★ i was more outgoing during the start of the year.. love to go out with friends and bloggers...
(still love to.. but not as often... *omg i'm getting older*)
★ beginning to love staying at home (and rot) more than going out..
(well, going to bugis street to shop is still my favourite pastime) 

i would say, i've achieved quite alot this year.
but i would like to achieve more by next year~!

next up will be the summary of 2011~!

Monday, December 26, 2011

EOY cosplay photos - photos SPAM ALERT!

merry christmas everybody~!!

sorry for the lack of updates!

today i'm going to blog about EOY END OF YEAR cosplay event!

i visited EOY a couple of weeks earlier...

because of two reasons~~

first reason....

can you spot the answer? >.<



nope.. i'm not inside....



YES!! pearly is inside!!

for some of you who don't realise, PEARLYKELLY actually started off as a blog for my sister and i..
hehehe but i dominated it now~

she's working as maid ambassador in this EOY cosplay event!

so as her very caring little sister,  i went down to support her~


another very important reason why i'm there is.....

hitomi-chan from @home cafe~!
number 1 maid in akibahara~!


as a fan of the kanzen meido sengen~



i'm soooo glad i've got to meet her in real..
she's like sooooo MOE~~~

photo spam~!!

familiar faces?
yes, pearly angie and noelle are there too!

love her wig

reader meido~

i mistaken them as cosplayers wahahahahah

about 1pm is when i heard the very depressing news....

that there's a vip buffet time..

i bought the vip ticket just to go for the get - together - session with hitomi...


nobody informed me that the buffet had started...
and i actually did asked around..
and even the STAFFS there seem unsure about the buffet and they just said that it will be broadcasted later...


i only heard it from pearly...

imagine if pearly wasn't there, i won't even be aware of the buffet..

i rushed up and...

hitomi LEFT!!

what the....

EOY organizers..... 
i don't pay for a $48 tickets just to get all the same treatment as an $17 ticket holder.


after a while of PEACE....


emooooo to the max...

so i rushed off to the concert hall cause the buffet place has got nothing~
(thanks to the AWESOME planning of EOY)

not that i want to mention...
AFA is 20 times bigger in size but it's not even half as unorganized as EOY..

okay.. enough of complaining....
back to the event itself...

not to lose out, i grabbed the front row..
muhahahahaahahahah =D

she's sooo cute, she's like a rabbit~!

She sang a lot of fast paced cute songs from TEAM JUNJOU~

super happy after her songs! hehehehe

in the dressing room with my sister.. hehehe

and soooo...
we went out to take more photos and get ready for the phototaking sessions with hitomi-chan~!

usually, i'm the one who got stopped to take photos with...
heheheheheheeh >.<

so i took my own photos.. wahahahah


and the nyan nyan nyan nyan cat

and took a photo with sakura (krystle, my secondary school friend)

with mirai

first time seeing her cosplay hehe

with my old cosplay friends~


after a long wait...



this guy.... allowed me to be the first person in the queue~!

because i previously COMPLAINED to him

i guess he couldn't stand my whining

and i got my cheki~!

see the queue~

seee the number of skirts underneath her dress!

and after her long queue of fans phototaking session~

she sat down to play games with the meido ambassadors~
which include my sis~

so cute right


and we rushed back to the concert hall..
patiently waiting for her performances!
this time, it's @home songs!




end of concert~!

and we went back to dressing room to wait for her~ hehehehe

waited for a long time
but she's not back yet...

so we decided to go out and wait for her...

she's still signing CDs~

she's leaving~~~~

so we rushed off to take a photo with her

and despite a long day,

she still stopped by and took photo with us~
thank you!

really love and admire her alot
because of her passion and enthusiasm in work...

even when she fell and hurt her hands (bleeding), she still stood up and sang and laughed with everyone..

regardless how late it is, she still raise her voice up and greets every one with enthusiasm~!

i want to be someone like hitomi-chan~!
working hard in everything!
putting my best in everything~

it's lateeeee

so we went home...
with our car parked at the GUEST of HONOUR parking slot hehehehe


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